Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1st Trade of the Season!

The Otherton Fish Biscuits (Brian B) send their 10th (230th overall) and 12th (278th) round picks to Helena Handbasket (Joe T) in return for their 8th (186th) and 18th picks (426th).

For fun and to give a general idea of the quality of players we're talking about, last season, this would have resulted in a swap of:

230th - 2004 Ben Sheets (192 IP, 4.13 ERA)
278th - 1988 Jose Canseco (178 AB, .659 OPS)


186th - 1982 Robin Yount (298 AB, .658 OPS, Vg SS)
426th - 2008 Joakim Soria (42 IP, 4.54 ERA)

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