Saturday, July 31, 2010

Average Stat Comparison - Helena vs Sonoran

Continuing with the Lefty / Righty Lineup and Pen / Rotation comparisons from yesterday, both Sonoran and Helena have submitted lineups and as a reward for being early, here's the same view for them.

With the exception of the bullpen these two teams are evenly matched.

Handbasket Announce LDS Lineups and Rotation

- 3 Man Rotation
- No injuries

Average Stat Comparison - Fanclub vs Oathbinders

Yesterday, Jason B and I had a brief email exchange about the Oathbinders, and how nobody in the lineup appeared to be all that great, yet the team was still 2nd overall in Runs Scored during the regular season. This was a personal point of irritation of mine during the season as well - I was always expecting the other shoe to drop.

Jason mentioned platooning and disregarded that at first, but after compiling the first few playoff lineup submissions I realized that very few teams take advantage of multiple platoons. The Oathbinders platoon everywhere, even George Brett - arguably the best third basemen in the game.
Anyway, I am taking some time to compile the average stat lines for each playoff team based upon the lineup submissions - Left and Righty lineups, plus Rotation and Pen key statistics. Here's the first - Oathbinders vs Fanclub.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oathbinders Announce LDS Lineup and Rotation

- 4 Man Rotation
- Noodles Hahn injured through first round

Fanclub Announce LDS Lineups and Rotation

- Ernie Lombardi injured for entire first round. Replacement Roger Bresnahan hasn't played all year.
- 4 Man Rotation

(click to enlarge)

Black Diamonds Announce LDS Rotation and Lineup

- 4 Man Rotation
- Thome Injured until Game 3

(click to enlarge)

Puff Announce Lineups and Rotations

- 4 Man Rotation
- Thompson sidelined until Game 3
- Rob Murphy Sidelined for entire first round

(click to enlarge)

Playoff Preview - Big Mac vs DC

The DC Chips are one of two teams to reach the 100 win plateau this season and after a late season run are the #1 seeded team in the Greenhorn Division. They face off against the 83 win Big Mac Special Sauce. On paper, this is a 4 or 5 game series. The Chips outscored their opponents by 163 runs, while Special Sauce ended the season with a very low +14 Run Differential.

15 different pitchers made starts this year for DC, attesting to the fact that Steve C is one of the most hands on owners in the game. Much of the work fell upon his “Big 3” however, Ben Sanders (17-5, 2.30), Garland Braxton (13-10, 3.82), and Mike Scott (10-6, 3.29). Pete Conway may also see some starts in the playoffs – in limited duty due to several injuries, the righty held down a 3.78 ERA in 11 starts.

With a good starting three, one could argue that the key to the Chips team 3.58 ERA was their bullpen. Frank Killen and Joe Neale are among the best in the game, combining for an incredible 346 innings and a 2.53 ERA out of the pen. Both act as part time closers, setup men, and middle relievers. Additionally, the Chips can throw Nick Maddox (2.88 RCER in 75 IP), Steve Howe (3.26 RCERA in 55 IP), and Mike Jackson (3.55 RCERA in 102 IP) into the fray at any point in the game.

Countering this formidable attack is a a trio of top notch relievers and a quartet of league average starters. Pete Alexander is likely the best starter winning 13 of 22 decisions on the year and holding down a 4.16 ERA. Curt Schilling also had 13 wins, but was shaky at times with a 4.94 ERA. Russ Ford and Randy Johnson each went 9-15, odd for a playoff team, but had RCERA’s in the low to mid 4.20’s meaning they were very unlucky for stretches at at time. It's clear that DC has the better rotation, but it must be noted that the Big Mac pitching staff suffers through home games at the 1917 Polo Grounds, a homer haven.

Their bullpen features two elite members – Rafael Perez (2.12 ERA in 81 IP) and Jack Quinn (2.44 ERA in 85 IP) and two solid relievers in Tom Niedenfuerer (2.96 ERA) and closer Takashi Saito (3.13 RCERA). Still, DC holds a distinct advantage from top to bottom.

With Tip O’Neil and Duke Snider anchoring the lineup, it’s no surprise that the Chips led their division in Runs per game at 5.1. O’Neill is a viable MVP candidate and batted .379 with 45 doubles and a.983 OPS during the regular season. Snider, a great center fielder, batted .327 / .380 / .536 and led the team in HR (tied) and RBI. Arky Vaughan, Jackie Robinson, and Johnny Mize each had OPS scores over .750 to balance the lineup from top to bottom. Eddie Mathews added some pop with 28 HR and 104 RBI, though he batted just .216 with a ,316 OBP.

Big Mac’s strategy from day 1 was to pound their opponents into submission. Mike T drafted some of the best single season home run hitters of all time – Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Reggie Jackson, Willie Stargell, and Mike Schmidt. Even their middle infielders – Rico Petrocelli and Jeff Kent – hit a historically high number of home runs for their positions.

McGwire, plagued by a low batting average, hit 50 HR’s but it resulted in a slugging percentage under .500. Still, he’s a force to be reckoned with and he drove in 114 runners. Jackson and Stargell hit 36 and 35 out of the park respectively, with Stargell also recording 116 RBI to lead the team.

The best hitter on the team however, might just be Mike Teirnan. The 22 year old right fielder batted .307 / .423 / .471 to lead the team in OPS, RC/27, and triples.

On defense, the Chips hold another advantage. Their most common lineup feature Vg defenders across the entire infield and throughout most of the outfield. Their bench players can also improve defense to Ex in a few positions.

Special Sauce fields an average defending team. Their only plus defenders are at center field, middle infield, and third base.

As mentioned, Big Mac plays their home games at the Polo Grounds, which has a home run rate of 322 from both sides of the plate. The rest of the offense is reduced between 2-4% for both righties and lefties.

DC chose to go in another direction, reducing home runs by 28% tahnks to the 1992 Houston Astrodome. The rest of the offense is exactly average.

The Chips score more often and allow fewer runs to cross the plate for the opposition. As a result, they won 17 more games in the regular season than Big Mac. They should win the series easily.

However, the Chips also have the third worst mark in all of ATB for yielding home runs. Coupled with the fact Big Mac hit more home runs than every other team in ATB, we find an area that may be exploited. Joe Neale yielded 23 home runs out of the pen and if the underdogs can find their way deep into the DC pen, the result could be the equivalent of the German breakout during Operation Barbarossa. Pay particular attention the score if Pete Conway starts – he’s given up 8 HR in just over 50 innings.

ATB Value - Final Season End Report

0.360 - King Kelly, LDS
0.328 - Javy Lopez, P10
0.324 - Roy Campanella, DB
0.292 - Bill Dickey*, BT
0.291 - Mike Piazza, SOP
0.290 - Josh Gibson, SDP
0.279 - Joe Mauer*, DWO
0.278 - Jorge Posada#, PGB
0.270 - Mickey Cochrane*, WPM
0.261 - Darren Daulton*, BMS

First Base
0.339 - Jimmie Foxx, DB
0.335 - Lou Gehrig*, PR
0.320 - Norm Cash*, JMF
0.310 - Dan Brouthers*, WPM
0.305 - Buck Leonard*, HH
0.298 - Mark McGwire, BMS
0.293 - Jeff Bagwell, PGB
0.291 - Carlos Delgado*, CS
0.280 - Jason Giambi*, P10
0.280 - Bill Terry*, LDS

Second Base
0.317 - Nap Lajoie, PGB
0.311 - Rogers Hornsby, BT
0.304 - Joe Morgan*, OFB
0.302 - Eddie Collins*, HH
0.301 - Jackie Robinson, DCC
0.294 - Fred Dunlap, SBD
0.291 - Derrek Lee, SDP
0.274 - Chase Utley*, WPM
0.267 - Hardy Richardson, RKA
0.264 - Cupid Childs*, P10

Third Base
0.296 - John McGraw*, RBB
0.295 - George Brett*, DWO
0.295 - Howard Johnson#, WPM
0.293 - Wade Boggs*, CS
0.285 - Eddie Mathews*, DCC
0.285 - Frank Baker*, SDP
0.273 - Alex Rodriguez, PGB
0.272 - Mel Ott*, BT
0.269 - Chipper Jones#, SBD
0.263 - Joe Torre, OFB
0.26 - Adrian Beltre, SOP

0.327 - Arky Vaughan*, DCC
0.307 - Pop Lloyd*, LDS
0.304 - Honus Wagner, OFB
0.302 - Lou Boudreau, JMF
0.291 - Hughie Jennings, RKA
0.274 - George Davis#, PGB
0.271 - Rico Petrocelli, BMS
0.268 - Hanley Ramirez, DB
0.26 - Candy Nelson*, DWO
0.256 - Omar Vizquel#, CS

Left Field
0.355 - Tip O'Neill, DCC
0.331 - Ted Williams*, LDS
0.309 - Barry Bonds*, SBD
0.299 - Ed Delahanty, HH
0.296 - Babe Ruth*, RKA
0.279 - Jesse Burkett*, PGB
0.278 - Pedro Guerrero, PR
0.269 - Rickey Henderson, BT
0.266 - George Stone*, PGB
0.265 - Albert Belle, OFB

Center Field
0.330 - Duke Snider*, DCC
0.315 - Mickey Mantle#, HH
0.313 - Joe DiMaggio, EPL
0.296 - Pete Browning, LDS
0.295 - Bobby Murcer*, PR
0.286 - Benny Kauff*, BMS
0.286 - Cy Seymour*, PGB
0.283 - Hugh Duffy, CS
0.283 - Tris Speaker*, CS
0.276 - Richie Ashburn*, JMF
0.275 - Ty Cobb*, SDP

Right Field
0.327 - Mike Tiernan*, BMS
0.307 - Larry Walker*, P10
0.286 - Joe Jackson*, BT
0.283 - Sam Thompson*, SDP
0.282 - Stan Musial*, DWO
0.280 - Reggie Jackson*, BMS
0.275 - Gary Sheffield, JMF
0.267 - Babe Herman*, RBB
0.265 - Tommy Holmes*, HH
0.264 - Frank Robinson, OFB
0.259 - Harry Heilmann, EPL

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Player of the Month - September

Moments after securing batter of the week honors, Josh Gibson also nabs Batter of the Month for September. In 109 plate appearances, the San Diego Puff catcher batted .408 / .463 / .776 with 11 HR, 18 R, and 35 RBI.

It took 6 moons, but we finally have a true reliever as Pitcher of the Month. The Sonoran Black Diamonds stopper, Cla Meredith, was outsounding in September recording 9 saves. His line: 16.1 IP, 10 H, 3 BB, 6 K, 0.80 WHIP, 1.10 ERA, 1.42 RCERA

Players of the Month
April - Barry Bonds (SDB) & Tex Hughson (JMF)
May - Joe DiMaggio (EPL) & Frank Killen (DC)
June - Mickey Mantle (HH) & Pedro Martinez (JMF)
July - Dan Brouthers (WPM) & Bill Bernhard (LDS)
August - John McGraw (RBB) & Walter Johnson (RBB)
September - Josh Gibson (SDP) and Cla Meredith (SBD)

Players of the Week - Sim 12

The final sim's Pitcher of the Week is Pete Conway of the DC Chips. Picked up in mid June as a free agent, Conway has had a solid season, tossing 52 innings with a 3.78 ERA. He was injured on the second to last day of the season, and will be out of action the entire first round. In week 12 he went 2-0 in 19 IP, giving up 11 hits and 5 walks. He struck out 16 and held down a 1.89 ERA.

Quiet for much of the year, the San Diego Puff catcher Josh Gibson broke out in a big way during week 12. He batted .447 / .490 / .894 with a 1.384 OPS, 7 HR, 12 R, 19 RBI, and 21.4 RC

Division Series Page Added

Here and linked to the right.

Probable starters for the first three games added, and this will be the page were all Division Series data is posted (Box Scores, reports, results, etc.).

I am biased, but gotta love seeing these classic confrontations to commence the Oathbinder/Fanclub series:

G1-Pedro Martinez (15-10, 2.70) vs Babe Adams (21-7, 2.76)

G2-Tex Hughson (18-8, 2.67) vs Harry Brecheen (16-6, 2.04)

Sim 12E Complete - Season Over!

Congrats to the playoff bound owners - no major surprises in the last three games, though the DC Chips, resting their rotation, found a way to surpass the Sonoran Black Diamonds for the Greenhorn Division Title.

Owners - Playoff Lineups due Sunday night 8 PM. Slight change in playoff format this year. Instead of simming 2 games per day on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, we'll just sim 1 game per day until the series is over.

This doesn't delay the season a bit as Round 2 of the playoffs will always begin the Sunday following Round 1.

Final Playoff Matchups
SDP (86-76) @ LDS (104-58)
JMF (88-74) @ DMO (98-64)

BMS (83-79) @ DC. (100-62)
.HH (92-70) @ SBD (99-63)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sim 12D Complete

With three games left to play, the Greenhorn playoff races remain much in doubt.

First, the Sonoran Black Diamonds lose two in a row and their nemesis, DC Chips, win 2 consecutive to tie for the Division Title lead.

Next, while the Eugene Psycho Llamas are eliminated Big Mac Special Sauce maintains a 1 game lead over Bostons Terrier and a 2 game lead over Rochester Beau Brummels. A long shot, the Beau Brummels have won 7 of 10 in their rune of an upset playoff birth.

And of course, after I write the playoff matchups for the Mossback Division, John McDonald tanks losing 7 of 10 while the Puff catch fire, winning 8 of 10. Fanclub maintains a 1 game advantage for the right to avoid the #1 seeded Lusitania Death Speakers

The Good, the Great, and the Ugly

Week 12

Standings Charts - Week 12

Mossback Wildcard Picture

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playoff Preview - Puff vs Death Speakers

The other Mossback Division Series is a matchup between the 103-59 (Projected) Lusitania Death Speakers and the 86-76 San Diego Puff. On paper, the Puff have very little chance to win the series except pinning their chances on the age old adage "anything can happen in a short series".

A common theme in short series upsets is a stud pitcher for the underdog. Brad P's Puff do have a very good pitcher in Scott Sratton, currently 9th in the league in ERA, with a 13-9 record. Stud is a valid word too, in 185 innings he has given up just 160 hits and has struck out 181. Unfortunately, the balance of the Puff rotation is about average or worse:

3.81 ERA - Tim Lincecum
3.94 ERA - Cliff Melton
4.48 ERA - Brandon Webb
5.13 ERA - Mike Mussina

In years past, Brad has not hesitated to run a middle reliever out to start the game. Doug Corbett (128 IP, 3.16 ERA) might get the call this season.

Mike S, owner and operator of Lusitania, and he counters with:

Bill Bernhard (15-9, 3.50)
Andy Pettitte (13-8, 3.63)
Johnny Podres (12-7, 4.41)
Kevin Milwood (16-7, 5.16)

Hank Aguirre made 14 regular season starts and pitched very well, to the tune of a 3.20 ERA. It will be interesting to see how Mike arranges his playoff rotation - is Aguirre in or out?

The Death Speakers also own a significant edge in bullpen depth. Closing games is top notch reliever Jeff Zimmerman (1.45 ERA) while Huston Street (1.64 ERA) and Jim Poole (1.94 ERA) handle the setup work. Even long reliever Jeff Gray is one of the best in the business.

Opposite them, the Puff have an elite closer of their own in Dennis Eckersley (2.22 ERA), but quickly lose the depth to match Lusitania. Jason Isringhausen (2.82 ERA) has had the best year among the middle relievers and Doug Corbett, Rob Murphy (3.78 ERA), and Lindy McDaniel (4.23 ERA) are relied upon heavily.

The Death Speakers have the number one offense in the league, and it's almost entirely due to their ability to get on base. As a team their OBP is .385, over 30 points higher than the next best team, Dumai's Wells. By measure of ISO, they have the least power in the game but it hasn't mattered as their league leading 5.4 runs scored per game can attest.

Their two stars are catcher King Kelly and left fielder Ted Williams. Kelly is easily the best catcher in the game this year batting .352 / .442 / .444 while Ted Williams, who struggled in the first half, has come on strong of late, leading the team in SLG, OPS, HR, Runs, RBI, and Runs Created since the break.

The San Diego Puff counter with the 7th ranked offense. With a well above average slugging percentage and batting average, the Puff are also second to none in team stolen bases, leading the league with 333 total. By seasons end four players - Ty Cobb (70), Frank Baker (60), Sherry Magee (54), and George Sisler (49) will have topped 50 swipes on the season.

Sam Thompson has been very good this season too, leading the team with a .497 slugging thanks to 23 doubles and 18 triples. Their second basemen, Derrek Lee who has been playing “out of position” has 30 home runs.

A view of their team totals highlights their differences:

LDS: .305 / .385 / .392, .72 HR, 5.4 RC/27, 5.4 R/G
SDP: .292 / .339 / .422, 114 HR, 4.9 RC/27, 5.0 R/G

During the regular season the Death Speakers "A" lineup featured of 7 out of 8 defenders with Vg or better range. However, in the past month, they lost Ex defending Ezra Sutton for the remainder of the year. It’s a crucial injury too, no other player on the squad is rated to play third base and as a result, someone will have to play out of position, likely Willie Randolph or Nellie Fox.

The Puff counter with 7 Vg or better defenders of their own, but fall short again with just 1 Ex rated player vs the Death Speakers 3. Their team fielding percentages are a wash (.977 and .976) and overall, we'll give the Death Speakers a slight advantage.

Lusitania calls 1908 Palace of the Fans home, a large park that moderately inflates singles, doubles and triples but reduces home runs by 18 percent. They are tied with Dumai’s Wells for the best home record in the game.

The Puff play their games in 1949 Sportsman’s Park, a more extreme version of the Palace of the Fans. Home runs are reduced by about 15%, but singles, doubles and triples occur at a much higher rate – approximately 10%, 13%, and 23% more often than average respectively.

The Death Speakers are the best team in the league and will be difficult to beat. Head to head they made quick work of the Puff during the regular season, winning 12 of 18 (.667 Wpct). Lusitania in 5.

Sim 12C Complete

Important Races
Greenhorn Division Title
0.0 - Black Diamonds
2.0 - DC Chips

Greenhorn Wild Card
0.0 - Big Mac Special Sauce
1.0 - Bostons Terrier
2.0 - Rochester Beau Brummels
3.0 - Eugene Psycho Llamas

Current Playoff Matchups
SDP (85-72) @ LDS (100-56)
JMF (85-71) @ DMO (95-62)

BMS (78-78) @ SBD (97-60)
HH. (88-68) @ DC. (95-62)

Playoff Preview - Fanclub vs Oathbinders

The playoffs begin this Sunday. With the Mossback races officially no longer in doubt, now is a great time to preview the match-ups. First up, the 2 vs 3 game.

In one of the more exciting match-ups of the post season, the 90 win (projected) Fanclub squad led by Jason B squares off agains the 97 win (projected) Oathbinders, owned by the comissioner Lou P.

If you enjoy a pitchers duel the series promises to be exciting. By all objective measurements, these two pitching staffs rank 1st and 2nd in all of ATB, admittedly with John McDonald owning a measurable advantage. These two clubs are ranked 1st and 2nd in ERA, RCER, CERA, and HR/9 as well as top 3 in WHIP and K/BB, and the Fanclub ranking better than the Oathbinders in all but K/BB.

Among qualifed starters (more than 20 starts) the Oathbinders rate very highly, but top to bottom their pitching staff pales in comparison to John McDonald. The Oathbinder ace, Harry Brecheen (15-5, 2.01 ERA), sports the best ERA in baseball. Their number 2, Babe Adams (19-7, 2.85) leads the league in wins and has the 8th best ERA. Finally, their number 3 Noodles Hahn (16-11, 3.06 ERA) has the 10th best ERA.

The Fanclub counter with four starters that have ERA's between 2.30 and 2.63. The "worst" of the bunch is only the best pitcher in ATB history, Pedro Martinez. Here's their list of starters and ERAs

2.33 - George Bradley
2.33 - Mort Cooper
2.44 - Tex Hughson
2.63 - Pedro Martinez

The Oathbinders #4 for the series will be Rube Waddell (8-9, 3.89 ERA).

Both bullpens are evenly matched, with average closers and very strong role players in the setup and long relief roles. John McDonald closes with an average Mike Timlin (4.02) ERA but have had great success with Kaz Sasaki (0.75 ERA in 19 IP), Dan Quisenberry (2.95 ERA), and Ted Abernathy (3.15 ERA).

The Oathbinders pen features a dual closer effect with Mariano Rivera (3.69 ERA) stopping against righties and Billy Wagner (4.08) versus lefties. Setup man Bruce Sutter (1.83 ERA) has been lights out with Steve Mingori (2.92 ERA) and late season pick up Troy Percival (3.27 ERA) perform well too.

While the lower seeded Fanclub have the edge off the mound, the Oathbinders have the clear advantage on offense. They currently sit #2 in runs scored with 813, while John McDonald is 19th with 629. As a team, the Oathbinders bat .277 / .353 / .400, with a .753 OPS, 127 HR's and 114 SB. Th Fanclub bat .266 / .333 / .366, for a .699 OPS, 119 HR, and 140 SB.

With 28 HR and 103 RBI, first basemen Norm Cash leads the lineup for John McDonald. He is batting .308 / .402 / .495 in 153 games. The rest of the lineup is fairly week though, as no remaining starter has an OPS over .750.

The Oathbinders counter with three starters and two other platoon's of .750 or greater OPS scores. Third Basemen George Brett (.859 OPS) is having a banner year against rigthies - .359 / .416 / .557; as a team, the Oathbinders hit about 89 OPS points better against righties then lefties.

If the Oathbinders are better on offense and Fanclub better on the mound, perhaps defense will be the deciding factor. Here, John McDonald is #2 in the league with a .982 Fpct against the 9th ranked Oathbinders at .977. As a team, the Fanclub also have a much greater range and their catchers give up the stolen base just 64.7 percent of the time vs 71.4 perecent for the Oathbinders.

The Oathbinders get 4 games at the Metrodome (1984) where left handed batters hit for power all around (100 / 126 / 216 / 114). This suits their left handed hitting lineup very well. Righties have singles and homer suppressed significantly (92 / 90) while doubles and triples increase immensely (132 / 216). The Oathbinders have 51 home wins, best in baseball.

Three games can be played at 1967 Shea Stadium, home of the Fanclub. Shea is an average ballpark with 5 of the 6 possible scores coming in at 99 or 100. Only doubles vs lefties are ever so slightly inflated. The Fanclub are +5 wins at home, and +8 on the road.

John McDonald Fanclub in 6. Up against the backdrop of an average ballpark (as opposed to a pitchers park) it drives home how good the Fanclub’s pitching staff really is. Their team ERA is 3.02, easily the best mark in the game. Coupled with stellar defense, the Oathbinders will have a hard time getting on the basebaths. Head to Head, the Oathbinders enjoyed a slight advantage during the regular season (10-8).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Updated Power Alley - Week 12

Thanks to "anonymous" who found a flaw in the Power Alley methodology, I can now unveil a new and improved version. It's more meaningful, yet more confusing too.

Flaw is perhaps too strong of a word, it did what it was supposed to - rank teams based upon actual record and pythagorean record - but the expected win total that resulted didn't make sense. The original formula did not take into account the actual number of current wins for each team, it simply took the Power Alley winning Percentage (1/3 real life Wpct + 2/3 Pyth Wpct) and multiplied it by 162.

The new and improved formula takes current wins, and adds expected wins to it. Expected wins are determined by: Games Left * Power Alley winning percentage.

Why more confusing? Take a look at the #2 and #3 teams below - the Oathbinder's and the Diamonds. The Oathbinder's are ranked higher but have fewer expected wins. This is possible because Power Alley favors Pythagorean win percentages over standard win percentages. The Oathbinder's are a "better" team because they do a better job of outscoring their opponents. However, based upon what has happened during the season, the Diamonds will likely end up with higher win total.

Also, this highlights how unlucky certain teams are. Look at the Rage, currently ranked 16th yet appear to be in the running for worst record in the game. They have had horrible luck as their 13th best Run Differential can attest too. It is not often a team has the fewest wins in the game yet have an RD closer to the middle of the pack.

If you have still reading, kudos to you, and the bottom line is - team rank remains completely unchanged, but expected win total is now more meaningful.

Power Alley - Week 12

RSAA Leaders

Full list linked on the right

50.8 - Tex Hughson, JMF
43.9 - Mort Cooper, JMF
40.7 - Pedro Martinez, JMF
40.2 - Babe Adams, DWO
39.5 - George Bradley, JMF
30.4 - Bill Bernhard, LDS
29.8 - Lady Baldwin*, SBD
29.4 - Walter Johnson, RBB
29.4 - Harry Brecheen*, DWO
27.3 - Ben Sanders, DCC
25.9 - Noodles Hahn*, DWO

31.1 - Frank Killen*, DCC
16.4 - Willard Schmidt, HH
15.8 - Huston Street, LDS
15.5 - Bruce Sutter, DWO
15.1 - Tim Burke, HH
13.0 - Rafael Perez*, BMS
12.9 - Jeff Gray, LDS
11.9 - Jack Quinn, BMS
11.8 - Jonathan Papelbon, BT
11.7 - Chris Hammond*, HH

31.7 - Joe Neale, DCC
22.9 - Jeff Zimmerman, LDS
21.1 - Cla Meredith, SBD
15.3 - Dennis Eckersley, SDP
12.0 - Dan Quisenberry, JMF
10.9 - Rollie Fingers, CS
10.5 - Gabe White*, PGB
8.1 - John Smoltz, RKA
7.4 - John Wetteland, BT
6.0 - Bryan Harvey, OFB

Sim 12B Complete

Important Races
Greenhorn Division Title
0.0 - Black Diamonds
3.0 - DC Chips

Greenhorn Wild Card
0.0 - Big Mac Special Sauce
1.0 - Bostons Terrier
3.0 - Eugene Psycho Llamas
4.0 - Rochester Beau Brummels

Current Playoff Matchups
SDP (82-72) @ LDS (97-56)
JMF (85-68) @ DMO (93-62)

BMS (77-76) @ SBD (96-58)
HH. (86-67) @ DC. (93-61)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sim 12A Complete

It's the final week!

Important Races
Greenhorn Division Title
0.0 - Black Diamonds
3.0 - DC Chips

Greenhorn Wild Card
0.0 - Big Mac Special Sauce
0.5 - Bostons Terrier
3.0 - Eugene Psycho Llamas
5.0 - Rochester Beau Brummels

Current Playoff Matchups
SDP (79-72) @ LDS (96-55)
JMF (85-65) @ DMO (91-61)

BMS (76-74) @ SBD (95-57)
HH. (84-67) @ DC. (92-60)

Pitching Leader Races

Batting Leader Races

There are a few important statistical categories still up for grabs with just a few games left in the season....

Standings Since the Break

Friday, July 23, 2010

ATB Value Update

ATB Value Report Updated. Top 5 by position below:

0.357 - King Kelly, LDS
0.326 - Roy Campanella, DB
0.296 - Bill Dickey*, BT
0.278 - Jorge Posada#, PGB
0.277 - Mike Piazza, SOP

First Base
0.339 - Jimmie Foxx, DB
0.331 - Lou Gehrig*, PR
0.321 - Norm Cash*, JMF
0.307 - Dan Brouthers*, WPM
0.298 - Mark McGwire, BMS

Second Base
0.308 - Rogers Hornsby, BT
0.305 - Eddie Collins*, HH
0.314 - Nap Lajoie, PGB
0.292 - Fred Dunlap, SBD
0.273 - Hardy Richardson, RKA

Third Base
0.302 - George Brett*, DWO
0.298 - John McGraw*, RBB
0.295 - Wade Boggs*, CS
0.292 - Howard Johnson#, WPM
0.282 - Frank Baker*, SDP

0.325 - Arky Vaughan*, DCC
0.304 - Honus Wagner, OFB
0.303 - Lou Boudreau, JMF
0.300 - Pop Lloyd*, LDS
0.293 - Hughie Jennings, RKA

Left Field
0.365 - Tip O'Neill, DCC
0.321 - Ted Williams*, LDS
0.311 - Barry Bonds*, SBD
0.300 - Ed Delahanty, HH
0.296 - Babe Ruth*, RKA

Center Field
0.324 - Duke Snider*, DCC
0.318 - Joe DiMaggio, EPL
0.309 - Mickey Mantle#, HH
0.300 - Pete Browning, LDS
0.296 - Bobby Murcer*, PR

Right Field
0.306 - Larry Walker*, P10
0.281 - Reggie Jackson*, BMS
0.281 - Joe Jackson*, BT
0.278 - Sam Thompson*, SDP
0.274 - Stan Musial*, DWO

Week 10 Players of the Week

Never had a chance to post it, but the Week 10 Players of the week were:

Babe Adams (DWO): 3-0, 1.69 ERA, 26.2 IP, 18 H, 0 BB, 15 K, 1.20 RCERA
Sam Thompson (SDP): .446 / .458 / .839, 1.297 OPS, 2 HR, 15 R, 10 RBI, 21.7 RC

Standing Summary - Week 11

As Week 11 comes to a close, all eyes turn towards the Greenhorn division as two critical races remain open. The DC Chips, a game and a half out first, continue to battle the Sonoran Black Diamonds for the division title. Both teams are evenly matched – each have won 6 of 10 and have run differentials within two runs of each other.

The Chips have a difficult road ahead, ending the season with 4 home and 9 road games against stiff competition:

4 Games vs Rochester (.480 Wpct)
3 Games vs Big Mac (.503)
2 Games vs Eugene (.490)
2 Games vs Helena (.547)
2 Games vs Sonoran (.620)
(Average Opp Wpct – .528)

The Black Diamonds finish up with 7 home and 5 road games:

4 vs Bostons (.500)
3 Games vs Eugene (.490)
2 vs Potomac (.405)
2 vs DC (.611)
1 Game vs Planet 10 (.396)
(Average Opp Wpct – .480)

This race means little more than pride though, as both teams are guaranteed a playoff spot. The Wild Card race, on the other hand, will result in the loser heading home for the fall. Helena Handbasket is safe with a 6.5 advantage over Big Mac Special Sauce, who currently holds the last playoff spot.

Hot on the Terrier heals however, are Bostons Terrier just ½ game out and the Eugene Psycho Llamas just two games out.

August Players of the Month

Walter Johnson (RBB) is named the August Pitcher of the Month. Undefeated in 6 starts, Johnson’s line: 41.2 IP, 29 H, 8 BB, 30 K, with a 1.94 ERA and 0.89 WHIP.

In a clean sweep for the Beau Brummels, John McGraw (RBB) is our August batter of the month. An on base machine, McGraw get on base over 56% of the time during the month. His final line: .398 / .568 / .430, .993 OPS.

Players of the Month
April - Barry Bonds (SDB) & Tex Hughson (JMF)
May - Joe DiMaggio (EPL) & Frank Killen (DC)
June - Mickey Mantle (HH) & Pedro Martinez (JMF)
July - Dan Brouthers (WPM) & Bill Bernhard (LDS)
August - John McGraw (RBB) & Walter Johnson (RBB)

Week 11 Players of the Week

For the second time this year, the Oathbinder's ace, Harry Brecheen, is Pitcher of the Week. Brecheen won 2 of 3 starts, giving up 16 hits and 3 walks in 23.2 innings of work. His ERA was 1.14 and RCERA 1.16. He struck out 16.

The Gargle Blasters first basemen, Jeff Bagwell, is our Week 11 Batter of the Week. Bagwell batted .340 / .407 / .736, with a 1.143 OPS, 7 HR, 13 R, and 16 RBI

The Good, the Great, and the Ugly

Standings Charts - Week 11

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sim 11E Complete

Still working out the kinks in this new process of mine. It appears I can only run sims in the evenings, which limits my availability in producing that days reports. So, unless I can' think of an alternative, the reports will follow the next day. For example

Wednesday Sims run Wednesday night and posted Wed night.
Reports based upon Wed Sim posted on Thursday night.
Thursday Sims then run on Thursday and posted on Thursday night.

Kind of awkward, but the reports posted each night will be based upon the previous days sims. Since all the reports are generally at a high level and based upon cumulative stats, the loss of 3 games in a given report shouldn't be missed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sim 11D Complete

Still no reports, but here is the official Wed Sim results through 9/16.

All data should be online properly. PLEASE let me know if there are any hiccups with links, etc.

Up and Running? Not quite

Still some moderate issues getting the website operational on the new laptop. Their may be sporadic times the site is down tonight.

Sim 11C Complete

OK, we are back up and running. Here are 11 C results, 11 D will be run tonight. Will take about an hour from now before the new league reports are accessible through the home page.