Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Playoff Picture

American League
While not technically over, the divisional races in the American League are all but sewn up.  Both Camorr and St Paul have commanding leads with about 15 games remaining on the docket and are in fine tuning mode.  They both have the best Run Differentials in the AL and appear to be the two teams to beat.  Hockenberry also has a safe lead of 5 1/2 games, but are making things interesting for Port Hawkeseberry with a late season mini slump.

The Wild Card race is a doozy, with Port Hawkesberry just 1 game up on Seattle.  New Amsterdam and South Boston are on the outside looking in, 5.5 back and technically alive but a long shot to advance.

Hawksesberry has a daunting schedule remaining, having to face division leaders 10 times in their last 16 games.  Interestingly enough, they do still face Hockenberry an incredible 8 times - maybe that division title isn't entirely secure for the Scholics.

Seattle schedule is easier, but by no means easy.  They face above .500 teams 13 times in their remaining 16 games, including 8 times against division leaders.  This race is entirely up for grabs.

National League
In the National League, three teams have all but secured a playoff spot - Jeff City, Spanish Harlem, and Martian.  Jeff City will win the East (although technically can still fall to Chattanooga) while the two Central teams battle it out for their division crown and the wild card.  This is somewhat anticlimactic as Martian, currently in 2nd place, have an 8.5 game lead on the WC.  Still, the division title has perhaps extra meaning this season as the winner will face off against Jeff City, who have struggled at times all year long, and currently sport a negative run differential.

All is on the line in the West however, as Cape Town cling to a 2 game lead over Lakeview.  The Zeros have been the hottest team in National League since around mid-August, winning 19 of 26.  They've hardly been able to gain ground, however, as Cape Town has been the second hottest team in the NL, winning 17 of 26.

The schedule will be the difference maker.  Lakeview plays 8 of the 9 next games against sub.500 teams and then start a 5 game series with Cape Town, and finally close the season with a lone game against long time rival, Grumman (a Brian B vs David K rivalry that crosses several years in several leagues).

Cape Town in turn faces Spanish Harlem three times, but also some lesser quality teams 7 times.  Regardless, one would think the 5 game head to head series will be the deciding factor.  Cape Town have won 10 of 16 on the season.

Good luck playoff hopefuls!

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