Tuesday, April 27, 2010

80 HR in the making?

Glad I am not a lefty pitcher in the Greenhorn division. Here are some HR park factors of those stadiums chosen already:

138 - Wrigley Field
160 - Forbes Fields
250 - Baker Bowl
322 - Polo Grounds

Oh, who happens to reside in the Greenhorn division? Mike T's Mark McGwire who's home park is of course, the aforementioned Polo Grounds. Last year in ATB XI McGwire hit 51 home runs while playing in a park that suppressed home runs for righties by 16% (84 HR PF) and in a league that suppressed home runs for righties by 23% (77 HR PF).

80 HR anyone?

Over in Mossback, the league is shaping up to be a triples division with 4 of the 6 parks selected heavily favoring the most exciting play in baseball. This can't but help Brad P's squad who drafted the three most prolific triples guys in the division:

28 - Jimmy Williams
27 - Sam Thompson
21 - Frank Baker

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