Saturday, June 6, 2015

20 Resims - #21, Planet 10 Red Lectroids

Overall Rankings
24 - .331, Chatanooga Lookouts (Al H)
23 - .394, Downsouth Brews (Allen C)
22 - .396, Denver RoidBoyz (Gary G)
21 - .444, Planet 10 Red Lectroids (Ivar A)

I've added the underlying score that is used to determined the resim rankings.  It gives you are better gauge of where you team actually stands.  For instance, I don't think we can actually tell which team is better - Downsouth for Denver, but we can certainly see the Planet 10 is a cut above, and Chatanooga a cut below.

I tried to mirror winning percentage, but it is definitely inflated from what a realistic win percentage might be since bonus points are give for playoff appearances. 

Here is how each scoring category is weighted/scored

  • 3x - Balanced Resim Wins
  • 2x - Balanced Resim Run Differential
  • 3x - Standard Resim Wins
  • 2x - Standard Resim Run Differential
  • 1x - Max Win Potential
  • Plus .001 for each division title and .0005 for each wild card.  So, if you had baseline score of .500 and won the division 5 times and the wild card 4, your score bumps up to .507

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