Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Unlimited Lineups Canceled

I've been too wishy washy this year, I apologize!  A great email from a concerned included this this today:

I fear if I didn’t make “daily” changes , I could be at a disadvantage compared to owners who did make daily changes.
But, that’s what benches are for and how we drafted our teams (at least I did).
If I could make daily changes, I might have drafted more “situational” guys who would do well in certain parks, against certain pitchers, etc.
Instead, I drafted “versatile” guys who fit across broad spectrums.
I like the finite boundry of once a week and then let the CM take it from there.

I wasn't thinking along these lines, and unlimited changes is against the spirit of the league paramaters.  So - back to old way:

Lineups due 8 PM on Sunday's, and you can make substitutions in-week only to accomodate for injuries.

- 15 Days Simulated Per Week
* Sunday - Lineups and Free Agents Due 8 PM+ 3 Days Run
* Monday - Thursday - 3 Days Run per night
* FA Requests for the next week are due Fridays, 5 AM.
* Waiver process will be run by me on Friday.
* By Friday midnight I will let owners know if they got the players in question
* Cycle starts again, lineups due Sunday, 8 PM