Friday, April 29, 2016

Port Hawkesberry Completes September Comeback, defeat Hockeberry 3-2

The heart of the order came through for the Puffins when it mattered, putting 3 runs on the board in the 3rd and 4th innings.  It would hold up behind a very good Orel Hershiser, who defeated the Scholics 3-2.  The Puffins completed a long-shot comeback, down 6.5 games at the start of September to capture the division crown in game 163.  Fred Dunlap had 2 RBI and Sam Thompson drilled a timely triple.

For their part, Hockenberry chose to keep their ace, Jake Arrieta on the bench to save him for the ALDS opener this Sunday.  Still, the defeat is bitter.

Here is th box.

In Round 1, Camorr will face Hockeberry while St Paul goes against Port Hawkesberry.

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