Sunday, July 31, 2011

20 Resims Summary - #17, Nottingham Outlaws

#17 – Nottingham Outlaws
Owner: Lee W
Activity Level: Low
Park Factor: Balanced
At 17th, and from across the pond in his first ATB season is Lee W and the Nottingham outlaws. A clear improvement over the Gringos, the Outlaws were still a flawed team ranking 17th in both Runs Scored and Runs Against. However, if all broke right and the stars aligned, this could have been a .500 team as judged by Max Win Potential. (This statistic uses at each team’s best RF and RA over the 20 resims to determine a Pythagorean Winning percentage. Think of this as the arrival of a 100-years storm or a once in a lifetime occurrence.)

During the draft Lee focused heavily on high real life batting average and low real life ERA pitchers, a common oversight for first time ATB’ers. Even worse, he suffered through the Mordecai Brown curse.

800 OPS Batters
Rd 1-Hugh Duffy: .821 OPS - .323 / .365 / .456, 41 2B, 102 RBI

Sub 4.00 ERA Starters
Rd 8-Pete Alexander: 11-14, 3.92 ERA, 1.40 WHIP

Sub 3.25 ERA Relievers

Bust Draft Pick
Rd 7 – Cap Anson. Did not start.

Value Draft Pick
Rd 16 – Jim Brewer: 3.72 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 75 IP

20 Resims Summary - #18, Texas Gringos

It's that time of year!

In the following days we'll roll out the Re-sim Power Alley countdown to the best team in the league, as judged by 20 the resims. This by no means overshadows the regular season - the ATB Champion is and always will be the best team of the season. However, it is fun to know whether your team was a fluke success or an unexpected failure through dumb luck.

I ran 20 regular season sims and compiled the data to compare teams. Owners had the ability to submit a resim specific lineup and all injuries were turned off.

Let the countdown begin!

#18 – Texas Gringos
Owner: Kevin C
Activity Level: Low
Park Factor: Slight Hitters

This very well might be the worst team in ATB history. I have yet to come across a team with such consistently poor run differentials, routinely running between an absurd -250 and -375. While displaying both poor hitting and pitching, their offense was at lease ranked 15th. However, there pitching staff was the stuff of legends.

Their average starter ERA was 5.48 and the bullpen not much better at 4.83. Two starters – Tom Seaver and Jack Combs – each turned in ERA’s a hair under 6.00. Overall, the Gringos gave up on average almost a thousand runs per game.

800 OPS Batters:
Rd1-Rogers Hornsby: .846 OPS - .318 / .378 / .468, 19 HR, 95 R, 101 RBI
Rd2-Mark McGwire: .826 OPS - .223 / .354 / .471, 46 HR, 117 RBI

Sub 4.00 ERA Starters

Sub 3.25 ERA Relievers

Bust Draft Pick
Rd3-Christy Mathewson – 4.80 ERA, 1.54 WHIP

Value Draft Pick
Rd18-Grant Jackson – 4.08 ERA, 46 IP

LCS Game 1 - NSD @ KD

Slam Dumps 5, Didgeridoos 1
Hank Aguirre pitched like an ace in Game 1 of this League Championship Series, tossing a 6 hit complete game, only losing the shutout in the 9th on an infield error.

Newark scored one in the second inning, plating Johnny Mize after a lead off double. The bigger blow came in the 5th when Robin Yount, Sherry Magee, and Harry Heilmann each doubled, scoring two runs.

For Kakadu, Lou Gehrig was contained, being held to a single and two strikeouts and Garland Braxton was on the hook for all 5 runs.

League Championship Series Page

LCS Game1 - DC @ GCG

Chips 6, Gossamers 1
With a 1-run lead at the end of six, the DC Chips took the opener in a game much closer than the final score would indicate. Bob Ojeda continued his improbable run at greatness, pitching into the 8th inning, giving up just 5 hits and a run, before yielding to Mariano River and a 4-out save.

Playing small ball the Chips scored two in the seventh to take a 3-1 lead, and added three more in the last two innings thanks in part to a Todd Helton home run.

Pedro Martinez takes the loss, throwing an average game: 7.2 IP, 8 H, 4 R (3 ER), 2 BB, 3 K

League Championship Series Page

Series Preview - Newark vs Kakadu

The path to the World Series is clear - it will be the Old Guard vs the new. Yesterday we saw DC and Gold Country had a combined 5 years worth of ATB experience, while today's matchup, features a trio of owners with over 25 seasons of drafting to their credit.

Kakadu owner TJ O is one of the founding members of ATB and has owned a team in all thirteen seasons. Having been to the World Series before and coming up short, TJ's goal is nothing short of total victory.

On the other side of the Diamond in Sean S and co-captain Jason S. Between the brothers they have 14 years of individual managerial experience and several more with Jason as his co. Adding to the rivalry of course, is the fact Jason, Sean, and TJ shared a dorm suite through several years of University.

Their similarities end here though. Like many owners, Sean is meticulous in his weekly lineup submissions, often taking advantage of the mid-week lineup rule for the most minor of injuries. TJ, like many other owners, is the exact opposite. He prefers to draft his squad, set general lineup and rotation rules, and let the AI handle the details.

On paper, these two teams are relatively even with Newark holding an advantage in regular season wins and overall run differential. Newark is an offensive powerhouse, scoring 5.3 runs per game, tied for the second best in ATB behind Rusty Kuntz. Their lineup is led by legend Mickey Mantle who put up MVP-type numbers this year, batting .351 / .451 / .528 with 23 HR, 119 R, and 109 RBI. Kakadu will also have to contend with Frank Robinson (40 HR, 143 RBI), Wade Boggs (.396 OBP) and solid corner outfielders in Harry Heilmann and Sherry Magee.

TJ, in past seasons usually a more offensive minded draft strategist, counters with the second best pitching staff in ATB, averaging a team 3.60 ERA bested only by Gold Country. With no elite starting pitcher, it is a strength in numbers approach as the entire playoff rotation averages ERA's between 3.65 and 4.25. The real strength of the team, however, is the bullpen. Dick Hall is an incredible 15-1 with a 2.77 ERA in 195 innings. This is followed by setup man Jason Isringhausen (103 IP, 1.83 ERA) and reliever of the year candidate Jonathan Papelbon (1.58 ERA, 86 IP).

This series pits the strength's of each team against their opponents weaknesses.

Keys to Success - Slam Dumps
  • #3 and #4 Starters - Through an unfortunate injury to ace starter Randy Johnson (12-10, 3.16) in the first round of the playoffs, Sean was forced into shuffling his rotation. Even with Johnson back by game 3 of this round, the effect is still very prominent. In the DCS, #2 starter Bill Bernhard (15-7, 3.38) started game 7 and isn't available to start on full rest, wouldn't you know it, on Game 3. Johnson could start on 10/17 a day earlier, but it's the off day between games two and three. The unfortunate result is either could start two games this series, but not both. This puts Hank Aguirre (15-11, 4.10) and Teddy Higuera (9-5, 4.32) in a magnified role waiting to be exploited.
  • Closing out the Games - Newark had 20 blown saves during the regular season, the worst figure among playoff teams. It wasn't a single culprit that can be tucked away on the bench either, co-closers Rob Murphy and Rafael Soriano had nine between them and setup men Buddy Groom and Huston Street had ten combined. All season long Sean has searched for an answer to the 9th inning and has settled on a committee approach. If even one game features a blown save, Kakadu will likely win the series. (For posterity, it is interesting to note the Didgeridoos had just 7 blown saves during the regular season, tops in the game.)
Keys to Success - Didgeridoos
  • Lou Gehrig - The first baseman is the only starter on Kakadu with an OPS over .815. As a result, Gehrig is likely the one player on either team that will most impact the outcome of the series. In the DCS he led all batters in home runs and RBI, despite poor play in the latter half of the series. That can't happen against Newark, arguably the second best team in the game judging by Run Differential. Gehrig batted .309 / .396 / .588 this year with 26 doubles, 12 triples, 34 home runs, and 109 RBI. If this Gehrig shows up, Kakadu advances./
  • The Lefties Garland Braxton and Hal Newhouser - Versus righties this season, Newark averaged a slightly better than average .743 OPS. Versus lefties, this number jumps 60 points to .803 (and an incredible .858 in Round 1). Braxton and Newhouser simply can't get blown out and need to keep Kakadu close for 5 innings so the great pen (team 2.69 ERA) can go to work.
Comish Prediction: Had Newark's rotation lined up better I would have picked them to advance to the world series. As it stands however, Sean has some juggling to do and the series has the feeling they are already down 1-0 whole in a 6-game series. Kakadu in 6.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Series Preview - DC vs Gold Country

In what most consider the marquis match-up of the LCS, the DC Chips face off against the Gold Country Gossamer's. The Chips are operated by Steve C, owner of the highest career regular season winning percentage in ATB history and a previous World Series champion. In his 4th season, Steve managed the Chips to a Wild Card birth despite managing a team of walking wounded all season long.

Justin B is the owner and operator of the Gossamer's, perhaps the most hated ATB team of all time. In his first season at the helm of a franchise, he took the previous "all-in for defense and pitching strategy" to an entirely new level and easily ran away with the regular season, winning 102 games.

With a 15-game regular season advantage, it would seem the Gossamer's would be heavily favored in this LCS match-up. However, only two teams took regular season series from them. Somehow the lowly Texas Gringos took 4 of 6, but more importantly, the Chips went 11-7 against their divisional rivals.

No doubt the Chips rotation, heavy on lefties, is preying on Justin's mind. In the regular season the Gossamer's played .673 ball versus righties, and 'just' .551 against lefties. If there is a chink in the Gossamer armor, this is it.

Key to Success - Chips
  • Keep the games close - With some of the best starting pitching in ATB history, the Gossamer's are every teams nightmare. However, with an average offense they often win in low scoring games. Between Joe Neale (213 IP, 2.15 ERA) and Mariano Rivera (156 IP, 2.47 ERA) the Chips have an incredible bullpen. As game lengthens, the odds will begin to turn in their favor for ultimate victory.
  • Musial and Cobb - Historically, the two best hitter in these series are Stan Musial and Ty Cobb, both members of the Chips. The two have been injured a total of seven different times this year, missing 86 days combined. And Musial is currently injured again, due back for Game 3. If DC can manage a split in the first two games - no easy task - a healthy lineup will be difficult for even the likes of Pedro Martinez (22-7, 2.63) and Scott Stratton (18-8, 2.93) to contain for long.
Key to Success - Gossamer's
  • Staying the Course - The Gossamer's are the better team, period. Even if the unthinkable happens and they lose the first two games, no other team is better equipped to come back then they are. With incredible team defense and stellar pitching, a 3-game win streak isn't just possible, but likely. The most important managerial move Justin can make is not to panic with rotation choices. Every game match-up favors the Gossamer's, and bringing the likes of Martinez or Stratton back on short rest to pitch is a recipe for a series loss.
  • Bobby Murcer - Murcer is having a career year this season, batting .316 / .390 / .480 and claiming the Division Series MVP. However, he is a lefty and a platoon player who may not see much action against the lefty laden pitching staff of the DC Chips. This season in limited at bats, Murcer is killing lefties too - .306 / .393 / .431 in 72 AB. It will be difficult, but Justin needs to continue to site Murcer needs to sit versus lefties. In the 100 re-sims he averaged a .279 / .348 / .389 line and while we don't have the data to prove it, it undoubtedly was much worse verses lefties. He is having a career year, but he just isn't this good.
Overall, the Gossamers are the better team and should win the series. However, the one team that has the best chance to unseat them are the Chips. Comish Prediction: Gold Country in 7.

League Championship Series Page

Friday, July 29, 2011

Division Series Game 6 - NSD @ BDL

Lady's 4, Slam Dumps 1
No one has ever said owner Sean S is afraid to manage. Five games after naming #5 starter Teddy Higuera his game 1 starter for the playoffs, Sean bypassed his best pitcher in game 6 to save him for a game 7 match-up with probable Lady's starter, Kevin Millwood. On paper, Bernhard has a better chance vs Millwood than Lady's game 6 starter, Ben Sanders (17-10, 3.09 in the regular season).

The "plan" worked you might say. The Slam Dumps couldn't muster any offense against Sanders and the series moves to a game 7 tomorrow. Sanders was masterful, allowing just 5 hits and striking out 9 in eight innings.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 6 - RKA @ GCG

Gossamers 3, All Stars 2
In the best played playoff game of this postseason, the Gold Country Gossamers narrowly defeat the Rust Kuntz All Stars 3-2 in 12 innings. This was the third game of the series decided by 1-run.

Both starters pitched brilliantly and the Gossamers Rafael Betancourt blew a save in the top of 9th to force extra frames. With 1-out, Jim Edmonds smoked a 2-1 fastball deep over the right field line to tie the game at 2-2.

Neither team threatened until the bottom of the 12th. The Gossamers loaded the bases on single, a walk, and a hit by pitch to open the inning. After tossing 32 pitches in 2 1/3 inning JJ Putz was removed in favor of Takashi Saito. He forced Al Kaline to ground to third, affording the force out at home, but the next batter Ezra Sutton hit a single between third and short to end the series.

Series MVP: Bobby Murcer. With a slash line of .476 / .476 / .810 he also led his team in hits, doubles, triples, home runs, and RBI.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 6 - DC @ WPM

Chips 5, "Mechanics" 3
In the end, the Mechanics just didn't have enough pitching outside of Greg Maddux to fend of the Chips. Derek Low lasted just 4 innings and the relief core was just adequate, leading to the 5-3 game six loss.

The Chips won thanks to Hathsin's early season castaway, Bobby Shantz. He pitched into the seventh giving up 3 runs on 7 hits and striking out 4.

This was the Chips second game without their star bat, Stan Musial, who is sidelined for 5 more days with injury. In his absence, Ricky Henderson picked up the slack with a 4-5 night, including a triple. Carlos Delgado added 2 RBI.

The Series MVP goes to reliever Mariano Rivera. He appeared in 5 of the 6 games, lasting 9 1/3 innings without giving up a single earned run.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 6 -KD @ HH

Didgeridoos 6, Handbasket 3
Eddie Cicotte picked up hi second win the Division Series, overmatching Chris Carpenter and sending Kakadu on the LCS where they will face the winners of the Lady's / Slam Dumps series. Cicotte pitched 8 strong innings, striking out 8 and letting in 3 runs.

Their lineup had yet another good night, thanks to George Stone (3-5, 3 runs), Joe Torre (4-4), and Duke Snider (2-5, 2 RBI). For the series the team batted .335 / .373 / .487 and averaged almost 7 runs per game.

Series MVP is the aforementioned Eddie Cicotte. He went 2-0, 2.65 ERA, 17 IP, 13 H, 9 K in two starts.

Division Series Page

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Division Series Game 5 - WPM @ DC

"Mechanics" 3, Chips 2
Greg Maddux wasn't up to his season long excellent standards, but he pitched plenty well in the "Mechanics" 3-2 victory. He completed 6 innings yielding 7 hits and 2 runs (1 earned) and Willets Point stays alive.

The series moves to Willets Point for the remaining two games.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 5 - BDL @ NSD

Lady's 8, Slam Dumps 5
A ninth inning comeback might be just what is needed to turn the struggling Lady's around. Close all afternoon, Big Dan headed into the 9th down a run and 3-outs away from heading home for the winter. Instead, they plated 4 runs on 4 singles and three walks to keep the series alive.

Both pitchers struggled, but the Lady's bullpen gave up just 1 hit in 4 innings to make the difference.

The series heads back to Big Dan for the last two games.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 5 - GCG @ RKA

Gossamers 8, All Stars 0
In what surely was a devastating afternoon, the All Stars were outplayed in all facets of the game and are a single game away from elimination. The Gossmaers Pedro Martinez was up to his old tricks, tossing a 5-hit shutout in which only 2 runners reached scoring position. Both of those were erased when the next batters hit into double plays.

On offense, the incredible Bobby Murcer went 4-5 with 2 Runs and 4 RBI and lead-off man Richie Ashburn 4-5 with 3 runs.

The series shifts back to Gold Country for the final two games of the series.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 5 - HH @ KD

Handbasket 2, Didgeridoos 1
The Handbaskets stay alive thanks to a wonderful Juan Marichal start. Giving up just 4 hits and a walk in 8 innings, Marichal delivered 6 strikeouts and more importantly yielding just one run in the win.

Helena scored two in the first on a hit-by-pitch, 2 singles, and a sacrifice fly but it was enough. The series now shifts back to Helena for the last two games, giving owner Joe T some hope for an ultimate victory.

Division Series Page

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Division Series Game 4 - WPM @ DC

Chips 5, "Mechanics" 2
In our last Game 4 of the day, the Chips played an all around good game and are our third team to hold a 3-1 series lead. Bobby Ojeda pitched well, lasting 2-outs into the 8th giving up 2 runs on 9 hits. Reliever of the Year hopeful Mariano Rivera pitched out jam in 8th and went on to record a 4-out save.

All the Chips scoring came on home runs, one from Stan Musial in the first, and the other off the bat of Vern Stephens in the 4th.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 4 - HH @ KD

Didgeridoos 9, Handbasket 3
Another day, another easy win for Kakadu. Now with a commanding lead in the series at 3-1, Kakadu may be a favorite to advance deep into the playoffs. This night Edgar Martinez (3-5, 3 R), Duke Snider (2-4, 3 RBI), and Sammy Sosa (HR, 2RBI) picked up Lou Gehrig who finally looked human (1-4). Add in some great relief work by Dick Hall (4 IP, 1 H) and Kakadu is a game away from advancing.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 4 - BDL @ NSD

Slam Dumps 5, Lady's 1
In another surprise start, Charlie Buffinton took the mound in lieu of the struggling (but normally very good) Harry Brecheen, and took the loss giving up 5 runs in 4 1/3 innings. The favored Lady's are now down 3 games to 1 and still have a game at Newark before heading home.

Hank Aguirre and Huston Street pitched very well for the Slam Dumps and Frank Robinson went 2-4 with 4 RBI. His big blow came in the 5th when he double home all the bases to extend the lead to 5-1.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 4 - GCG @ RKA

All Stars 2, Gossamers 1
Down 2 games to 1, All Stars owner Shotgun S stated in the pre-game interview that, "With Pedro & Stratton looming in Games 5 & 6, there is no way we can afford to fall behind 3-1 in the series, so we are going to have to bring back Lefty Gomez on short rest to start Game 4." Asked what it meant if the Lefty struggle, Shotgun quipped, "If he fails, we all fail."

The gambit paid off as Gomez was brilliant going 8 innings, yielding just 5 hits. JJ Putz pitched an uneventful 9th to pick up the save and the underdogs have tied the series at 2-2.

The game was close all night, and in the 7th, enjoying the post season for the first time, the All Stars faithful gave Goose Goslin a seven and a half minute standing ovation when he broke open the 1-1 logjam with a majestic solo home run down the right field line.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Division Series Game 3d

Gossamers 2, All Stars 1
In the best played game of the Division Series to date, Cliff Lee outdueled Al Orth 2-1, both hurling complete game 9-hitters.

Gold Country scored two in the 5th thanks to Richie Ashburn and a Stan Hack double and the All Stars came within a hit of tying in the top of the 9th.

The series now moves to RKA territory with the favored Gossamers in a 2-1 lead.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 3c

Slam Dumps 9, Lady's 7
In a ugly slugfest, Newark holds on for the win and a 2-1 series lead. Five different starters had 2-hits and Mickey Mantle homered and drove in 3. Both starters ultimately had poor lines but Newark's Bill Bernhard pitched well for several innings before struggling.

Jason Giambi and Reggie Smith combined for 5 hits, 2 HR, and 7 RBI.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 3b

"Mechanics" 5, Chips 1
Arky Vaughan collected 3 hits including a double an home run to bring the Mechanics back from the brink. Starter Eddie Plank was a late minute insertion to the rotation and it paid off. He went 8 innings giving up just 5 hits, a walk, and one run.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 3a

Handbasket 4, Didgeridoos 0
A huge sigh of relief went up throughout Helena today as Kevin Appier tossed a complete game shutout. Down 2-0, on the road, and suffering from back to back blowouts Helena needed a strong pitching performance and Appier delivered. He gave up just 7 hits and walk all night.

Offensively, Oscar Charleston had 3 hits and Ryan Braun blasted a 450 foot home run in the win.

Division Series Page

Monday, July 25, 2011

Division Series Game 2 - Night Results

Slam Dumps 7, Big Dan 1
Unlike the score might suggest, this was a tough fought game on both sides of the diamond. Scoreless through six, Newark finally broke through with one in 7th, two in 8th, and four in the 9th. Star center fielder Mickey Mantle homered and Sheree Magee drove in 3.

The story of the game was the apparent arm injury to Randy Johnson. Cruising, he was pulled from the game in the 4th and is expected to miss 10 days.

Didgeridoos 9, Handbasket 2
Outscored 24-4 in two days, things do indeed look bleak for the favored Helena Handbaskets. Unable to stop Didgeridoo first baseman Lou Gehrig (who socked 2 home runs, tripled, and drove in 6) Helena finds themselves down 2-0 and heading on the road for three games.

Eddie Cicotte (9 IP, 6 H, 2 R) picked up the complete game win.

Division Series Page

Division Series Game 2 Results

Gossamers 4, All Stars 1
The Gossamers knotted the series at 1-1 behind a strong pitching performance from Scott Stratton. The righty pitched 8 great innings allowing just 7 hits and 1 earned run. In return, his offense had a strong 3rd inning, scoring a crooked three thanks to extra base hits from Bobby Murcer, Pop Lloyd, and Andy Vanslyke.

Chips 8, "Mechanics" 6
In close game trhoughout, the DC Chips open up a 2-0 series lead behind a fine Bobby Shantz start and a thirteen hit attack. Shantz picked up the win lasting 6 innings against 6 hits and 2 runs. Stan Musial, Carlos Delgado, and Vern Stephens each homered in the win.

Division Series Page

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Division Series Results -Evening Game

Didgeridoos 15, Handbasket 2
In an ugly night for the home Handbasket's, the Didgeridoos offense exploded for 15 runs on 19 hits. Lou Gehrig and Lou Boudreau each drove in four and six different batters had multi-hit games for the visitors.

It was a close game until the 5th when Helena starter Juan Marichal tired, reliever Ron Reed imploded, and third baseman Adrian Beltre lost his concentration. When all was said and done, 7 runners crossed the plate putting the game out of reach.

Division Series Page

New Single Season Batting Records and Highlights

Several new batting records were set this year (along with many more top-10's)

New Records
  • 30 3B - Hall (HS)
  • 123 SB - McGraw (LM)
  • 62 CS - MgGraw (LM)
  • 79 HBP - Jennings (HS)
  • 786 PA - Jennings (HS)
  • 786 PA - Wagner (RKA)
  • 726 AB - Lajoie (KD)
  • 39 GDP - F Robinson (NSD)
  • 27 SH - E Collins (GCG)

Other New Members of a Top-10
  • .361 AVG - Barnes (LM) - 8th
  • .468 OBP - McGraw (LM) - 10th
  • 235 Hits - Wagner (RKA) - 6th
  • 232 Hits - Dunlap (RKA) - 7th
  • 22 3B - Thompson (WPM) - 6th
  • 21 3B - Barnes (LM) - 8th
  • 93 SB - Raines (TG) - 7th
  • 165 BB - Ruth (OFB) - 5th
  • 165 BB - Bonds (ICB) - 5th
  • 18 HBP - Tucker (HS) - 8th
  • 719 AB - Wagner (RKA) - 2nd
  • 34 GDP - Cash (JMF) - 3rd
  • 30 GDP - Bagwell (ICB) - 8th
  • 49 CS - Speaker (JMF) - 4th
  • 82% SB - H Johnson (WPM) - 4th

Division Series Page

ATB History Pages Update - Single Season Batting Lines

  • Top 10 Greatest Offensive Seasons - no new members
  • Top 10 Non Power Seasons - 3 new members (Barnes, Dunlap, Hall)
  • Top 10 Speedster Seasons - 1 new member (McGraw)
  • Top 5 Catcher Seasons - no new members
  • Top 5 First Base Seasons - no new members
  • Top 5 Second Base Seasons - two new members (Barnes and Dunlap)
  • Top 5 Third Base Seasons - no new members
  • Top 5 Shortstop Seasons - one new members (Vaughan)
  • Top 5 Left Field Seasons - no new members
  • Top 5 Center Field Seasons - one new members (Mantle)
  • Top 5 Right Field Seasons - two new members (Ruth, Hall)

ATB History

Division Series Results - Late Afternoon Game

Lady's 5, Slam Dumps 1
In a surprise move the Slam Dumps sent #4 starter Teddy Higuera to mound in game 1, passing over Randy Johnson on short rest and Bill Bernhard on full rest. Perhaps predictably, Higuera was no match for Baldwin and took the loss giving up 6 hits and 4 runs in 5 1/3 innings.

For his part, Baldwin was masterful striking out 12 and going the distance. The Lady's offense was provided courtesy of Frank Fennely and Dan Brouthers who each ripped two doubles. Ben Zobrist led all players with 2 RBI, coming off a 6th inning double which blew the game open.

Division Series Page

Division Series Results - Afternoon Games

The afternoon slate of games is complete (reward for those who submitted lineups early) and the remaining games will run tonight.

All Stars 6, Gossamers 0
Lefty Gomez was the stud pitcher, defeating the great Pedro Martinez by lasting into the 8th while giving up just five hits and striking out four. Bill Terry banged our 3 hits while Honus Wagner and Jim Edmonds each drove in two for the win.

Martinez just didn't have his best stuff and was pounded for 5 runs and 6 hits in 5 2/3 innings.

Chips 6, "Mechanics" 4
A win exactly as designed. A solid effort behind Bob Ojeda (5 IP, 3 ER), great bullpen work (4 IP, 1 ER), and timely hitting up and down the lineup gave DC a road opener victory. After trading runs for most of the early going, the Chips erase a 4-3 deficit in the 7th inning and beyond.

The worst blow came in the 7th when Greg Maddux, pitching on short rest, reached his pitch count limit and was removed in favor of Joey Eischen. The reliever walked his first batter and gave up the game tying run on a triple to center fielder Ty Cobb. Cobb scored the go ahead run 1-out later on a Carlos Delgado sacrifice fly.

For his part, Maddux was good but not great. He pitched 6 innings of 8 hit ball, yielding 3 runs though only 2 earned.

Division Series Page

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Division Series Page

Is up. Three teams have named their rotation.

League Reports

Kakadu's Trouce Hathsin to Advance

The Kakadu Didgeridoos got to Johan Santana early and bounced Hathsin from the playoffs 12-2. Led by Lou Gehrig, they belted 5 home runs and banged out 16 hits. Reliever Dick Hall recorded the win, upping his regular season record to and incredible 15-1.

Here's the box score.

League Reports

ATG Competion Compete!

It's been a long journey but we finally have crowned a champion to the ATG competition, though narrowly. The 1909 Manetheren Red Eagles are the best team we've seen in ATB history. Owned by yours truly, they took advantage of the new rules introduced that year, allowing the greats of the 1800s into the game.

The result was the best offense we've seen. In 100 seasons they scored 900 runs eighteen times; all other teams combined to do it once in 249,900 games. Incredible.

The Red Eagles had the most regular season wins, weighted overall wins (includes post season prowess), the best RD, and was tied for first in 'league bests'.

Close behind the Red Eagles were the Lusitania Death Speakers (50 weighted games back and 41 regular season games back) just 1/2 game back on average. In third place, the Pangea T-Rex's of ATB X won the most word series titles at 23.

Some numbers...

Total Titles
23 - Pangea Tyrannosaurus Rex X
14 - Lusitania Death Speakers XII
10 - DC Chips X
9 - Manetheren Red Eagles IX
9 - Franlin Lakes Pill Poppers VII
6 - Dumai's Wells Oathbinders XII
4 - Bellevue Freakin' Franch XI
4 - La Chap au Sts Neanderthals XI
4 - Franklin Lake Pillpoppers VIII
3 - Malkier Golden Cranes X
2 - Hudson County Holy Rollers VIII
2 - CosaNostra Deliverators IX
2 - Staten Island Dumpers X
2 - Dyersville Black Sox IX
2 - Helena Handbasket XII
1 - DC Chips XII
1 - Winterfell Direwolves X
1 - Lima de Equipo X
1 - Team Chutney VII

Total Playoff Appearances
80 - Pangea Tyrannosaurus Rex X
76 - Manetheren Red Eagles IX
68 - Lusitania Death Speakers XII
68 - DC Chips X
56 - Franlin Lakes Pill Poppers VII
49 - DC Chips XII
46 - Dumai's Wells Oathbinders XII
35 - CosaNostra Deliverators IX
32 - Hudson County Holy Rollers VIII
31 - La Chap au Sts Neanderthals XI
30 - Bellevue Freakin' Franch XI
27 - Franklin Lake Pillpoppers VIII
25 - Sonoran Black Diamonds XII
24 - Malkier Golden Cranes X
23 - Dyersville Black Sox IX
20 - Staten Island Dumpers X
15 - Winterfell Direwolves X
14 - Lima de Equipo X
12 - Helena Handbasket XII
12 - County Wicklow Ftg Shillelaghs IX
11 - Windy City Potato Pocketers XI
7 - Van Nest Phight Philben VIII
6 - Discordia Low Men VII
6 - St. Louis Slammers VIII
5 - John McDonald Fanclub X
5 - John McDonald Fanclub XII
5 - Planet 10 XI
5 - White Meadow Lk Black Stones XI
4 - Team Chutney VII
2 - Harlem Rangers X
1 - Pittsburgh Pulverizers VII

Top 10 Offenses (Runs Scored)
857 - Manetheren Red Eagles IX
805 - Staten Island Dumpers X
793 - Lima de Equipo X
763 - Lusitania Death Speakers XII
755 - DC Chips X
747 - St. Louis Slammers VIII
737 - Pittsburgh Pulverizers VII
733 - DC Chips XII
729 - Sonoran Black Diamonds XII
727 - Discordia Low Men VII

Top 10 Defenses and Pitching Staffs (Runs Against)
611 - Pangea Tyrannosaurus Rex X
622 - Dyersville Black Sox IX
623 - John McDonald Fanclub XII
632 - Franlin Lakes Pill Poppers VII
641 - County Wicklow Ftg Shillelaghs IX
645 - Franklin Lake Pillpoppers VIII
656 - Lusitania Death Speakers XII
665 - Bellevue Freakin' Franch XI
670 - Windy City Potato Pocketers XI
673 - Helena Handbasket XII

Final Standings
1) 0 GB-Manetheren Red Eagles IX (Lou)
2) 0.5 GB-Lusitania Death Speakers XII (Mike)
3) 1.4 GB-Pangea Tyrannosaurus Rex X (Justin)
4) 2.4 GB-DC Chips X (Steve)
5) 3.6 GB-Franlin Lakes Pill Poppers VII (Justin)
6) 4.9 GB-DC Chips XII (Steve)
7) 7.6 GB-Bellevue Freakin' Franch XI (Brad)
8) 8.1 GB-Dumai's Wells Oathbinders XII (Lou)
9) 8.5 GB-La Chap au Sts Neanderthals XI (Justin)
10) 8.8 GB-Sonoran Black Diamonds XII (Justin)
11) 9.6 GB-Hudson County Holy Rollers VIII (MIke)
12) 9.6 GB-CosaNostra Deliverators IX (Mike)
13) 10.3 GB-Malkier Golden Cranes X (Mike)
14) 10.4 GB-Franklin Lake Pillpoppers VIII (Justin)
15) 12 GB-County Wicklow Ftg Shillelaghs IX (TJ)
16) 12.1 GB-Staten Island Dumpers X (Sean)
17) 12.6 GB-Dyersville Black Sox IX (Mike T)
18) 13.7 GB-Helena Handbasket XII (Joe)
19) 13.7 GB-Windy City Potato Pocketers XI (Lou)
20) 13.9 GB-Winterfell Direwolves X (Lou)
21) 14.7 GB-Discordia Low Men VII (Lou)
22) 15.5 GB-Van Nest Phight Philben VIII (Jeff)
23) 15.8 GB-Lima de Equipo X (Brad)
24) 17 GB-John McDonald Fanclub X (Jason)
25) 17 GB-Team Chutney VII (Brad)
26) 17.7 GB-John McDonald Fanclub XII (Jason)
27) 17.8 GB-Pittsburgh Pulverizers VII (Sean)
28) 17.8 GB-Planet 10 XI (Ivar)
29) 18.2 GB-St. Louis Slammers VIII (PC)
30) 18.4 GB-White Meadow Lk Black Stones XI (Mike)
31) 21.7 GB-John McDonald Fanclub XI (Jason)
32) 23.3 GB-Harlem Rangers X (Jeff)

Finally, we give some additional props to Justin P. He currently leads all owners in real life ATB wins and we now know why. He fielded two top-five and four top-10 teams in the competition (3rd, 5th, 9th, and 10th). That's twice as many as Lou (1st and 8th) and Steve C (4th and 6th).

Full standings can be found here and detail team by team summaries here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sim 12E Complete

But the season isn't over. There will be a 1 game playoff between Kakadu and Hathsin to determine the Federal Division Wild Card.

Playoff Matchups

8 vs 1 Rusty at Gold Country
5 vs 4 DC @ Willets Point

6 vs 3 Hathsin or Kakadu at Helena
7 vs 2 Newark at Big Dan

League Reports

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sim 12D Complete

If the playoffs ended today:

Rusty @ Gold Country (8 vs 1)
Dc @ Willets Point (5 vs 4)

Newark @ Big Dan (7 vs 2)
Hathsin @ Helena (6 vs 3)

League Reports

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12C Complete

Only 1 race is remains extremely tight, within 1 game. Hathsin and Island Creek are 1 game out of the FL Wild Card race while stand a significant 2.5 games out of the Bonus Wild Card.

League Reports

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sim 12B Complete

If the playoffs ended today....

We'd have way too many intra division series openers

#8 Rusty Kuntz @ #1 Gold Country
#5 DC @ #4 Willets Point

#7 Newark @ #2 Helena
#6 Kakadu @ #3 Big Dan

Other Notes
  • Having lost 3 in a row and 7 of 10, Newark has all but dropped out of the NL Wild Card race. They still have a comfortable lead for the Bonus Wild Card
  • Rusty has opened a 1.5 game lead on the #8 seed.
  • Hathsin and Island Creek (winners of 4 consecutive) now are 1 game out of the FL Wild Card and 1.5 Games out of the #8 seed.
  • Londenderry has lost 7 of 10 and are now 2.5 games out on the last Wild Card slot.
League Reports

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sim 12A Complete

If the playoffs ended today...

I would need a calculator. Kakadu and Hathsin are tied for the Federal Wild Card race, and also tied with Rusty for the last Bonus Wild Card race. To accommodate this we will look to head to head record to break the Fed Division tie. Of course, Kakadu and Hathsin have split the season series 9-9. Second tiebreaker is divisional records, which Kakadu leads by two.

That leaves a 1 game play in between Hathsin and Rusty. Loser go home, winner is 8th seed.

#8 seed @ #1 Gold Country
#5 DC @ #4 Willets Point

#7 Newark @ #2 Big Dan
#6 Kakadu @ #3 Helena

League Reports

A Quick Stroll Around the League

I decided to try something new, and stroll through the rosters of each team and pick out one* player that stood out in my mind. Whether good or bad, these players simply caught my attention for one reason or another.

Downsouth Brews (52-97)
Ichiro Suzuki is quietly having a great season. He's batting .340 with a .371 OBP and has 39 stolen bases against just 15 caught steals.

Texas Gringos (56-93)
The Gringos are not a good team and Tom Seaver isn't a good starter, but the righty is 12-12 where all other starters have combined to go 19-49.

Nottingham Outlaws (57-92)
Is Hugh Duffy underrated? I think so. Ex defense in center field while batting .331 / .374 / .481.

Bridgewater Brazen Beanballers (62-87)
King Kelly is having a bad year. With a .350 on base and .349 slugging he is well below his 100 sim average of .399 / .380.

Planet 10 (72-77)
For those that didn't trust the 100 resims look no further than Canonball Titcomb. He's a true ace: 17-6, 2.75 ERA, 178 K in 173 IP

Otherton Fish Biscuits (73-76)
Willie McCovey is a streaky player that can make or break a draft. While Otherton is a long shot for the playoffs at this point, it's no fault of McCovey's: .352 OBP, .527 SLG with 41 HR, 93 R, and 100 RBI.

Island Creek Bivalves (75-74)
If Island Creek misses the playoffs, the brunt of the blame will fall on Joe Morgan's shoulders. He is having a terrible season, batting .212 / .304 / .305. In his worst season in the 100 resims he had a .302 OBP and .308 SLG. This is a 1 in a 100 type bad season.

Londonderry Machine (76-73)
Two actually deserve mention here. If Londonderry misses the playoffs blame Babe Adams: 8-10 with 4.84 ERA. If they make, Ross Barns scores the coup: .367 / .435 / .498.

John McDonald Fanclub (77-73)
A lot of owners are extending their relievers and Dan Quisenberry is another successful example: 7-1, 3.14 ERA, 150 IP.

Kakadu Didgeridoos (76-72)
Reliever Dick Hall is 14-1 2.98 ERA.

Hathsin Survivors (77-72)
George Hall will be a DH for the rest of his ATB career, but you can't tell me it hasn't been fun to watch the Av/342 left fielder play out of position in right field. He rakes though: .344 / .382 / .539 with 27 3B, 13 HR, and 116 RBI. Maybe he's our version of Manny being Manny.

Rusty Kuntz Traveling All Stars (78-71)
This has to be the best all around infield in the game. Honus Wagner, Fred Dunlap, Al Rosen, and Bill Terry have combined to hit .332 / .381 / .455 with 95 doubles, 39 triples, 41 homers, 367 runs, 360 RBI, and 60 stolen bases.

DC Chips (78-70)
The best 1-2 bullpen combination is undoubtedly Mariano Rivera and Joe Neale. Their combined stats: 23-7, 2.20 ERA, 341 IP, 252 H, 251 K, 74 BB.

Newark Slam Dumps (82-67)
Wade Boggs is having a career type season. His best 100 sim line was .329 / .407 / .361. His ATB XIII line of .316 / .395 / .362 is right up there.

Willets Point "Mechanics" (84-65)
I really want to talk about Maddux some more, ya know, how his 22-3 record has single handily allowed a team with a -22 Run Differential to go 20 games above .500. Or perhaps point out the rest of the starting rotation is 26-33 and Maddux may be the first ever MVP and Cy Young winner in ATB history. But I won't, otherwise i couldn't mention how great Joaqin Benoit has been: 71 IP, 34 Sv, 1.39 ERA, 67 K, 16 BB

Helena Handbasket (86-63)
What strikes me most about this team is how many above average players they really have. Adrian Beltre is the type of guy I mean. He's quietly hitting .306 with 34 HR and 90 RBI. He just gets the job done, as do so many of his teammates.

Big Dan and the Lady's (87-61)
Maybe the team should be renamed Big Dan and he Sanders. Lady is 13-10 with a 3.47 ERA. Ben Sanders is 16-9 with a 2.91.

Gold Country Gossamers (92-57)
What strikes me most about the Gossamers is their sheer depth. In week 11 ace Pedro Martinez went down with a minor injury and missed a start. What do they do? Change to a 4-man and start Jesse Tannehill on short rest. The lefty faces off against division rival DC and tosses 8 innings of 1-run ball. Interesting to note, the only team in the league with a winning record against Gold Country are the Chips, who've won 11 of 18.

* It didn't work
League Reports

Power Alley Great 8 - Wk 11

League Reports

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Players of the Week - Sim 11

A Lady is named Pitcher of the Week for the second time in a row. This time, it's the teams true namesake Lady Baldwin himself. Baldwin went 3-0 with a 1.08 ERA and 1.20 RCERA. He pitched 25 innings giving up just 16 hits and 3 walks, while striking out 26.

And for the third time this year, Mark McGwire of the lowly Texas Gringos received batter of the week honors. McGwire mashed the ball in week 11 to the tune of an .816 SLG and 18 RBI. He batted .347 with a .485 OBP and belted 7 out of the park.
League Reports

Power Alley - Week 11

  • +4 DC
  • +2 Island Creek
  • +2 Nottingham
  • -3 Kakadu
  • -3 John McDonald

League Reports

Friday, July 8, 2011

RSAA Update

Full Report here

Starting Pitcher
-61.3 - Maddux,Greg, 1995 (WPM)
-56.9 - Martinez,Pedro, 2000 (GCG)
-43.1 - Bernhard,Bill, 1902 (NSD)
-39.2 - Sanders,Ben, 1888 (BDL)
-31.3 - Stratton,Scott, 1890 (GCG)
-27.7 - Titcomb,Cannonball, 1888 (P10)
-25.9 - Braxton,Garland, 1928 (KD)
-21.6 - Lee,Cliff, 2010 (GCG)
-20.9 - Johnson,Randy, 2004 (NSD)
-19.8 - Ojeda,Bob, 1988 (DC)

-25.6 - Neale,Joe, 1890 (DC)
-18.9 - Betancourt,Rafael, 2007 (GCG)
-18.9 - Papelbon,Jonathan, 2006 (KD)
-11.9 - Benoit,Joaquin, 2010 (WPM)
-9.7 - Brewer,Jim, 1972 (NO)
-7.8 - Gagne,Eric, 2003 (HH)
-5.2 - Zimmerman,Jeff, 1999 (BDL)
-5.0 - Murphy,Rob, 1986 (NSD)
-3.7 - Eckersley,Dennis, 1990 (LM)
-2.9 - Putz,J.J., 2007 (RKA)

-29.3 - Rivera,Mariano, 2008 (DC)
-14.4 - Sutter,Bruce, 1977 (GCG)
-14.4 - Sanders,Ken, 1970 (BBB)
-13.2 - Reed,Steve, 1995 (LM)
-12.8 - Meredith,Cla, 2006 (ICB)
-12.6 - Boyle,Henry, 1884 (JMF)
-12.4 - Nathan,Joe, 2006 (P10)
-12.2 - Kuo,Hong-Chih, 2010 (BBB)
-11.7 - Hall,Dick, 1964 (KD)
-10.1 - McGraw,Tug, 1980 (LM)

League Reports

Standings Summary - Week 11

League Reports

The Good, the Great, and the Ugly - Week 11

League Reports

Remaining Schedules for the Contenders

Londonderry and Island Creek have the toughest, while Newark and Big Dan the easiest.

League Reports

All Stars Interoffice Memo Leaked

The following interoffice memo was leaked on Wednesday, providing much insight into the mindset of Shotgun Spratling, owner and operator of the Rusty Kuntz All Stars. The All Stars are in the midst of a do or die race to the playoffs, one of 5 teams vying for 2 playoff openings.

Dear *****
(September 15)

Yet another injury to the Rusty Kuntz starting rotation and unfortunately it
comes to our ace Al Orth. The worst part is the timing. Besides being in the
middle of the pennant race, it also comes in the midst of a strong stretch from
Orth as we have won his last five starts and seven of his last eight starts.

Orth is going to go on the DL and we will pick up an extra reliever this
weekend, but in the meantime, we'll take out Orth and go with a four-man
rotation still with a Skip usage, just in case we can potentially cut out a Joe
Wood start.

Also, wanted to throw out just how awesome Honus Wagner has been for us setting
the table in the last month. On August 5, we gave him a day off (with the ultra
utility man Bip Roberts filling in with a tremendous 2-3, 2 R, BB, 2 SB game).
The next day, Wagner went hitless, but since then he has been on fire.

Honus has hit safely in 34 of the 35 games he's played in, including a September
5 game against Gold Coast when he entered as a defensive replacement in the 8th
inning and in the 9th inning led off with a single, stole second and scored the
game-winning run. Not too bad for a guy who was hitting around .250 in the
middle of May.

Shotgun Spratling

League Reports

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sim 11E Complete

Is the playoff picture becoming clearer?

Key Points
  • Kakadu loses 3 in a row and 7 of 10, yielding to Hathsin by a game for Fed Division Wild Card lead
  • Once again DC and Rusty Kuntz switch spots, with DC currently in the American Division Wild Card Lead
  • Newark looks good for the playoffs, and Rusty now has a 1.5 game lead in the bonus wild card standings.

If the playoffs were to end today:
Rusty Kuntz @ Gold Country
DC @ Helena

Newark @ Big Dan
Hathsin @ Willets Point

League Reports

Greg Maddux Sets new ATB Win Record

Congratulations to Greg Maddux of Willets Point. On Thursday, September 15, Maddux tossed another gem, defeating the Didgeridoos 8-2. He completed the game giving up 7 hits and 1 earned run. Most importantly, it was his 22nd win on the season - a new ATB single season record.

He's now 22-3 with a 1.86 ERA.

League Reports

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Time Great Competition Update

Standings as of the 78th Game. Full data here.

1) 0.0 GB-Manetheren Red Eagles IX (Lou)
2) 0.3 GB-Lusitania Death Speakers XII (Mike)
3) 1.4 GB-Pangea Tyrannosaurus Rex X (Justin)
4) 2.3 GB-DC Chips X (Steve)
5) 3.7 GB-Franlin Lakes Pill Poppers VII (Justin)
6) 5.0 GB-DC Chips XII (Steve)
7) 7.3 GB-Dumai's Wells Oathbinders XII (Lou)
8) 7.5 GB-Bellevue Freakin' Franch XI (Brad)
9) 7.8 GB-La Chap au Sts Neanderthals XI (Justin)
10) 8.1 GB-Sonoran Black Diamonds XII (Justin)
11) 9.6 GB-CosaNostra Deliverators IX (Mike)
12) 10.0 GB-Franklin Lake Pillpoppers VIII (Justin)
14) 10.2 GB-Hudson County Holy Rollers VIII (MIke)
13) 10.3 GB-Malkier Golden Cranes X (Mike)
15) 11.8 GB-County Wicklow Ftg Shillelaghs IX (TJ)
16) 12.0 GB-Staten Island Dumpers X (Sean)
17) 12.1 GB-Dyersville Black Sox IX (Mike T)
18) 13.8 GB-Windy City Potato Pocketers XI (Lou)
19) 14.1 GB-Helena Handbasket XII (Joe)
20) 14.5 GB-Winterfell Direwolves X (Lou)
21) 15.1 GB-Discordia Low Men VII (Lou)
22) 15.5 GB-Lima de Equipo X (Brad)
23) 15.7 GB-Van Nest Phight Philben VIII (Jeff)
24) 16.2 GB-John McDonald Fanclub X (Jason)
25) 16.6 GB-Team Chutney VII (Brad)
26) 17.4 GB-John McDonald Fanclub XII (Jason)
28) 17.7 GB-Pittsburgh Pulverizers VII (Sean)
27) 17.7 GB-Planet 10 XI (Ivar)
29) 17.8 GB-St. Louis Slammers VIII (PC)
30) 18.2 GB-White Meadow Lk Black Stones XI (Mike)
31) 21.6 GB-John McDonald Fanclub XI (Jason)
32) 23.2 GB-Harlem Rangers X (Jeff)

League Reports

ATB Value Update

Full report here

0.325 - Gibson,Josh, OFB
0.322 - Lopez,Javy, P10
0.311 - Carroll,Fred, HS
0.310 - Howard,Elston, RKA
0.301 - Cochrane,Mickey, NSD

First Base
0.304 - McGwire,Mark, TG
0.303 - Gehrig,Lou, KD
0.302 - Foxx,Jimmie, DB
0.297 - Brouthers,Dan, BDL
0.290 - Bagwell,Jeff, ICB

Second Base
0.354 - Barnes,Ross, LM
0.327 - Dunlap,Fred, RKA
0.322 - Hornsby,Rogers, TG
0.299 - Collins,Eddie, GCG
0.276 - Stanky,Eddie, OFB

Third Base
0.323 - McGraw,John, LM
0.306 - Brett,George, P10
0.293 - Rosen,Al, RKA
0.292 - Boggs,Wade, NSD
0.291 - Beltre,Adrian, HH

0.320 - Vaughan,Arky, WPM
0.312 - Wagner,Honus, RKA
0.300 - Jennings,Hughie, HS
0.299 - Lloyd,Pop, GCG
0.287 - Yount,Robin, NSD

Left Field
0.340 - Bonds,Barry, ICB
0.317 - Williams,Ted, HS
0.289 - Simmons,Al, HH
0.287 - O'Neill,Tip, BBB
0.285 - Goslin,Goose, RKA

Center Field
0.359 - Mantle,Mickey, NSD
0.323 - Duffy,Hugh, NO
0.301 - Speaker,Tris, JMF
0.295 - Lynn,Fred, BBB
0.291 - Pike,Lip, BBB

Right Field
0.330 - Ruth,Babe, OFB
0.318 - Musial,Stan, DC
0.309 - Walker,Larry, P10
0.296 - Swartwood,Ed, HS
0.293 - Robinson,Frank, NSD

Designated Hitter
0.296 - Murcer,Bobby, GCG
0.295 - Giambi,Jason, BDL
0.280 - Belle,Albert, JMF
0.267 - Heilmann,Harry, NSD
0.253 - Martinez,Edgar, KD

League Reports

Sim 11D Complete

Key Points
  • Helena added 2 games to their lead in the National Division
  • Kakudu took the lead in the Federal Division Wild Card Race
  • Ruty Kuntz took the lead in the American Division Wild Card Race
  • Island Creek and Otherton picked up two games in the Bonus Wild Card race

League Reports

Injury Update

Yellow boxes are total # of unique injuries that each team has had to deal with.

League Reports

Summing up the Playoff Races

With just 3 weeks left in the season there are an incredible 14 teams still vying for one of the 8 playoff slots. Never before in ATB have so many teams had so much to play for this late into the season.

To help muddle through the mess, here's a quick rundown of what to look for.

Virtual Shoe In's
89-54: Gold Country Gossamers (Div Lead)
83-60: Big Dan and the Lady's (Div Lead)
82-62: Helena Handbasket (Div Lead)
81-62: Willets Point Mechanics (WC lead)
80-64: Newark Slam Dumps (WC Bonus Lead)

These five squads have each reached the 80 win plateau and have a minimum 5 game cushion on a playoff bid. The Gossamers continue be the gold standard of ATB and are the only team with a .600+ winning percentage. Along with Big Dan and Helena, these three teams are leading their respective divisions and are in line for the 1-2-3 seeds.

Helena's National Division is the only divisional race left undecided, as they own just a 1/2 game lead on Willets Point and a 2 game lead on Newark. The drama is a bit hollow though, as each of the three would need a collapse of epic proportions to miss the playoffs.

Newark has three games left against Helena and closes out the season with 9 games against the two worst teams in ATB. Despite a 2 game hole, they control the outcome of the division.

6 Battle for 3
Here is where the fun begins. Six teams are within 1/2 game of each other, and only three can move on. The Wild card methodology only confuses things as further - 1 Wild card team from each division moves on, plus the next top 2 teams in the whole league. With three great teams in the National Division, the aforementioned Slam Dumps have a lock on the first "Bonus" Wild card.

75-68: DC Chips (tied for WC)
75-68: Rusty Kuntz Traveling All Stars (tied for WC)
75-69: John McDonald Fanclub (Bonus Leader)
74-69: Londonderry Machine
74-69: Hatshin Survivors (tied for WC)
74-69: Kakadu Didgeridoos (tied for WC)

At 75 wins a piece, DC and Rusty are currently tied for the American League Wild Card. A 1/2 game behind them in the same division is John McDonald. It is not possible for all three to move on and likely the race will be decided with the fortuitous home and home series between DC and Rusty to close out the season. John McDonald finishes with 7 against Downsouth, and it would be very possible if not likely for the Fanclub to coast in with a 6-1 finish as the All Stars and Chips duel to a 4-3 virtual stalemate.

Similarly, Hathsin and Kakadu are tied for the Federal Division Wild Card. Both teams are slightly behind in the standings for the Wild Card Bonus, and thus the loser of this race would currently go home.

Hathsin recently lost their ace, Walter Johnson, for the remainder of the regular season and ends with a home and home, you guessed it, against the final of our mid-70 win team's, Londonderry. The Machine's hope for a playoff birth rests in the Bonus Wild card. They are currently 1/2 a game behind John McDonald and have won 4 in a row.

Outside Looking In
70-73: Planet 10
70-73: Island Creek Bivalves
69-74: Otherton Fish Biscuits

Island Creek is the most hopeful of these three. 4 games out of the Federal League Wild card and 4.5 out of the Bonus, they have two paths to move on to the post season. However, their schedule is brutal finishing the final 19 games of the regular season against all playoff hopefuls - Planet 10, John McDonald, Newark, Hathsin, and a ultimately closing with 6 against Helena. Ouch.

The Fishbiscuits are 5.5 out of the Bonus WC and 6 out of the American League Wild Card. They will need to due some serious damage over the next 6 days (vs Downsouth and Nottingham) as they finish against John McDonald (3), Helena (3), and Gold Country (7).

Planet 10 has no shot at the National Wild Card, but are withing striking distance at 4.5 out of the Bonus Wild card. It's a long shot, but with a somewhat favorable schedule including games against others fighting for the same slot it's certainly feasible.

The regular season is almost over, but the fun is just beginning. The standings, along with heartbreak and joy, will change daily over the next sim and a half.

League Reports

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sim 11A Complete

(Go Daddy might be suffering an outage, can't load files. Will keep on trying, but may not be successful till morning).

League Reports

Friday, July 1, 2011

Players of the Week - Sim 10

Kevin Millwood earned a 0.72 ERA in Sim 10, winning two games hurling 25 innings. In Week 10 the Lady's extended their division lead, thanks in large part, to Millwood

In a relatively week batting Sim, the Survivor's Ed Swartwood batted .413 / .460 / .739 to take home Batter of the Week Honors. Notice the barehanded catch - explains is ATB .917 fielding percentage.

League Reports

Power Alley "Great 8" - Wk 10

Helena and Gold Country - locked in at 1-2.

League Reports