Thursday, December 31, 2015

Introducing the Fort Worth Hunters

Brad ditched the Hudson MadBum name in favor of everyone's favorite trolling target.

Introducing the Tatooine Solo Artists

Joe V will be piloting the team.

No word yet on Joe V's qualifcations in the Kessel Run

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Team Schedules Announced

Interleague play caused much scheduling difficulty last year, with odd series and odd off days sprinkled in haphazardly.  We are eliminating interleague this year and going with an unbalanced schedule like that of the 1990s.  Teams will play 66 intra-division games and 96 inter-division games.  This equates to 22 games against division rivals and 12 games against opponents from other divisions.

Schedules are posted via the normal league results page, linked here and to the right on the blog.

Introducing the Appalachian Hillbillies

Owned and operated by Gary G

This is not Gary G

Draft Resources Updated

The draft day page with all eligible players has been updated.

The only item remaining is the draft board which can't be published until the draft order is revealed.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Introducing the Hockenberry Scholics

Lou P will be piloting the team.

The owners page is now up.  Please feel free to send in your logo's and team names.

Player Card Bug Fixes

Thanks Mike M for spotting these:

  • Career Averages for BPF, Round, OPS+, and ERA+ were not calculating properly
  • Right Fielders fielding ratings were not displayed.
These issues have been corrected and a new file posted here and linked on the top menu.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Divisional Alignment

As always, both the divisional alignment and draft order is selected using the excel random number generator - two different permutations.

This year, we had 14 owners wish to be in the AL, but four of them were "ok" moving to the NL if need be.  Thank you David K and Stephen L - I used a third random number generator for those four owners, and you two popped out.

Here is the alignment with career win total (career wpct) - career high wins

AL East
Mike S......1585 Wins (.576 wpct) - 117 W
Brad P......1347 Wins (.520 wpct) - 106 W
Gary G.......279 Wins (.431 wpct) -- 74 W
Tony P........73 Wins (.451 wpct) -- 73 W

AL Central
Allen C......422 Wins (.372 wpct) -- 68 W
Greg M.......209 Wins (.430 wpct) -- 78 W
Justin B.....188 Wins (.580 wpct) -- 96 W
David I........0 Wins (.000 wpct) --- 0 W 

AL West
Lou P ......1635 Wins (.594 wpct) - 111 W
Jason B......720 Wins (.556 wpct) - 109 W
Joe T........662 Wins (.511 wpct) -- 95 W
John J........72 Wins (.444 wpct) -- 72 W

NL East
Joe V........334 Wins (.515 wpct) -- 99 W
Al H.........130 Wins (.401 wpct) -- 75 W
Thomas R......76 Wins (.469 wpct) -- 76 W
Will G.........0 Wins (.000 wpct) --- 0 W

NL Central
Justin P....1632 Wins (.593 wpct) - 113 W
Mike M.......266 Wins (.547 wpct) -- 96 W
Stephen L.....76 Wins (.469 wpct) -- 76 W
Joel Q.........0 Wins (.000 wpct) --- 0 W 

NL West
TJO.........1335 Wins (.485 wpct) - 106 W
Ivar A.......684 Wins (.469 wpct) -- 88 W
Brian B......624 Wins (.481 wpct) -- 91 W
David K......368 Wins (.568 wpct) - 100 W

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Player Cards Updated

Link on the top menu or here.

I had some difficulty with the conditional formatting, which allows each stat to be highlighted if it is a league leader, all time leader, etc.  I had to turn that off for now.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

ATB 18 Owners and Draft Day Set

Hey Everyone

We've got our 24th player this morning - a hearty welcome to David I and Joel Q.  Also returning after a small hiatus is Will G.

A couple of you have had requests in terms of draft timing.  And of course they conflict with each other so I'm doing the best I can to accomodate the most people.

As in the past, the draft is broken down into 3 sections - stadium draft, slow draft, and full draft.  The stadium draft is self explanatory, and the only change from previoius years is the pace - it was awful doing that for a full week so I am going to speed that up.

Then we move into the slow draft, were we only draft 1 player per day at a leaisurely pace.  Hopefully, this is OK for the folks who asked for end of month.

Finally, we pick up the pace with 3-5 picks per day to round out the draft.

  • Stadium Draft - January 6-8
  • Slow Draft - January 11-15 (Rounds 1-5)
  • Full Draft - January 18th until complete
If all goes well, opening day will be early february.

I will start to post the draft order in reverse order, but in the meantime every owner must send me their preferences for DH or no DH league right away.  I can't post the Divisional Alignment until this is determined.


Owner List for ATB 18

1 Justin B
2 Lou P
3 TJ O
4 Joe T
5 Justin P
6 Brian B
7 Joe V
8 Stephen L
9 Jason B
10 Brad P
11 Thomas R
12 David K
13 Gary G
14 Mike M
15 Greg M
16 John J
17 Tony P
18 Ivar A
19 Joel Q (welcome!)
20 Mike S
21 Allen C
22 Al H
23 David I (welcome!)
24 Will G

We're set!  In the coming days I will start to publish the draft order and everyone will have to let me know if they prefer the NL or the AL for DH reasons.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Average League OPS Increased in 2015

Offense rebounded a bit, rising 19-24 basis points depending upon the league.  Can't wait to see the effect on someone like Bryce Harper who killed the ball this year.

Here's the historical view for the two main leagues: