Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rockin' Rocky

For the second time in 4 days, the Potomac Rage have been blitzed by a score of 16-8. In Sim 1, the debacle came at the hands of the Windy City Potato Pocketers and in Sim 2A, Rocky Colavito led the charge for the La Chapelle-aux-Saints Neanderthals.

Colavito set a season record with 7 RBI on the night; he also had three hits in four at bats and scored three times. After singling in the first, the clean up hitter slammed a 3-run homer to deep left center off to knock starter Gary Peters out of the game in the bottom half of the third. He reached safely in the 5th and 6th and delivered his second big blow of the night in the 7th.

With the game already well out of reach thanks to an 8-run sixth inning outburst, the Neanderthals kept the pressure up. Two singles by catcher Fred Carroll and shortstop Pop Lloyd, followed by a 2-out walk from Harry Heilmann, brought Colavito back to the plate with bases loaded. Facing Tim Lincecum, the right fielder took an 0-1 offering well over the fence in left for a Grand Slam and his 4th through 7th RBI on the night. Like Peters, Lincecum was headed to the showers.

Colavito has seen his playing time increased with Ted Williams sidelined from an 18 game injury. La Chapelle has done just fine in the stars absence, thanks in large part to Colavito. In 5 starts he's compiled 4 HR, 9 RBI, and 6 runs scored. La Chapelle is now 11-7, has won 5 games in row, and is just 2.5 games out of first place in the "It Might Be" division.

Sim 2A Complete!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Running Your Own Reports

Brian B made a great comment in the "Ban Gehrig Post", looking for more flexibility with running his own reports. Diamond Mind offers two basic types of leagues - Centralized like us, or Hands On, which requires each team owner to own Diamond Mind Baseball.

Hands on is by far the best - it gives each owner a complete copy of the latest games data their computers and even allows for internet play to actually become the manager of your team, and make all the in game decisions against your fellow owners. The draw back is cost - each owner would have to shell out at least $50 and more likely $70 if you actually wanted some rosters to come with the game.

It was with this mind that I never thought of giving owners more flexibility - I had always tied more flexibility with additional cost cost.

Along came a DMB add on called Trilogy. It is a free application that scans all box scores and spits out scores of reports. It is almost my sole source of information. There are three mini applications within Trilogy - one that scans the box score, the second the scoresheet, and the third the game log. Here are some screen shots:

Box Scores


Game Logs
Report Example: All players with 5 or more hits in game

All you need to get this to work is to download Trilogy here, and a new box score file that I will post each week, here. Extract the box scores to a new folder on your hard drive, install trilogy, and make the default folder your new box score folder.

Both Trilogy and the Box Score file are also linked on the left hand side of the All Time Baseball home page. I sincerely hope this makes a few ATB lives easier and more interesting!

Sim 2 Transactions Part III

After "Proctering" Ron Perranoski's arm during Sim 1, the Potomac Rage part ways with the long reliever. The lefty struggled in half of the teams 16 games, lasting a total of 15 innings but giving up 25 hits and 8 walks in the process. He turned opposing right handed batters into Roy Hobbs - in 32 AB they batted .500 / .556 / .688.

Replacing Perranoski is Phil regan, circa 1966, a new entry into the ATB Database.

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Mechanics" File Motion with League Office to Ban Gehrig

Well, they should anyway. Lou Gehrig was an unnatural force in the first two games of the season between the Cincinnati Redlegs and Willets Point "Mechanics". Oh, what fun it would have been to be a Redlegs fan at Crosley Field that day - the Cincinnati first basemen made five consecutive trips to the plate and drove in a runner:

1) Bot 5: Triples home Bobby Murcer to cut the "Mechanics" lead to 3-2
2) Bot 7: 3-Run homer to give his team the lead for good, 5-3
3) Bot 9: 2-Run triple to increase the lead 8-3
(he also led off this game with a walk and then singled, making him a 1-day immortal)

Next Game....
4) Bot 1: Doubles home two runners for a 2-0 lead
5) Bot 3: Triples (!) (again!) home a runner for a 3-0 lead. The Redlegs go on to win 8-3.

For those counting at home:
- 5 consecutive run scoring hits
- 5 consecutive extra base hits
- 7 consecutive times reach first base
- 1 large moan from Matt Brody, owner and operator of Willets Point

Hmm, perhaps this blog raised the curtain to display my madness?

The Incredible Honus Wagner

We've seen via the Great Individual Feats report that Honus Wagner of John McDonald Fanclub, went 6-6 on April 6. But did you know he ended April 5ths contest with two hits, and began April 7th's with one, giving him an incredible 9 consecutive hits?

During the nine at bat stretch he also tripled, homered, scored three times, and drove in 5. Leading off for Fanclub, Wagner is hitting for a high average with plus power (.318 / .361 / .500), and is murdering lefties to the the tune of a 1.062 OPS.

When including his Excellent rated defense, it is no wonder that Wagner has long been considered the best middle infielder in the game and is perrenial first round draft choice.

Most Consecutive Outs

# Batter Starting and Ending Dates
17 Boudreau (Chips) April 8th--April 12th
16 Garciaparra (Tornado) April 14th--April 19th
16 Mays (Middle Name) April 9th-- April 13th
15 Goslin (Fish Biscuits) April 8th-- April 12th
14 Combs (Mechanics) April 9th-- April 18th
14 Thompson,S (Freakin' Franch) April 5th-- April 7th
14 Cobb (Potato Pocketer) April 10th-- April 14th
14 Manush (HOWARYA) April 10th-- Still Active

Sim 2 Transactions Continued

The Otherton Fish Biscuits jettison Harvey Kuenn, Tommy Davis, and Mike Donlin and pick up Bill Hall (2006), Shawn Green (2001), and Troy Glaus (2000). Their stats:

Kuenn: 0-4 (.740 OPS in 47 AB last year)
Davis: 0-2
Donlin: 2-8 (.638 OPS in 86 AB last year)

Hall: New to the game this year
Green: DNP last year
Glaus: DNP last year

Sim 2 Transactions

Willets Point "Mechanics" drop Alex Fernandez and pick up 1888 Ed Seward. Fernandez appeared in 2 games, giving up 5 runs and 9 hits in 4.2 innings pitched.

The DC Chips continue the roster churn, giving Guy Hecker his outright release. Hecker appeared in 2 games (with one of them a start), yielding 9 hits and 6 runs in 3 1/3 innings pitched. In ATB X, Hecker went 6-10 with a 4.87 ERA in 160 2/3 innings pitched. Replacing Hecker is Tim Salmon (.587 OPS in 72 AB in ATB X)

Team Totals - Thrown Out at the Plate

6 Planet 10
4 Handbasket
4 Beau Brummels
4 Black Stones
3 Freakin' Franch
3 Black Sox
3 Rabble
3 Mechanics
3 Caber Tossers
2 Chips
1 Power
1 Rage
1 Brews
1 Middle Name
1 Kings
1 Tornado
1 Traveling All S
1 Rod Beck
1 Potato Pocketer
1 Redlegs
1 Fish Biscuits

League Leaders in Stealing Third

3 - George Davis, All Stars
3 - Tony Gwynn, I Miss Rod Beck
3 - Howard Johnson, "Mechanics"
2 - Roy Thomas, Caber Tossers
2 - Rickey Henderson, Fish Biscuits
2 - Herman Long, Brews
2 - Oscar Charleston, Freakin' Franchise
2 - Pete Hill, Plane 10
1 - 24 Tied at

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Pictoral Tale of Two Teams

Bellevue Freakin' Franchise leads the league with 86 Runs Scored. Planet 10 is last in the league with 46. Here are their team hitting charts on the year.

Year to Date Grand Slams

  • 5 of 6 have been in 7th inning or later
  • 3 of 6 were with 2 outs

Three No Hitters Broken Up in the 8th

April 15
Lasting until the 2nd out in the 8th inning, Pud Galvin of John McDonald Fanclub owns the longest no-hit bid of the season. His final line was 9 IP, 1 H, 2 BB, 4 K, 107 pitches with the base knock a double from Otherton Fish Biscuits third basemen bill Joyce

April 15
Pedro Martinez picks up his third win for Warning Track Power, pitching a 1 hit complete game shutout over Rusty Kuntz Traveling All Stars. The lone hit against him was a 8th inning lead off single by Miguel Cabrera.

April 16
Fernando Valenzuela of the Potomac Rage completes 7 innings of no hit ball. Down 1-0 after a first inning walk, error, stolen base, and ground ball he gives up 5 hits in the 8th and 9th innings but no runs. The Rage come from behind and defeat Planet 10 2-1.