Monday, July 2, 2012

Player Cards Update

 I spent some time updating the player cards, there are several new features to share:

    1941 Ted Williams

  1. Weighted On Base By Year (Batters) - I removed the old graphics for career wOBA and the ambiguous "Power/Speed Number" and replaced them with a historical view of the batters wOBA per year.  This chart includes the historical wOBA for the league as well.
  2. Diamond Vision (Batters) - only the most faithful blog reader will remember Diamond Vision. Roughly two years ago I created a new graphic that depcited a batters Power, Base Running ability, Ability to get on Base, and Fielding Prowess.  After promising weekly updates I never posted again.  I am happy to say it's back as a permanent feature of the player card.
  3. wOBA and RC/27 (Batters) are now listed in the historical stat register 
  4. Awards and Notes (Batters and Pitchers).  I went back through history and compiled the awards each batter or pitcher has won, and these are now displayed on each player card.
  5. RSAA (Pitchers) - added in the historical stat register
  6. Key Advanced Stats (Pitchers) - Replaced career H/9, K/9 and BB/9 with ERA+ and Average RSAA per season.
  7. WHIP by Year (Pitchers) - Replaced Career ERA and WHIP
Below are some random screen shots.  Download the latest version here.

1957 Mickey Mantle

2000 Pedro Martinez

1983 Kent Tekulve

1923 Harry Heilmann

1948 Stan Musial

2002 Curt Schilling