Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tie Breaker Rules

We've got some great races to finish out the season.  Lets go over the tie breaker rules, which follow MLB procedures.

  • NL Central.  Since no playoff spot is at stake, i.e., both teams have the best records in the NL, the tie breaker is calculated and no playoff game is required.  First tie break is head to head record.  Here we are tied 11-11.  Second tie break is best record within the division.  Spanish Harlem currently has a 2 game advantage for Martian, and with both teams playing games outside the division, Spanish Harlem wins if it ends in a tie.
  • Most of the rest of the potential tie breakers will require 1 game playoffs.  In the NL West, Lakeview has an outside shot to catch Capetown; in the AL Central New Amsterdam and St Paul are locked at 86 wins; in the AL Wild Card Seattle and Port Hawkesberry are tied as well.
  • The difficult scenario is a three way tie between Hockenberry, Seattle, and Port Hawkesberry.  In this case. Hockenberry and Hawkseberry are tied for the division crown, and both also tied with Seattle for the Wild Card.  WTF, this may break DMB.  Here we would need two playoff games, first for the division crown, and then for the wild card.  These would be played in back to back days immediately following the regular season. 
Home field advantage in playoff games are determined by a) Head to Head record, then b) record within the division, then c) best winning percentage in the last 81 games, then d) keep on adding 1 game back (82 games, 83 games, etc) until there is a answer.

So, home field advantage:
  • NL West:  Cape Town (13-8 vs Lakeview w/1 game remaining)
  • AL Central: New Amsterdam (H2H tied 11-11, New Amsterdam winning intradivision by 9 games)
  • AL Wild Card: Port Hawkesberry (8-4 vs Seattle)
  • Crazy Scenario
    • Division:  Hockenberry (12-9 vs Pt Hawkesberry w/1 game left)
    • Wild Card: Hawkesberry over Seattle (as above); Seattle over Hockenberry (7-5)
Feel free to post any questions here.  I certainly may have this incorrect, and that's ok.  We follow MLB rules for 1 wild card team, regardless of what I said above.  Just saying this in case I do have a flaw in interpretation - the final arbiter would be MLB rulebook.

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