Monday, March 22, 2010

Draft Order Determined

With Mike Smitko bearing witness, the following draft order was determined by the Random Number generator in excel.

1) Justin Petronzi
2) Shotgun Spratling
3) Joe Terrry
4) Jason Bernardon
5) Mike Smitko
6) Jay Hatem
7) Brian Barnes
8) Ivar Anderson
9) Allen
10) Matt Brody
11) jeff Burns
12) Steve Chippendale
13) Kevin Crowley
14) Mike Thanasaides
15) Richard Madachik
16) Leanne Sarubbi
17) Johnny Kondovski
18) TJ Olszewski
19) Brad Peterson
20) Lou Poulas


  1. Wait...isn't this list in reverse order? I thought it was in the by-laws that JP picks last.

  2. I'm excited. I have to produce better in my second year. Looking forward to having Ruth or Bonds.

  3. You should trade that stud pick to say, someone in the 20th slot?