Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Willie McCovey's Hot Start

"There is a reason we're in first," proclaimed John McGraw from beyond is cluttered desk in the managers office, "and that reason is Willie McCovey." The Helena Handbasket first basemen has had an incredible start to the season, currently leading the league in home runs and RBI.

After a slow first three games, McCovey has since gone 15-33 with 6 homers and 17 RBI in his last 8. In his most recent game, he threw down the hammer, going 3-4 with 2 HR, a double, and 5 RBI to help his squad complete a 3-game sweep over National League New Orleans Thrill.

Sim 1D Complete

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lip Pike Out 7 Weeks

Continuing an unfortunate trend from last season, the DC Chips have to endure yet another heart clutching injury, this time to their star center fielder, Lip Pike.  The lefty was off to a good start, batting .304 with a .429 on base average only to have it come to a screeching halt the first game of Sim 1C.

With his team down a run in the bottom of the 7th, Pike picked up a pitch hit walk and soon advanced to second.  One out later Pike was sent home on a Maris single and collided with Hoplite catcher Bob O'Farrell who was blocking the plate.  When the dust settled, O'Farrell held the ball firmly for the out and Pike couldn't get up.

Pike is to miss 48 games with a leg injury.  It is expected that his platoon mate Billy Hamilton will roam center full time in his absence.

Sim 1C Complete

For Love of The Game Without an Owner

All - Fred has quit the league over concerns on how accurate the simulation is handling his players.  I will be actively trying to find another owner, but in the meantime I will be piloting the franchise

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun With Box Scores

Or, "how your left fielder becomes a catcher."  Maybe we should all carry three catchers like the DC Chips.

Earlier this season, the Sparta Hoplites found themselves in an awkward situation where they needed a catcher and had absolutely no one available for the role

Bob O'Farrell started behind the plate in their 3-2, 12 inning loss to the DC Chips (karma?).  With the game tied at two in the 7th, King Leonidas sent in the lefty Nick Johnson to face Dennis Eckersley.  The move had little effect in the game, but served as a warning to owners everywhere.

Johnson lined out to center for the second out, but the move put Chris Hoiles, the last catcher on the Hoplite bench, into the game with two innings to go.  As it turned it out, Hoiles actually provided three innings but the Hoplites ultimately needed five.

In the bottom of the 10th Hoiles was ejected from the game arguing called strikes.  Eckersley was in cruise control, with Hoiles being the second strike out victim in a beautiful run that saw the rightly strike out 7 of 9 batters in all.  Hoiles fouled off the first pitch and watched the next two bullets hit the corners for called strikes.  He argued, must  have said the magic word, and was unceremoniously tossed from the contest.

With the game knotted at two's, Leonidas turned to the left fielder Al Wingo who entered the game as a pinch hitter in the top of that same inning.  Wingo did more than hold his own, throwing out Lip Pike trying to take second and making a nifty through to first after dropping a swinging third strike past Deacon White.  It worked out fine, but just as easily could have been a disaster.

Gotta love box scores, truly one of magics of baseball no other sport can compete with.  Just ask Tim Kurkjian.

Injury Log Reminder

Especially for the new folks, don't forget to check the injury log to ensure one of your players hasn't gone down.  If your team did suffer and injury, you are allowed to submit a new lineup.

If a player is injured for 15 days or more you may place him on the disabled list and replace him.  This type of transaction, as with all transactions, are performed weekly on Sundays.

Date # Team Player         Cause Dur
4/5/2012  HH Musial         General 0
4/5/2012  URB Prim         General 0
4/6/2012  DB Allen         General 5
4/6/2012  HH ChJones         General 3
4/6/2012  WPM Mitchell General 5
4/7/2012  URB Rose         General 2
4/8/2012  GCG Childs         General 7
4/8/2012  WPM Kershaw         Rain    0
4/9/2012  DCC Bernhard General 0
4/9/2012  URB Sosa         General 1
4/9/2012  NPB Hammaker General 0
4/10/2012  JMF ChaJones General 4
4/10/2012  SPB Ewing         General 9
4/10/2012  D29 Webb         General 15

Great Feats

The tracking of Great Feats has begun!  This file will be updated at least weekly and can be found here, or linked to the right.

We've already had two 5-hit games (Ellsbury!), a 3-HR outburst, and a 12 K game by a doctor.

Sim Complete

Just a reminder on how things work

  • Sims will be posted each night after 8 PM
  • However, they may be run locally on my computer anytime after 12 PM earlier that same day
  • If you have lineup changes due to injury, you will need to drop me a note by noon to assure I get your changes in.
The standard weekly lineups are due every Sunday by 8 PM.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How You Make a Statement

Opening day featured some great baseball.  Whether you prefer Greg Maddux's 1-0 victory over Al Orth, or Barry Bonds' 3 HR and 5 RBI, or the incredible 5-run ninth by the Handbasket's, the most meaningful insight after 1 sim may not even team specific.

The AL East went 13-3 vs the AL West today, with Gold Country, Bertrand Island, DC, and Spanish  Harlem all sweeping their foes.  The owners of these four teams have the top-4 all time records in ATB history (granted for Gold Country that's just one season) and look to provide one of the best division races we've ever seen.  They may pound each other into similar looking 85-win teams, but they may also be playing in the best division of ATB.

The real beauty of it all though?  After Sim 2 it might look like a completely different story.

Sim 1A Complete

And we're off!

All results will always be posted under "League Result" links.

New Players

I am not certain that it is a record, but it sure seemed that way.  Thanks to a 24 team league owners drafted 86 new player-seasons this spring.  Here's their breakdown


Brent Mayne-1999
Buck Ewing-1890
Duke Sims-1968
Mike Napoli-2011
Pat Collins-1926
Yogi Berra-1956

First Base

Dale Alexander-1932
Gil Hodges-1954
Miguel Cabrera-2011
Nick Johnson-2006
Prince Fielder-2007
Wes Parker-1970

Second Base

Harold Reynolds-1987
Harold Reynolds-1989
Jim Viox-1913
Placido Polanco-2007

Third Base

Freddy Sanchez-2006
Ned Williamson-1884


Eddie Joost-1949
J.J. Hardy-2011
Marty Marion-1942
Mike Moynahan-1883
Rabbit Maranville-1921
Rey Ordonez-1999
Troy Tulowitzki-2011

Left Field

Bernard Gilkey-1996
Gary Sheffield-2000
Gene Woodling-1953
Matty McIntyre-1908
Ryan Braun-2011

Center Field

Carlos Beltran-2003
Fred Snodgrass-1910
Harry Walker-1947
Jacoby Ellsbury-2011
Jake Stenzel-1895
Jimmy Ryan-1888
Matt Kemp-2011

Right Field

Jim O'Rourke-1879
Jose Bautista-2011
Moises Alou-2000

Starting Pitcher

Bill Swift-1993
Cliff Lee-2011
Cole Hamels-2011
Danny MacFayden-1936
Dontrelle Willis-2005
Doug Drabek-1994
Eddie Plank-1908
Frank Arellanes-1909
Jeff D'Amico-2000
Jered Weaver-2011
Jerry Reuss-1980
John Denny-1984
Josh Beckett-2011
Justin Verlander-2011
Kid Nichols-1904
Larry Jansen-1950
Lefty Stewart-1930
Randy Johnson-2001
Roy Halladay-2011
Sam Leever-1903
Ted Lilly-2009
Tim Keefe-1880
Tom Seaver-1977
Wes Ferrell-193


Antonio Bastardo-2011
Arnie Stone-1924
Carlos Marmol-2008
Craig Kimbrel-2011
David Robertson-2011
Eric O'Flaherty-2011
George Sherrill-2007
Greg Holland-2011
Jeff Fassero-1993
Jonathan Broxton-2009
Josh Johnson-2011
Kevin Saucier-1981
Koji Uehara-2011
Mike Adams-2011
Randy Tomlin-1990
Sergio Romo-2011
Steve Bedrosian-1993
Steve Farr-1992
Tim Crabtree-1996
Tom Gordon-1998
Tyler Clippard-2011
Wilcy Moore-1927

Please note a few of these players had year changes and are not to be active in ATB XIV.  For instance, Cliff Lee was reveterd back to 2010.

Opening Day Probables

Lineups and rotations are in (almost all at least) and I am confident in projecting the following opening day matchups.

"A home opener is always exciting whether it's home or on the road."
-- Yogi Berra

Saginaw Slammers @ Otherton Fishbiscuits
Warren Hacker (15-9, 2.58) vs Addie Joss (24-11, 1.16)

Ee-Yah Orators @ Leesberg Snow
Pedro Martinez (18-6, 1.74) vs Cliff Lee (12-9, 3.18)

North Podunk Banana Bears @ Helena Handbasket
Kevin Millwood (18-7, 2.68) vs John Tudor (21-8, 1.93)

Spanish Harlem Pinata Beaters @ Planet 10 Red Lectroids
Babe Adams (17-10, 1.98) vs Cy Young (28-9, 2.08)

dogphin29 @ Willets Point "Mechanics"
Christy Mathewson (37-11, 1.43) vs Garland Braxton (13-11, 2.51)

DC CHips @ Sparta Hoplites
Bill Bernhard (18-5, 2.15) vs Kevin Brown (17-11, 1.89)

St Louis White Rats @ Rusty Kuntz Traveling All Stars
Greg Maddux (19-2, 1.63) vs Al Orth (20-12, 2.77)

Bertrand Island Carnie's @ For Love of the Game
Pete Alexander (31-10, 3.22) vs Walter Johnson (36-7, 1.14)

Team America World Police @ Brighton Shadows
Bill Swift (15-8, 2.70) vs Justin Verlander (24-5, 2.40)

Gold Country Gossamers @ Uncle Robbie's Daffiness Boys
Carl Hubbel (26-6, 2.31) vs Roger Clemens (21-7, 2.05)

New Orleans Thrill @ Downsouth Brews
Cole Hamels (14-9, 2.79) vs Gaylord Perry (24-16, 1.92)

Haven Tommyknockers @ John McDonald Fanclub
Cy Blanton (18-13, 2.58) vs Tiny Bonham (21-5, 2.27)

Twelve Questions: American League

  1. Bobby Murcer was a Gold Country Gossamers hero last season, anchoring the offense with stellar play all season long.  The Gossamers drafted Murcer again and have him slated to bat third behind John McGraw and Tris Speaker.  Is Murcer a legit #3 hitter?
  2. The Spanish Harlem Pinata Beaters chose to play their home games in 1961 LA Coliseum, an extreme homer happy park for right handers.  Batting 5th is none other than Mark McGwire.  How many home runs will McGwire hit?
  3. Widely viewed as a gaffe during the draft, the Bertrand Island Carnies selected Pete Alexander as the ace starter.  With an up and down ATB career, is Grover good enough to anchor a rotation?
  4. Incredibly, with expanded 28 man rosters, the DC Chips elected to carry only nine pitchers on the roster.  This was done so six of nine slots in the lineup can be platooned.  What will happen to the Chips pitching staff, especially in light of a suspect defense behind them?
  5. It all comes down the starting rotation for Team America World Police.  Lefty Grove, Robin Roberts, Lefty Gomez, and Satchel Paige are baseball legends but ATB questions marks.  Can ace Bill Swift lead this rotation to the playoffs?
  6. Historical baseball league?  Who cares about the past, or so says dogphin29.  With Cal Ripken, Jim Thome, Adrian Beltre, Paul O'Neill, Matt Kemp, Jorge Posada, Vlad Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, Prince Fielder, and Kevin Youkilis on offense, the past was largely neglected.  Can these current era greats hold their own against the rest of baseball history?
  7. Aside from wondering what exactly is a Red Lectroid, Planet 10 will need worry about the psyche of Joe DiMaggio all season.  Relegated to platoon duties versus lefties, how long will Cool Papa Bell keep him on the bench?
  8. Every year it happens and every year we get a chuckle out of it.  This season, the Willets Point "Mechanics" took a flier on the enigma known as Three Finger Brown.  Will an improved defense behind the righty prove to enable my favorite pitcher to be a viable ATB starter?
  9. The Sparta Hoplites mauled the competition, going 21-6 in spring training.  Is Sean's squad this good, or will the back end rotation of Zach Greinke and Stan Coveleski and an early round pick of Scott Rolen struggle enough to keep this squad out of the playoffs?
  10. For Love of the Game's lineup features prolific ATB home run hitters.  Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Rico Petrocelli, Hank Greenberg, Kevin Mitchell, and Alfonso Soriano average 47 home runs between them.  Interestingly, the team chose to play in a park arguably suppresses offense more than any other in history. Can these seemingly conflicting directions coincide for a successful season? (I bet ace Walter Johnson thinks so)
  11. With the 4th round selection of Justin Verlander, the Brighton Shadows passed over effective ATB starters such as Kevin Brown, Derek Lowe, Carl Hubbell, Tex Hughson and others.  Was this a reach, or will Verlander prove to be a legitimate ace?
  12. A few players will be in the hot seat commencing on opening day for Uncle Robbie's Daffiness Boys.  Hack Wilson, Don Mattingly, and Whitey Ford have each struggled in their ATB careers.  Add this to a bullpen of newly created players Craig Kimbrell, Eric O'Flaherty, Wilcy Moore, and Ray Prim and the team has at least 7 question marks to deal with.  How many of these seven will prove to be effective ATB starters?

NL Ballparks

All National League owners have now submitted their parks.  The NL looks to be slightly more of a hitters league than the AL, but nothing extraordinary. 

NL East Average (LH/RH)
1B - 98/100
2B - 97/99
3B - 86/88
HR - 128/122

NL West Average (LH/RH)
1B - 104/106
2B - 115/108
3B - 106/112
HR - 102/84

Overall AL Average (LH/RH)
1B - 101/103
2B - 106/103
3B - 96/100
HR - 115/103

Led by the Baker Bowl at 300, three teams are playing in parks that increase home runs by at least 30%  Connie Mack Stadium and Busch Stadium favor left handed home runs only.  In contrast, League Park and Fenway Park supress home runs by 60% and 80% respectively.  Full details here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twelve Questions: National League

Random musings for the National League teams...
  1. With Ross Barnes, Willie Stargell, Dan Brouthers and company playing half their games in a batters park, the New Orleans Thrill should have no trouble scoring runs.  However, is Cole Hamels a viable ace and can the average durability starters Ted Lilly and Andy Pettitte hole up under the rigors of a 4-man rotation?
  2. St Louis White Rats offer a balanced attack and look to have both a good offense and defense.  With a park factor for singles of 108, it may simply be too much for the back end of the rotation to overcome.  Will Vida Blue and especially Johnny Allen be exposed?
  3. The Ee-Yah Orators have plenty of top of the line household names - King Kelly, Hughie Jennings, and Pedro Martinez to name a few.  But they gambled with many unproven starters early in the draft and if two of the three don't pan out it may be a long season.  How good are Larry Doby, Josh Hamilton, and Cap Anson (as lead-off, third and fourth hitters)?
  4. Defense is now a proven weapon in ATB.  The Haven Tommyknockers eschewed this ideal and went all offense with very little defense.  Will their poor defense ruin their pitching staff?
  5. The North Podunk Banana Bears feature 4-5-6 batters that combined for 133 real life home runs.  Reggie Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr, and Jim Gentile will hit their fair share of long balls, but will their expected poor batting average and on-base percentage snuff out the offense?
  6. Jason Seeley took over the franchise in mid daft as Brad H disappeared without a trace.  Left with questionable early round picks, Jason is gambling a bit and trying a new 1977 Tom Seaver year.  Will this change be enough for the Saginaw Slammers to compete for a wild card?
  7. The Downsouth Brews have always love power and this season is no different.  However, is Gaylord Perry a legit #1 starter and is Francisco Rodriguez good enough to closer every day?
  8. The Otherton Fishbiscuits easily sport the best defense in the game, with all positions fielding Excellent range and averaging a 57 error rate.  This came at a high cost though, will their team OPS crack .700?
  9. John McDonald Fanclub drafted great hitters such as Mickey Mantle, Buck Leonard, and Mickey Cochrane.  They skimped on the pitch staff and mistakenly drafted Ben Sanders in Round 12.  They further went with another 1800s pitcher in Tim Keefe seven rounds later.  Will their reliance on 1800s pitchers work?
  10. After a one year hiatus, Jay H is back with Leesberg Snow.  Will the newly created Jacoby Elsbury, a 6th round choice, end up being a viable lead off hitter?
  11. For the first time every (thank you very much 79 resims) a team needs to rely on Nomar Garciaparra and Andy Vanslyke as full time players.  Can Helena Handbasket win despite this potential lack of offense?
  12. The Rusty Kuntz Traveling All Stars haven't submitted a lineup yet, and it's difficult to tell their exact intentions.  However, it does appear Candy Nelson will be given a starting job and one can't help but wonder if the average defending slap hitter is worth a sixth round choice?  Especially considering the 1800s reset.

American League Parks

All American League owners have now submitted their parks and contrary to general public opinion, while favoring pitchers (mostly spread by me!), they are no means out of the norm with past ATB seasons.

AL East Average (LH/RH)
1B - 99/99
2B - 100/99
3B - 97/87
HR - 90/106

AL West Average (LH/RH)
1B - 99/97
2B - 104/97
3B - 109/94
HR - 83/80

Overall AL Average (LH/RH)
1B - 99/98
2B - 102/97
3B - 103/90
HR - 86/93

Games will be played in three extreme pitchers parks (Redland Field, Cleveland Municipal, and Braves Stadium) while homers will be flying out of the Polo Grounds, LA Coliseum, and Tiger Stadium.  Full details here.

Several NL owners are still meticulously pouring over data in hopes of selecting the ideal park that will exploit their team's advantages.  Once they announce we'll peak at their data too.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Final Exhibition Standings

Last round of games posted.

21 - 6: Sean S
18 - 9: Jeff B
17 - 8: Lou P
17 - 8: Justin B
17 - 10: Paulie N
16 - 9: Justin P
16 - 11: Matt B
15 - 10: Fred B
14 - 11: TJ O
13 - 10: Brian B
12 - 13: Ivar A
13 - 15: Brad H
12 - 15: Allen C
11 - 14: Steve C
11 - 14: Shotgun S
11 - 14: Joe V
11 - 14: Brad P
10 - 13: Joe T
9 - 16: Mike S
9 - 16: Jay H
9 - 16: Jason S
8 - 15: Michael G
8 - 20: Jason B
7 - 16: Dave K

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exhibition Update

Updated.  Box scores. One more set tomorrow and then we are through.

17 - 4: Sean S
14 - 7: Paulie N
14 - 7: Matt B
14 - 7: Jeff B
13 - 6: Justin B
12 - 7: Justin P
11 - 6: Brian B
11 - 8: Lou P
11 - 8: Fred B
11 - 8: TJ O
10 - 9: Ivar A
9 - 10: Joe V
10 - 11: Allen C
8 - 11: Steve C
8 - 11: Shotgun S
8 - 11: Jason S
10 - 13: Brad H
7 - 11: Brad P
7 - 11: Michael G
6 - 11: Joe T
6 - 12: Mike S
6 - 13: Jay H
4 - 13: Dave K
6 - 16: Jason B

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reviewing the New Players

As of the end of play today, we've completed approximately 25% of season. It's still too early to make definitive claims on the success of the new players, but at the same time, owners definitely have a feel for their potential return on investment.

For instance, the most intriguing pick on draft day was of course, Ross Barnes. The Londonderry Machine drafted the Ex fielding second basemen in the first round and he has excelled, batting .336 / .407 / .450 with 7 doubles and 5 triples.

Contrast this success story with that of the Bridgewater Brazen Beanballers. They jumped on starting pitching relatively early, relying on two 1800s pitchers Denny Driscoll and Candy Cummings. The two have combined for an awful line: 30 IP, 50 H, 18 BB, 11 K, 9.50 ERA.

Incredibly the Beanballers drafted 13 new players this season and most of them are panning out. 3rd rounder Mike Schmidt now has a .335 OBP and 9 HR and they've received tremendous value from their 12th and 13th round picks, Lipe Pike and George Wright. Pike is batting .353 / .384 / .453 and Wright .336 / .354 / .500. Or how about Henry Gruber, a 21st round selection installed as their 4th starter - he's appeared in 8 games, 4 of them starts, and compiled a great 3.23 ERA.

The Hathsin Survivors have also been very lucky, receiving great return on 5 players:

6th rd - Cal McVey - .333 / .365 / .423
7th rd - George Hall - .391 / .444 / .667
25th rd - Ed Swartwood - .322 / .375 / .475


9th Rd - Jim Devlin - 13 IP, 1.38 ERA
10th Rd - Goose Gossage - 29 IP, 3.10 ERA

Elsewhere, there have been a host of stellar pitchers:

0.57 ERA - Luke Gregerson (JMF), Rd 20
0.64 ERA - Mike Myers (GCG), Rd 23
1.08 ERA - Joaqin Benoit (WPM), Rd 13
1.42 ERA - Pud Galvin (DC), Rd 24
2.70 ERA - Henry Boyle (JMF), Rd 26
2.76 ERA - Steve Howe (GCG), Rd 15

Here's the complete list of results for all the new players.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Billy Martin Announces Lineups and Rotation

February 19, 2012

Fred B shocked the baseball world today, announcing that 5-time Yankee manager Billy Martin would be the 3-time manager for his team, "For Love of the Game".  Fred explained, "In our rookie ATB campaign we expect to hit some road blocks.  After our first 3 game winning streak, Martin will be fired, then re-hired between 24-48 hours later.  We further expect that Rube Waddell will be of particular strain on Martin, and when that relationship becomes untenable after Waddell wanders off the field for he 4th time in two games, Martin will be fired for 3 days and then brought back a week later.

"Finally, the odds of us winning a playoff birth are rather small in a 24-team league, and Martin will be fired in early September as a wake up call to our power hitters.  Of course, Martin will be brought back in late September for the drive for the pennant."

Martin said he "agreed with the approach" and wouldn't mind a July vacation as well.  He went on to announce his lineup and starting five:

1: Collins         2b
2: Galan           lf
3: Robinson        rf
4: Greenberg       1b
5: Mays            cf
6: Mitchell        dh
7: Petrocelli      ss
8: Santo           3b
9: Hartnett        c

1 - Walter Johnson
2 - Rube Waddell
3 - Derek Lowe
4 - Teddy Higuera
5 - Bucky Walters

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Updated Exhibition Standings

These latest 5 use the lineups submitted through 7 PM Saturday.

Box scores

13 - 3: Sean S
12 - 4: Jeff B
11 - 5: Paulie N
11 - 5: Matt B
10 - 4: Lou P
9 - 5: Justin B
9 - 5: Justin P
9 - 5: Fred B
8 - 6: Ivar A
8 - 6: TJ O
7 - 7: Jason S
6 - 6: Brian B
7 - 9: Allen C
6 - 8: Shotgun S
6 - 8: Joe V
5 - 7: Joe T
7 - 10: Brad H
5 - 9: Steve C
5 - 9: Brad P
4 - 8: Michael G
4 - 10: Mike S
4 - 10: Jay H
3 - 9: Dave K
4 - 13: Jason B

Pop Fisher Announces Lineups and Rotations

North Podunk
February 12, 2012

"You know my mama wanted me to be a farmer", was how Pop Fisher opened the press conference to announce his teams starting lineups and rotations for the upcoming season.  Fisher is widely known for almost cutting "the best god damn hitter he ever saw" and arguably the best hitter ever, Roy Hobbs.  Coaxed out of retirement by North Podunk owner Mike G, Fisher said he was "excited at the chance to manage Shoeless Joe".

He went on to say that no, he "doesn't have a problem with Rickey speaking in the third person" and that no, he "hasn't the foggiest idea what a Banana Bear is, but he's sure someone will tell him".  When pushed on how difficult it might be to manage the ego's of Henderson, George Brett, Joe Morgan, Reggie Jackson, and Dwight Gooden, he thought "with the help of the right hypnotist" he could ensure that losing would not become a disease.

He does  plan on giving Red Blow a call to "see if he might want to be his bench coach."

His proposed rotation and lineup:

1- Kevin Millwood
2- Harry Brecheen
3- Joe Wood
4- Atlee Hammacker
5- Dwight Gooden

1: Henderson       lf
2: Morgan          2b
3: Brett           3b
4: Jackson         dh
5: GriffeyJr       cf
6: Gentile         1b
7: Strawberry      rf
8: Burgess         c
9: Glasscock       ss

Roger Craig Announces Lineups and Rotations

In a phone interview with Roger Craig, whereabouts currently unknown, the former San Francisco Giant manager talked about his team chances.  Beloved by the MLB baseball Giant faithful for bringing them their first pennant in almost 30 years in 1989, he implied that the decision to bat Ross Barnes lead-off was final and that he would 'work with' ownership on their belief Ted Lilly is a number two starter.

"With Mariano Rivera, Joe Neale, and Bruce Sutter it hardly matters how deep Lilly goes anyway", was how Craig closed the subject.  While still tinkering, he projects his main lineup to be:

1: Barnes          2b
2: McVey           cf
3: Brouthers       1b
4: Schmidt         3b
5: Stargell        dh
6: Smith           rf
7: Campanella      c
8: Gonzalez        lf
9: Wright          ss

He also announced a lefty laden rotation of Cole Hamels, Ted Lilly, Scott Stratton, and Andy Pettitte.  Owner Brad P declined to speak with us for this story.

Breaking News- Seeley Owners Split Up!

Newark, NJ

Citing Philosophical differences, The Newark Slam Dump owners Jason and Sean Seeley have parted ways.  Sean has kept the Slam Dump franchise, moving the team 40 miles west to Sparta, NJ.  Meanwhile, Jason has purchased the franchise owned by Brad Harris, but has not made a decision on where the franchise will be located.  Rumors are he will rehire the Saginaw Slammer staff and move operations there.

Sean Seeley has renamed the franchise the Hoplites and also hired a rookie manager, King Leonidas (no relation to the actual former king of Sparta).  King has penciled in the tentative lineup below for the upcoming 2012 season.  Leonidas mentions in his press conference that the catcher position has still yet to be decided by he will make his final decision when spring training concludes.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson RF
Ed Delahantey LF
Babe Herman DH
Derrek Lee 1B
Arky Vaughn SS
Red Schoendeist 2B
Cy Seymour CF
Scott Rolen 3B
Bob O'Farrell/Chris Hoiles C

Leonidas also says in his press conference he has names Kevin Brown as the opening day starter.  Here is the rotation as it stands.

Kevin Brown
Mort Cooper
Bobby Shantz
Zack Grenkie
Stan Coveleski

(Thanks Sean for the writeup!)

Jimmy Dugan announces Lineups and Rotations

Bertrand Island
February 18, 2012

The following is a partial transcript of the Jimmy Dugan press conference, where he was purportedly to announce the Bertrand Island Carnies starting lineups and rotation.

Dugan (entering room): All right, everyone, let's listen up now, listen up.... Something important has just happened. I was in the toilet reading my contract, and it turns out, I get a bonus when we get to the World Series. So, we're gonna play hard, play smart, and use our heads.

Reporter:  Jimmy!  You've widely acknowledged your love of spirits, will that impact your decisions on the field?
Dugan: It was made very clear to me what I'm supposed to do here. I smile, wave my little hat... I'll do that, so when do I get paid?

Reporter: What do yo think of some of your new ballplayers... Jerry Ruess, Arnie Stone, and Dale Alexander.
Dugan: Ballplayers. I don't have ballplayers, I've got... Carnies. Carnies are what you sleep with after the game, not, not what you coach during the game.

Reporter: Jimmy, you're obviously drunk right now.  
Dugan:  Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a penis with a little hat on?

Owner Lou P (walking out with Dugan): Uh, great interview Jimmy, I especially liked that move towards the end when you scratched your balls for an hour. 
Dugan: Well, anything worth doing is worth doing right

Little Boy: [Exiting the press room, Jimmy has just signed a baseball for a little boy, who reads] Avoid the clap, Jimmy Dugan. 
Jimmy Dugan: Hey, that's good advice! 

The Carnies later published their starting 9 and 5-man rotation:

1: Shaffer         rf
2: Carroll         c
3: Cobb            cf
4: Swartwood       dh
5: Baker           3b
6: Mize            1b
7: Zobrist         2b
8: Gore            lf
9: Smith           ss

1 - Pete Alexander
2 - Jason Schmidt
3 - Curt Schilling
4 - Danny Haren
4 - Jerry Reuss

Casey Stengel Announces Lineups and Rotation

February 18, 2012

The Downsouth Brews released two major announcements today.  First, Casey Stengel, who piloted the early 1960s New York Mets to a 175-404 (.302 Wpct) record, will take over manager duties for the Downsouth Brews.  The Brews have struggled of late, compiling their own sub-.400 Wpct with a record of 176-310.

Owner Allen C, at the press interview, said, "Casey has been through this before and he knows how to handle these situations.  I have full confidence."  Stengel soon jumped in, "Been in this game one-hundred years, but I see new ways to lose 'em I never knew existed before."

Visibly uncomfortable, Allen stared at Stengel in amazement, before the manager quickly went on.  "If we're going to win the pennant, we've got to start thinking we're not as good as we think we are. The Mets, er, the Brews are gonna be amazing."

The Brews Lineup:

1: Suzuki          rf
2: Jeter           ss
3: Kaline          dh
4: Foxx            1b
5: Cano            2b
6: Dickey          c
7: Sheffield       lf
8: Allen           3b
9: Dawson          cf

Stengel decided upon a 4-man rotation consisting of Gaylord Perry, Kid Nichols, Juan Marichal, and Bert Blyleven.

John McGraw Announces Lineups and Rotation

February 18, 2012

"In playing or managing, the game of ball is only fun for me when I'm out in front and winning. I don't give a hill of beans for the rest of the game."  And so began John McGraw's opening remarks as the new manager for Joe T's Helena Handbasket.

McGraw was known to take risks with his NY Giant squad, and he appears headed down the same path with Helena.  Hank Aguirre and Cliff Melton are "sharing" ace duties, taking turns between then when the number one slot in the rotation comes up.  After the aces, McGraw is going with Juan Guzman, John Tudor, Joel Horlen, and Dolf Luque.

His lineup:

1: ChJones         3b
2: Fox             2b
3: Musial          rf
4: Heilmann        dh
5: McCovey         1b
6: Medwick         lf
7: Garciaparra     ss
8: VanSlyke        cf
9: Porter          c

Asked about having to face Honus Wagner again, McGraw responed, ""He is the nearest thing to a perfect player no matter where his manager chose to play him. The way to get a ball past him is to hit it eight feet over his head,"

Larussa Announces Lineups and Rotation

(reprint for obvious factual errors)

February 18, 2012

Late Friday afternoon an irritable Tony LaRussa, manager of the Team America World Police, briefly spoke to the media about his new role as club manager.  Having won 6 World Series in MLB, LaRussa took the job in hopes of giving his lifelong friend and World Police owner Joe V, a title in his first ATB season.

LaRussa promised a conventional approach to handling the team this season and his probably opening day lineups backed this up:

1: Kauff           cf
2: Frisch          2b
3: Cash            1b
4: Ott             rf
5: Simmons         lf
6: Votto           dh
7: Mauer           c
8: Trammell        ss
9: Molitor         3b

LaRussa added that the rotation would consist of Satchel Paige, Lefty Grove, Robin Roberts, Lefty Gomez, and Billy Swift.

Joe Gordon Announces Lineups and Rotation

Willets Point
February 18, 2012

Player/Manager Flash Gordon got right down to business Friday afternoon, announcing his lineup and starting five with little fanfare or hoopla. The recently inducted MLB Hall of Famer had much experience with the dual role in his professional ball days, and said he was excited by the prospects of seeing Johnny Bench work from behind the plate.

1: Jethroe         dh
2: O'Neill,T       lf
3: Helton          1b
4: Walker          rf
5: HJohnson        3b
6: Lynn            cf
7: Bench           c
8: Tulowitzki      ss
9: Gordon          2b

When asked about whether 3-Finger Brown would make the rotation out of spring, he declined to commit, but did say, "If anyone short two fingers could pitch in this game, it would be Mordecai."  He is projecting that Braxton, Mitchell, Cicotte, and Kershaw to go one through four.

Connie Mack Announces Lineups and Rotations

John McDonald
February 18, 2012

Early this morning Mr. Mack quietly entered the media room, a silence quickly spreading throughout the ranks of newspapermen, TV reporters, and radio crews.  The all time great was not expected to manage the Fanclub, and last weeks announcement of his intentions to do just that was a great boon for owner Jason B, coming off a lackluster 81-81 season.  As it turned out, Mack simply couldn't stay away from the opportunity see the Commerce Comet, Mickey Mantle himself, on a day in and day out basis for 6 months.

As expected, in typical form Mack immediately got caught up in the thrill of what might be, speculating what Mantle could sell for.  "If all goes well, Mantle, he's last years MVP as you know, will be in the hunt for the batting title come August, perhaps leading both leagues in RBI as well.  If that happens, well, I can make Jason a tidy profit, selling Mick for, oh, 40 million."

As an afterthought, Mack said Mantle would be batting third and announced the rest of his lineups and rotation:

1: Hall            rf
2: Cochrane        c
3: Mantle          cf
4: Belle           dh
5: Yastrzemski     lf
6: Leonard         1b
7: Carew           2b
8: Sewell          ss
9: Robinson        3b

It has since been confirmed that Jason shuddered visibly when Mack mentioned that George Hall would play the field.

With only two starters drafted, Mack wouldn't comment on his rotation, grumbling that, "Sanders was washed up", and "at 6 foot 2, why do they call him Tiny?"

Whitey Herzog Announces Lineups and Rotations

Gold Country
February 18, 2012

"Whiteyball is pure baseball, and I'll not play another way", so said Gold Country Manager Whitey Herzog as he sat down to face reporters Friday afternoon.  "Pitching, defense, and speed wins baseball games.  I intend to pilot the Gossamers to the ATB title, we'll get on base and beat em with fundamentals."

Herzog went on to announce his starting lineups and rotation

1: McGraw,J        3b
2: Speaker         cf
3: Murcer          dh
4: Connor          1b
5: Kelley          rf
6: Childs          2b
7: Schang          c
8: Reiser          lf
9: Dahlen          ss

Interestingly, the quirky Herzog added that Cupid Childs is the starting second basemen versus lefties as well, but curiously added Frank Fennely would get 95% of the starts.

His rotation:  Hubbell, Hughson, Jenkings, Roe, and Hutchinson

Friday, February 17, 2012

Exhibition Standings Update

My plan, subject to change is 5 more games tomorrow and then two more 5 game sets again after the draft is complete.  I will not be available Monday through Wednesday so after tomorrow next exhibition will be middle of next week.

Top of the page has the exhibition results links.

10 - 1: Sean S
8 - 3: Matt B
8 - 3: Paulie N
7 - 4: Jeff B
6 - 3: TJ O
6 - 3: Lou P
6 - 3: Justin P
6 - 3: Ivar A
5 - 4: Justin B
5 - 4: Fred B
4 - 5: Shotgun S
4 - 5: Mike S
4 - 5: Joe V
4 - 5: Jason S
4 - 5: Brad P
3 - 4: Brian B
5 - 7: Brad H
4 - 7: Allen C
3 - 6: Steve C
2 - 5: Michael G
2 - 5: Joe T
2 - 5: Dave K
2 - 7: Jay H
2 - 10: Jason B

Exhibition Standings Update

6 - 0: Sean S
5 - 1: Jeff B
4 - 2: Paulie N
4 - 2: Matt B
3 - 1: Lou P
3 - 1: Ivar A
3 - 1: Fred B
2 - 2: TJ O
2 - 2: Steve C
2 - 2: Mike S
2 - 2: Justin P
2 - 2: Joe V
2 - 2: Jason S
2 - 2: Brad P
1 - 1: Michael G
1 - 1: Joe T
1 - 1: Dave K
3 - 4: Brad H
1 - 3: Shotgun S
1 - 3: Justin B
0 - 2: Brian B
1 - 5: Allen C
0 - 4: Jay H
1 - 6: Jason B

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exhbition Standings - 2/15

4 - 0: Sean S
3 - 1: Matt B
3 - 1: Jeff B
2 - 0: Mike S
2 - 0: Lou P
2 - 2: Paulie N
1 - 1: TJ O
1 - 1: Steve C
1 - 1: Justin B
1 - 1: Joe V
1 - 1: Jason S
1 - 1: Ivar A
1 - 1: Fred B
1 - 1: Brad P
2 - 3: Brad H
1 - 3: Allen C
0 - 2: Shotgun S
0 - 2: Justin P
0 - 2: Jay H
1 - 4: Jason B

Outfield Arm Study

An owner asked about the impact of Outfielder Arms.  There was an inconclusive study from a few years ago:

In a fictional league where the average team scored 870 runs, here was the impact from changing all OF arms:

902 R - 3 Pr Arms
890 R - 3 Fr Arms
870 R - 3 Av Arms
857 R - 3 Vg Arms
848 R - 3 Ex Arms

The study breaks down when you start looking at individual positions.  Changing the arm of one singlle player had a basically random effect.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exhibition Standings Update

1 - 0: Sean S
1 - 0: Paulie N
1 - 0: Matt B
1 - 0: Allen C
0 - 2: Brad H
0 - 1: Jeff B
0 - 1: Jason B

Top of the Blog has the link to the exhibition results.  This may get quite unwieldy with 24 teams, we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Team Defense

We've all recognized how much more competitive and challenging the draft has been this year.  Between the 79 resims, the 1800s reset, and the focus an defense, great value picks have been hard to come by.  The last reason is where I want to focus today.  I've added defensive ratings to the roster grid to see how much teams are actually prioritizing overall defense, or whether or it simply appears that way.

The findings are quite interesting.  While this has most certainly has been a defensive minded draft, not all owners have taken to theory.  Below is my rough analysis of which teams have attempted to put a premium on the defender and which have ignored them.

(5 Points for Great defenders, 3 for a very good one, 1 for a good one.  Plus 1.5 points for Ex armed catcher and 1 point for Vg catcher)

There is quite a bit of subjectivity here.  For example, I considered a Av/50 infielder roughly the same as a Vg/110 one, or an Ex/110 is about the same as a Vg/60.

Opening Day Matchups

With opening day a just a few short weeks ahead we can predict our Game 1 probable starters for the majority of home openers.  First line below contains real life stats, second line is ATB historical.

Brad H @ Brian B
Sandy Koufax vs Addie Joss
(26-8, 2.04) vs (24-11, 1.16)
(7-18, 6.02) vs (11-12, 3.80)

Mike S @ Jay H
Pedro Martinez vs Cliff Lee
(18-6, 1.74) vs (17-8, 2.40)
(18-7, 2.70) vs (never used)

Mike G @ Joe T
Kevin Millwood vs John Tudor
(18-7, 2.68) vs (21-8, 1.93)
(9-7, 4.16) vs (7-9, 4.03)

Justin P @ Ivar A
Babe Adams vs Cy Young
(17-10, 1.98) vs (28-9, 2.08)
( 13-10, 3.93) vs (9-12, 4.15)

Jason S @ Matt B
Randy Johnson vs Garland Braxton
(21-6, 2.49) vs (13-11, 2.51)
(Never Used) vs (11-9, 3.77)

Steve C @ Sean S
Bill Bernhard vs Kevin Brown
(18-5, 2.15) vs (17-11, 1.89)
(12-7, 3.68) vs (10-10, 3.95)

Jeff B @ Shotgun S
Greg Maddux vs Al Orth
(19-2, 1.63) vs (20-12, 2.77)
(17-7, 2.77) vs (12-10, 3.80)

Lou P @ Fred B
Pete Alexander vs Walter Johnson
(31-10, 3.22) vs (36-7, 1.14)
(13-12, 4.11) vs (12-12, 3.78)

Joe V @ Dave K
Bill Swift vs Justin Verlander
(15-8, 2.70) vs (24-5, 2.40)
(1-4, 7.99) vs (Never Played)

Justin B @ Paulie N
Carl Hubbel vs Roger Clemens
(26-6, 2.31) vs (21-7, 2.05)
(Never Played) vs (11-12, 3.80)

Both Starters Not Determined
Brad P @ Allen C
TJ O @ Jason B

Sim Schedule

Our season schedule has been posted - link to the right and here.

Season start date is Sunday, February 26.  There is a chance this might be pushed out a week, as I will not be available much the week leading up to opening day.  The volume of new players and handling of owner submitted lineups might be too much to accomplish in a few days after the draft ends (Feb 21st).  We'll give it a shot though.

In a nutshell.

  • Lineups due every Sunday by 8PM except the first week.  First week they are due by Saturday 8 PM.
  • I sim 2-3 games per night on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • The process starts again
We have a 12-week regular season, ending on May 18th.  The playoffs start that Sunday, May 20th and run 3-weeks, ending the first week in June.

Of course, I will not be able to post sims 5 days a week for 12 weeks without missing a night.  When occasions like that do occur, I will catch up on the sims the next night.  (If I miss 3 games on Monday, 6 Games will be run on Tuesday). 

Playoffs are simmed 1 game per series per night only.

Regular season lineup changes are permissible during the week only if an injury has occurring.  If one has occurred, you can change any part of your lineup.  

Playoff lineup changes can be made for each game.

Any questions let me know!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Battle of the Division Exhibition

Combined all players from each division into a single team.  Turned the AI loose and simmed 12 games per team.

Stats here.

8-4: NL West
6-6: AL East
6-6: NL East
4-8: AL West

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Party is Over

Just a reminder that beginning tomorrow the draft timeslots will be 10 minutes instead of 30.  This will continue through the end of the draft.  Everyone will have between 2-4 picks each day.

I also added a new tab called "Drafted Players".  It simply lists all selections in the order they were taken in one spot.  Will be useful if you want to copy and paste into your own excel sheets.

The Barnstormers

In what surely will go down as the best kept secret of the 21st century, the four top draft picks of ATB XIV organized a barnstorming league, playing twelve charity contests across the country.

Pedro's Bullets and Barry's Longballers each went 4-2, while Babe's Babe's and Mick's Commets finished 2-4.  The best game of the bunch was a 14-12 Longballer win over the Babe's. Nobody pitched well, as the offenses combined for 33 hits, 6 of them home runs.  Mel Ott had 5 RBI for Barry's team while Ty Cobb smacked 3 hits for Ruth's.  The game ended when Nap Lajoie and Oscar Charleston each smacked run scoring singled in the Top of the 10th.

The highlight of the game though, was the mayhem and madness than ensued in the 8th.  Down 6-4, the Longballers scored four runs speared by an Ott 2-run double.  Not to be outdone, Ruth's squad came back with five of their own in the bottom half of the inning.  After a lead off Ruth homer, Cobb later cleared the bases  with a 3-run triple.

All the box scores and stats can be found here.  Some quick items of interest I found:

  • Jesse Burkett batted .500 (10-20)
  • Ted WIlliams hit 5 HR and 10 RBI
  • Joe Morgan stole 5 bases
  • Pitching in general took a hit, with an average league ERA of 4.75.  This can be expected as only the great batters have been drafted so far
  • Randy Johnson had a great game, 9 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 11K
  • So did Pedro, Maddux, Orth, Braxton, Young, Tannehill, and Blanton
  • Just about every one else got shelled.
Enjoy!  Please note that obviously these stats are absolutely meaningless and purely for our own amusement.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

List of Player Corrections

  • Fred Carroll 1889 now as an Av catcher arm instead of no rating
  • Charles Johnson 1997 is now Av/1 at Catcher instead of Av/12.  Catcher arm remains Vg
  • Chase Utley 2007 is now Ex/84 at 2b instead of Av/84
  • Adrian Gonzalez 2009 is now Ex/56 instead of Av/56
  • Roger Clemens 1986 had no fielding rating at pitcher, he is now Av/135
  • Nels Potter 1945 was listed as a Pr fielding pitcher, he is now Av
  • Fergie Jenkins 1971 had no fielding rating as pitcher, he is now Av/179
  • Mordecai Brown 1908 had no fielding rating as pitcher, he is now Av/1
  • 2011 Miguel Cabrera now Fr/157 range at 1B, down from Av/157
  • 1914 Eddie Collins is now Iron Man and Ex/61 at defense instead of Ex/59
  • 2001 Luis Gonzalez fielding now Ex/1 from Ex/20
  • 2007 Alex Rodriguez fielding now Vg/70 from Av/130
  • 1933 Chuck Klein now Iron Man
  • 1912 Joe Jackson no Ex/119 instead of Ex/85
  • All Ken Griffey Jr years are now Vg range.  In 1993 he is now Vg/54 in CF instead of Ex/100 
  • 1884 Orator Shaffer  is now Ex/105 and not Ex/82
  • 1948 Stan Musial is now Av/75 in RF instead of Fr/75
  • 1908 Christy Mathewson now has a Vg Durability instead of Av
  • Ack.  Found the season disk that proved Grffey was in fax an Ex range defender.  Officially Ex in every year and Ex/54 in 1993.
  • Pitchers Range and Error rates will be updated as I see mistakes.  These ratings have never been entirely accurate, as studies have shown DMB doesn't really pay much attention to them.  Especially the ranges. I am not going to post every correction in this thread.
  • 1930 Wood English has a 68 error rating at SS, not 8
  • 1913 Miller Huggins is now Vg/58 instead of Vg/500
  • 2008 and 2010 Josh Hamilton OF Arm now Ex instead of Av

And a special thanks to Dave and Fred who have found almost all of these. Thanks!
This list will be updated as needed

An Exercise Meant to Depress

In the hopes that misery loves company, I thought I would post the general differences in where players are going from this year versus last year.

The reasons are three fold
- There are 6 more teams this year, meaning each round is longer of course.
- The new resims added a lot of clarity
- In a league steadily increasing the value put on defense, the Gossamer's drove the point home last year with a great team

Anyway you slice it though, the options presented to owners each round are simply not as good as they were a year ago, forcing us to draft players not as good as we're used to.

Below is a quick summary of what I mean.  Each player drafted so far is categorized into groupings of how much earlier they have been taken this year.

Players Taken in the Same Round Each Year
Allen C - Jimmie Foxx(Rd1)
Brad H - Oscar Charleston(Rd1)
Brad P - Ross Barnes(Rd1)
Brad P - Dan Brouthers(Rd2)
Brad P - Mike Schmidt(Rd3)
Brian B - Honus Wagner(Rd1)
Dave K - Barry Bonds(Rd1)
Dave K - Jason Giambi(Rd3)
Fred B - Eddie Collins(Rd2)
Ivar A - Jeff Bagwell(Rd2)
Jason B - Mickey Mantle(Rd1)
Jay H - Rogers Hornsby(Rd1)
Jeff B - Greg Maddux(Rd1)
Joe T - Willie McCovey(Rd2)
Joe T - Harry Heilmann(Rd3)
Joe T - Chipper Jones(Rd4)
Joe V - Norm Cash(Rd1)
Justin B - John McGraw(Rd2)
Justin P - Mark McGwire(Rd2)
Lou P - Ty Cobb(Rd1)
Matt B - Tip O'Neill(Rd1)
Michael G - Rickey Henderson(Rd3)
Mike S - Pedro Martinez(Rd1)
Mike S - King Kelly(Rd2)
Mike S - Hughie Jennings(Rd3)
Sean S - Joe Jackson(Rd2)
Shotgun S - Ted Williams(Rd1)
Shotgun S - Al Orth(Rd3)
Steve C - Babe Ruth(Rd1)
Steve C - Billy Hamilton(Rd3)
TJ O - Lou Gehrig(Rd1)

Players Taken 1-2 Rounds Earlier This Year
Allen C - Bill Dickey(Rd2)
Allen C - Dick Allen(Rd3)
Brad H - Sandy Koufax(Rd2)
Brian B - Addie Joss(Rd2)
Brian B - Jesse Tannehill(Rd3)
Brian B - Dizzy Dean(Rd4)
Dave K - Pop Lloyd(Rd2)
Fred B - Walter Johnson(Rd1)
Ivar A - Joe DiMaggio(Rd1)
Jason B - Mickey Cochrane(Rd3)
Jason S - Randy Johnson(Rd1)
Jason S - Christy Mathewson(Rd2)
Jay H - Al Rosen(Rd2)
Jeff B - Josh Gibson(Rd2)
Jeff B - Duke Snider(Rd3)
Joe T - Stan Musial(Rd1)
Joe V - Benny Kauff(Rd3)
Joe V - Al Simmons(Rd4)
Justin B - Tris Speaker(Rd1)
Justin P - Fred Dunlap(Rd1)
Justin p - Babe Adams(Rd3)
Justin P - Jesse Burkett(Rd4)
Lou P - Frank Baker(Rd3)
Matt B - Garland Braxton(Rd3)
Michael G - George Brett(Rd1)
Michael G - Joe Morgan(Rd2)
Paulie N - Nap Lajoie(Rd1)
Paulie N - Lou Boudreau(Rd2)
Paulie N - Roger Clemens(Rd4)
Sean S - Arky Vaughan(Rd1)
Sean S - Ed Delahanty(Rd3)
Steve C - Bill Bernhard(Rd2)
TJ O - Cy Blanton(Rd2)
TJ O - Eddie Mathews(Rd3)

Players taken 3-5 Rounds Earlier
3 Earlier - Luis Gonzalez(Rd4)-Brad P
3 Earlier - Frank Robinson(Rd4)-fred b
3 Earlier - Buck Leonard(Rd2)-Jason B
3 Earlier - Mel Ott(Rd2)-Joe V
3 Earlier - Ken Griffey Jr(Rd4)-Michael G
3 Earlier - Cy Seymour(Rd4)-Sean S
4 Earlier - Willie Mays(Rd3)-Fred B
4 Earlier - Pete Alexander(Rd4)-Lou P
4 Earlier - Fred Lynn(Rd4)-Matt B
4 Earlier - Wade Boggs(Rd4)-Shotgun S
5 Earlier - Jackie Robinson(Rd3)-Jason S

Players taken 6-9 Rounds Earlier
6 Earlier - Cal Ripken(Rd4)-Jason S
6 Earlier - Cupid Childs(Rd3)-Justin B
8 Earlier - Alex Rodriguez(Rd4)-Ivar A
9 Earlier - Sammy Sosa(Rd3)-Paulie N

Players Taken 10 or More Rounds Earlier (we're only in Rd 4!)

11 Earlier - Tom Seaver(Rd3)-Brad H
11 Earlier - Cliff Lee(Rd3)-Jay H
12 Earlier - Cy Young(Rd3)-Ivar A
14 Earlier - Roger Connor(Rd4)-Justin B
17 Earlier - Orator Shaffer(Rd2)-Lou P
Not Picked - George Davis (Rd4)-Brad H
Not Picked - Bert Blyleven (Rd4)-Allen C

Times sure have changed!

But, two owners did find value.  Congratulations Shotgun and Matt B, your 2nd round picks this year, were first rounders last year (Hugh Duffy and Larry Walker)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roster Grid

I'll update this occasionally as I have time.  It's the roster grid form drafts past.  Good tool to see what is going on in our division.

Linked to the right as well.