Friday, June 5, 2015

20 Resims - #24, Chatanooga Lookouts

No writeups this year, out of time.

As a refresher, I run three sets of 20 simulated seasons at the end of each ATB.  1) a straight resim, using lineups submitted by owners, 2) A balanced resim, using those same lineups, I only change the schedule so that each team plays every other team in the game (both AL and NL) the same # of times, and 3) a set with everyones opening day lineups and a normal schedule.

I think only the "Max Potential" above needs explanation.  That is each team's Pythagorean Wins based upon the best Runs Scored and the Best Runs Against in any of the straight resims (#1), it does not have to be the same season.  

I keep the player stats and teams stats only for #1.  These upcoming days will reveal those results in reverse order.

Everything can be enlarged by clicking, and I will post an excel file with all this data once #1 team is revealed.

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