Thursday, December 24, 2015

ATB 18 Owners and Draft Day Set

Hey Everyone

We've got our 24th player this morning - a hearty welcome to David I and Joel Q.  Also returning after a small hiatus is Will G.

A couple of you have had requests in terms of draft timing.  And of course they conflict with each other so I'm doing the best I can to accomodate the most people.

As in the past, the draft is broken down into 3 sections - stadium draft, slow draft, and full draft.  The stadium draft is self explanatory, and the only change from previoius years is the pace - it was awful doing that for a full week so I am going to speed that up.

Then we move into the slow draft, were we only draft 1 player per day at a leaisurely pace.  Hopefully, this is OK for the folks who asked for end of month.

Finally, we pick up the pace with 3-5 picks per day to round out the draft.

  • Stadium Draft - January 6-8
  • Slow Draft - January 11-15 (Rounds 1-5)
  • Full Draft - January 18th until complete
If all goes well, opening day will be early february.

I will start to post the draft order in reverse order, but in the meantime every owner must send me their preferences for DH or no DH league right away.  I can't post the Divisional Alignment until this is determined.


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