Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lakeview (Brian B) World Series Champs!!!

Congratulations to Brian B, owner and operator of the Lakeview Zeros, on becoming the ATB 17 champions with 2-1 victory over Ankhana tonight.  Lakeview takes the series in 6 games.

Series MVP
Goose Gossage and Heavy Johnson.  This may be a cop out, but watching Goose dismantle my team was incredibly frustrating.  He struck out 9 in 6.1 innings and was a key cog in three of the wins.  The traditional MVP was Heavy Johnson who batted .462 with 3 doubles, 3 home runs, and 10 RBI.

The difference in the series? Home Runs.  Lakeview hit 11, Ankhana 3.  End of story.

Be sure to tune in the next two days to see where Brian finishes in the resim standings.  Will his acquisitions of Heavy Johnson and Greg Maddux vault him into the #1 slot?  Will Justin's Spanish Harlem, the mid season favorite, take the title?  Or will a third team surprise us all?

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  1. Congrats Brian and Lakeview! Great season everybody!