Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sim 4E Complete

Good Bad Ugly - Week 4

Run Scoring: ATB 15 vs ATB 14

Earlier today owner Matt B said in the comments, "how many more runs per game are we scoring compared to last year? my guess is .5."

The answer is actually just 0.2 but remember it's early and as the weather hits up so does the run scoring.  Each team is currently scoring 4.5 runs per game per game, ranging from 6.1 at the top to 3.6 at the bottom.

Last season we were scoring 4.2 runs per game where the league leader was at 5.1 and the worst team was 3.7.

ATB 14 - .270 / .330 / .384
ATB 15 - .258 / .319 / .410

In terms of extra base hits

  • Doubles have increase from 1 double every 30 ABs to 1 every 20 (
  • Triples have decrease from 1 every 155 ABs to 1 every 171
  • Home runs have increased from 1 every 44 ABs to 1 every 33

Team Starter and Reliever ERA's


3.14 - Fishbiscuits
3.45 - Bears
3.63 - Red Eagles
3.65 - Shadows
3.70 - Pinata Beaters
3.86 - Beau Brummels
4.01 - Traveling All S
4.02 - "Mechanics"
4.06 - Snowhole
4.13 - Hoplites
4.14 - Fanclub
4.29 - Chips
4.34 - Wildlings
4.58 - Green Sox
4.62 - Miners
4.64 - Tigers
4.77 - Four
4.84 - Burnt Ends
5.04 - Pretty Ladies
5.05 - Red Lectrods
5.35 - Brews
5.38 - Pandas
5.65 - Handbasket
6.24 - Blackbirds


1.83 - Hoplites
2.27 - Pinata Beaters
2.38 - Wildlings
2.39 - Fanclub
2.51 - "Mechanics"
2.89 - Shadows
2.96 - Bears
2.99 - Traveling All S
3.13 - Chips
3.35 - Red Eagles
3.36 - Blackbirds
3.41 - Fishbiscuits
3.41 - Pandas
3.59 - Miners
3.82 - Beau Brummels
3.87 - Four
3.98 - Green Sox
4.12 - Handbasket
4.18 - Brews
4.33 - Red Lectrods
4.51 - Snowhole
4.53 - Pretty Ladies
4.62 - Burnt Ends
5.40 - Tigers

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sim 4D Complete

RSAA and ATB Value Notes

As noted earlier today, I added Draft Round information to the RSAA and ATB Value Reports.  Some interesting items to note:

  • 10th Rounder Ed Siever (Beaters) is now the 2nd best starter in the draft with -18.5 RSAA
  • Teammate Monty Stratton was a 23th rounder, and is currently ranked 19th with a -9.4 RSAA
  • Randy Johnson (Brews) was a 1st round selection, but is currently ranked 107th with a 5.84 RCERA in 68 IP
  • Greg Holland (Wildlings), Paul Wilson (Beaters), and Vean Gregg (Bears) were each drafted in the 22nd or later, yet ranked 3, 4, and 5 in reliever ratings
  • Takashi Saito (Green Sox) was an 8th round pick but has a 5.87 ERA and is currently the 96th best reliever.

  • Buddy Myers (Brews) may be the steal of the draft.  The 12th round second basemen ranks only behind 1st Rounder Ross Barnes at the position and has a .407 OBP and .469 SLG in 146 plate appearances
  • Mark McGwire (Fanclub) is off to a horrendous start (.223 OBP, .410 SLG); the 2nd round pick is the 150th ranked batter.
  • 1st Round shortstops Honus Wagner and Willie Wells both continue to struggle, each with OBP's under .300
  • The Big 4 First Round center fielders (Cobb, Oscar, Joe D, and the Mick) are 1-4 in ATB Value at the position

RSAA - Week 4

I added the Round each player was drafted in as well.  Full file here.  I also changed the download to excel format so that you can filter and sort by each team.

ATB Value - Week 4

I added the Round each player was drafted in as well.  Full file here.  I also changed the download to excel format so that you can filter and sort by each team.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sim 4C Complete

Wild Card Race

Around The League

Spent some time with the trilogy program tonight, here's what I found

  • In a 3-2 win over the Mechanics on April 11, the All Stars Hanley Ramirez went 0-4 with 3 caught steals
  • On April 10 Albert Pujols of the Red Lectroids recorded 13 total bases; on May 3 Ken Griffey Jr (Shadows) repeated the feat
  • Only 9 players have score 4 runs in a game so far, Spanish Harlem's Oscar Charleston's done it twice.
  • The season record for total chances in a game is 26.  It was set on May 2, twice, in the same game, by opposing first basemen George Sisler and Todd Helton (Beau Brummels and Hoplites).
  • Workhorse of the year (so far) goes to Hal Newhouser (Rochester).  He threw 150 pitches on April 9 an it was only 7.1 innings..
  • Mike Schmidt (Bears) homered in 5 consecutive games April 29-May 4
  • Ken Griffey Jr (Shadows) score runs in 11 consecutive (May 7-May 18)
  • Oddball stat of the day - the Wildlings are 16-1 when Joe Jackson gets a hit, and 9-23 when he doesn't.
  • It's mostly a meaningless stat, but Turkey Stearnes (Red Eagles) leads the league in Game Winning RBI's at 10.
  • In 22 games, batters are cumulatively hitting just .216 in the Bee Hive (Otherton).
  • In 20 games, batters have mashed 76 HR's in the Baker Bowl (Rusty Kuntz)
  • On May 10, Handbasket came from 10 runs back to beat the Lancaster 13-12.  They scored 9 runs in the 8th thanks to 3 homers, capped by a Willie McCovey grand slam.
  • The Red Eagles have scored 37 first inning runs, the "Mechanics" just 12
  • The Blackbirds have allowed 41 first inning runs, the Wildlings just 10
  • The Shadows and Red Eagles are the only teams yet to be shut-out

Great Feats Upated

  • Chuck Klein goes yard 3 times
  • The Shadows get the third 6 RBI game of the year
  • A Dazzling Vance K's 12
And more...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pandas and Wildlings Complete 6 Player Deal

To the Wildlings
Charlie Gehringer-.318 / .352 / .409 in 66 AB
Manny Ramirez --- .293 / .340 / .587, 6 HR, 18 RBI

Kaz Sasaki - 11 IP, 11 H, 2 BB, 6 K, 4.76 ERA

To the Pandas
Jonathan Papelbon -10 IP, 9 H, 6 BB, 7 K, 5.40 ERA
Clayton Kershaw ---58 IP, 59 H, 17 BB, 38 K, 4.81 ERA

Matt Kemp - .235 / .257 / .441 in 34 AB

Players of the Week - Sim 3

Batter of the Week - Ken Griffey Jr (Brighton Shadows)
.403 / .431 / .839, 1.269 OPS, 23 RC, 9 HR, 18 R, 24 RBI

. Pitcher of the Week - Ed Siever (Spanish Harlem Pinata Beaters)
3 GS, 2-0, 1.44 ERA, 25 IP, 11 H, 6 BB, 6 K, 0.68 WHIP, 1.17 RCERA

Power Alley - Week 3

+9:  Shamokin Miners
+7:  Colorado Green Sox
+7:  Ball Four

-6:  John McDonald Fanclub
-7:  Leesburg Snowhole
-11: Helena Handbasket

Week 4 Transactions

  • Fanclub drop Lamarr Hoyt, Fred Snodgrass, and Jesse Barfield, picks up Joe Magrane 1888, Dave Kingman 1979, and Orel Hershiser 1989
  • Mechanics drop Paul Goldschidt and Mark Texiera, pick up 1994 Kenny Lofton and 1989 Alvin Davis
  • Wildlings drop Javy Vazquez and Jim Bottomley, pick up Cecil Cooper 1980 and Dave Brown 1920
  • Green Sox drop Dick Ellsworth and George Wright, pick up George Earnshaw 1931 and Rawley Eastwick 1976
  • Blackbirds drop Arnie Stone and pick up Hank Robinson 1912
  • Handbasket drops Cliff Melton and pick up Jesse Orosco 1983
  • Pandas drop Bill Swift and pick up Jack Peavy 2012

Standings Over Last 30 Days

Wonder how the Hoplites have a .690 Wpct while only outscoring opponents by a measly 13 runs?  Think no further then a stellar pen:  1.07 ERA in Sim 3.  You can win a lot of close games with a great bullpen.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Kid Quietly Having a Great Start

Ken Griffey Jr has always been a mild disappointment in ATB.  Sure, those that choose to use the more advanced metrics have always known that his stats look a bit inflated when viewed in light of the high offense 1990s, but even so, I always thought he should perform better than he has.

Some stats:

  • 1993 Griffey was used 4 times in ATB history (I started the trend in ATB 8 unfortunately) and has a combined .230 / .287 / .403 line in 1776 AB.
  • 1994 Griffey has been used in each of the past 3 seasons and has shown good power but a low OBP:  .261 / .300 / .448 with 28 HR's in an average of 556 AB per season.
  • 1997 was used long ago but was awful (.280 OBP).
Then we changed the era.

Griffey averaged 31 home runs in a platoon during the 500 resims and this season the Brighton Shadows drafted him in Round 3 and it's payed off in spades.  The Kid is batting .308 with 19 home runs and 52 RBI (it's May 19 in sim world).  He'll undoubtedly cool down, but it's nice to see the best player of the 1990s get his due in ATB.

Standings Summary - Week 3

The NL Team of the Week (new!) is the Spanish Harlem Pinata Beaters.  At 11-3 they had the best record of the sim and an incredible +40 run differential to go along side it.

Leesburg took the brunt of the beating, losing 6 games to the Beaters by a combined score of 47-22.  Spanish Harlem also took two series from the Blackbirds but did lose a 3 game set to Otherton.

Oscar Charleston was again a monster, batting .404 / .493 / .825 with 6 homers, 19 runs, and 19 RBI.  He's in the running for player of the week again.  The team as a whole sported an .831 OPS, with Cupid Childs, Ozzie Smith, and John Olerud playing well.

The pen was key for Spanish Harlem, giving up just 11 earned runs in 43 innings (2.30 ERA).  Ed Siever (25 IP, 4 ER) and John Tudor (21 IP, 6 ER) were anchors in the rotation winning 5 games (with no losses) in 6 starts.

The AL Team of the Week are the Green Sox of Colorado.  They ultimately finished 1/2 game worse than Sparta for the week's best record but almost doubled their Run Differential so they get the nod.

Babe Ruth, tired of playing second fiddle to Charleston, had a great week banging 6 home runs and recorded a 1.054 OPS.  Jason Giambi and Brett Boone combined for an .860 OPS and 18 RBI.

The Colorado pitchers were they key to the Green Sox success however.  Starters Harvey Haddix, Al Orth, and Bill McCall were a strong 1-2-3 punch, averaging a combined ERA under 3.00.

En route to the 10 wins, Colorado pummeled the Red Lectroids, taking a 4 game sweep to open the sim, scoring 41 in 4 games (the actually scored 13, 17, and 12 runs in consecutive games between sims).  They also swept the Burnt Ends, split with Manetheren (two 12 innings wins), but lost 3 of 4 to Ball Four.

Sim 3E Complete

Strange Start

Hoplite owner Sean S pointed this out to me last night.  Currently across the league there is little doubt which team is the best in each division (as of now, things will look different in August I am sure).  The six division leaders are a combined 152-84 (.644 wpct).

Aside from the division leaders only one other team in the entire league is above .500, the Colorado Green Sox barely slip in at 20-19.  In total, an incredible 17 teams are below .500 and just 7 are above.


One reason is certainly the young schedule.  Many divisions simply haven't faced each other yet which means the same teams have faced each other over and over in April and May.  When 1 or 2 teams go on a run, it effects the standings of all the teams they played.

  • AL East and AL Central have not faced off
  • AL Central has played itself 116 times but the AL West only 43
  • The AL West has played the east 102 times, but themselves only 4
  • NL East and NL Central have not faced off
  • The NL West has played within their division just 6 times

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sim 3D Complete

Hit Charts - Manetheren vs Detroit

Tigers have scored 111 runs, worst in ATB so far

Red Eagles have scored 230, best in ATB so far
Manetheren leads the league in hits, doubles, and triples but tie for last in home runs

The Great, the Good, and the Ugly - Week 3

Babe Ruth is on pace for 72 HR and 149 RBI.  

Turkey Stearnes is on pace for 210 RBI.  

It will be interesting to see where Stearnes is drafted next year, yeah yeah, the 26-11 team is complaining about his .629 SLG first round pick but they guy is completely hit or miss.  Can be frustrating - 3 BB, 24 K, the opposite of the kind of player I prefer.

Raise your hand if you thought Arky Vaughan would have 10 HR by May 13

Still no Pedro

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sim 3C Complete

Jose Canseco's Thoughts on Gravity

Too fun not to post

Injury Bug - Days Lost by Team to Date

RKA: 51 Total Days Lost; 6 Injuries
PBE: 50 Total Days Lost; 4 Injuries
DCC: 43 Total Days Lost; 5 Injuries
HH : 34 Total Days Lost; 4 Injuries
CGS: 30 Total Days Lost; 4 Injuries
LS : 30 Total Days Lost; 4 Injuries
PRL: 28 Total Days Lost; 6 Injuries
NVB: 25 Total Days Lost; 2 Injuries
TWW: 25 Total Days Lost; 7 Injuries
PCP: 24 Total Days Lost; 4 Injuries
LPL: 23 Total Days Lost; 6 Injuries
DT : 21 Total Days Lost; 4 Injuries
MRE: 17 Total Days Lost; 5 Injuries
WPM: 15 Total Days Lost; 3 Injuries
BF : 15 Total Days Lost; 5 Injuries
RBB: 8 Total Days Lost; 2 Injuries
DB : 7 Total Days Lost; 3 Injuries
NFB: 6 Total Days Lost; 2 Injuries
SPB: 5 Total Days Lost; 3 Injuries
JMF: 5 Total Days Lost; 3 Injuries
SH : 4 Total Days Lost; 2 Injuries
BS : 1 Total Days Lost; 2 Injuries
OFB: 0 Total Days Lost; 3 Injuries
SM : 0 Total Days Lost; 1 Injuries

Chips, Wildlings Swap Starters

The Chips send struggling starter Javy Vazquez (0-2, 5.57 ERA) to the Wildlings in return for struggling starter Dazzy Vance (0-2, 9.88)

Browser and other Traffice Data for ATB'ers

Recent blog traffic by browser type.  Frankly, we can do better.  Kill IE and try something new!

J/K, whatever works for you works for me.  I just personally find IE to be a real memory hog and can't live without my Chrome.

Oh, and how great is this.  Looking at internet search patterns only (not direct traffic), in the past month the fourth most popular google search that directed traffic to this blog was, "ugly llamas".  I thank long lost owner Richard M for that, he operated the Eugene Psycho Llamas three seasons ago.

And not to give random folks traffic (however minor it would be from here), but why in the world is ATB linked from this blog?

RSAA Update - Week 3

ATB Value Update - Week 3