Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Most Boring Post Season Awards In Our History

Given the lateness of these I am not going to put the balloting up to owner vote, and instead rely on my own methods to determine our post season awards.  Feel free to gripe in the comments!  So many of these went to the perennial favorites to win the award in the first place - boring/

NL MVP - Barry Bonds, Cape Town
There really isn't a valid argument against Bonds.  He is by far the best hitter in the NL, his OPS a full 246 points better than his closest competition.  The left fielder batter .303 .457 / .688 with 61 HR, 138 R, and 160 RBI for a playoff team.

AL MVP - Babe Ruth, New Amsterdam
This was a much closer call than in the NL.  Ruth was clearly the best hitter on the year, belting 63 home runs, 127 Runs, and 136 RBI while maintaining a slash line of .262 / .419 / .653, 1.072 OPS.  He played right field this year as well, so no points were lost for being a DH.  The closest competition was from red Dunlap.  The Port Hawkesberry second basemen batted .337 / 394 / .517.  Even with defense, Ruth has too large of a batting margin for Dunlap to overcome.

NL Cy Young - Greg Maddux, Tattooine

No pitcher, perhaps in our history, has amassed as many quality innings as Maddux threw this season.  We'll let the stat line speak for itself:

20-10, 320 IP, 254 H, 2.05 ERA, 43 GS, 0.99 WHIP, 2.27 RCERA

Whit Wyatt (Martian) also had a comparable year, even a tad better in the rate stats, but tossed 100 fewer innings.

AL Cy Young - Pedro Martinez, Brooklyn
I really wanted to give this award to Seattle's Bill Benhard, and it is a classic case of determining what is more important - a lot of great innings vs few elite innings.  Let's break it down a bit:


By these measures, sure looks like Benhard was deserving.  But peeling back some of the analytical stats sheds some more light on the situation:



To me, Pedro was clearly a more effective pitcher, and given that he pitched a full season - 238 innings -  and not something like 150, he gets the award.

NL Reliever of the Year - Tug McGraw, Martian
I tried not to give this to someone who pitches in an extreme pitchers park, but McGraw was just too good this year:  9-2, 1.45 ERA, 33 Sv, 81 IP, 0.77 WHIP, 1.41 CERA.

AL Reliever of the Year - Joe Nathan, Port Hawkesberry
This was the closest race of any post season award.  Jeff Zimmerman (Fort Worth) had striking similar stats, and the difference proved to be sheer blown saves.  Nathan converted 90% of his opportunities, Zimmerman just 80%.  Nathan sported a 1.85 ERA in 83 innings, recording a 0.96 WHIP, 1.73 CERA, and 40 saves.

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