Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sim 12E Complete, But the Regular Season Rolls On

We need some tiebreaks!

First, congratulations to the Division Winners - Camorr, Jeff City, Martian, and Capetown.  Also, congratulations to one of the best Wild Card teams in our history - Spanish Harlem.

Two, 1-game playoffs are required as well.  First for the NL Central crown, New Amsterdam will face off against St Paul.  New Amsterdam went 20-8 in September coming back from an unheard of 9.5 game deficit.  Remarkable.

It's a little less exciting in the NL West were Hockenberry and Port Hawkesberry will have a 1 game playoff to determine the division winner and wild card team.  Hockenberry spit the bit on this one, resting the staff in the last week only to have it come back and haunt them.  Port Hawkesberry had a great September themselves - 18-10 to erase a 6.5 game deficit.  I don't fully understand why MLB rules state that if this tie had occurred between teams with the two best records in the league, a playoff is not required.  I must be misinterpreting that clause.  Either way, it is clear in this particular situation a playoff is required:

Two-Club Tie for Division Championship and Wild Card:One tiebreak game will be played to determine the Division Champion. The loser of the game will be declared a Wild Card
These games will be played tomorrow night and owners may submit lineup

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  1. Brews pitching sucked moose b@lls ! What a season ! Thanks Lou :)