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Game 7 Recap

Don't mind the grammer......

The Fans have voted and Game 7 of the ATB XI World Series was indeed the greatest game in our league’s history.

Drama? Helena, the beloved underdog, trying to win their first every World Championship.
More Drama? Bellevue came back from a 3-0 series deficit in the LCS, and was now trying to come back from a 3-1 deficit.
Did I Say Drama? Dude, it’s Game 7!
Clutch Hitting? Uh, there were:

- 7 lead changes or new ties
- Not one, not two, but three game changing home runs in the 8th inning or later
- SIXTEEN runs scored after the 8th inning
- 38 total hits.

What about the pitchers you say? Shut-out innings from the Top 2nd through Top of the 8th, all with the game in the balance 3-2. For the heck of it, let’s add on incredible double plays and a bases loaded no-out situation where nobody scored. Baseball heaven.

Plus, we broadcast live making the anticipation all but unbearable.

It is not possible to write this up properly, so I must stick to the highlights (and low-lights).

1st Inning (3-1 Helena)
- Aaron hits a one out 3-run bomb to open the scoring
- A 2-out rally plates one for Bellevue. Key blows are a Sam Thompson double and a run scoring Tommy Holmes scoring single

2nd Inning (3-2 Helena)
- 2 strikeouts against Helena in Top of innings
- Another Bellevue 2-out rally. HBP for Scott Rolen after running the count 3-0, followed by two singles from Hughie Jennings and Nap Lajoie. 1 run scores, and after a walk, Bellevue left the bases loaded.

3rd Inning (3-2 Helena)
- BFF starter Allan Anderson yanked after walking Freddie Lindstrom to open the frame. Three easy outs recorded by Rob Murphy in relief. Murphy was key, giving up no runs and only yielding to another member of the BFF pen to start the 6th .
- HBP for the Franchise, but no threat.

4th inning (3-2 Helena)
- Helena gets runners at first and second with no-outs only two squander the opportunity with a strikeout and Pete Resier ground-out double play.
- Franchise almost duplicates the feat, by getting runners on 1st and 2nd with 1-out, but Sam Thompson grounds into a double play of his own.

5th Inning (3-2 Helena)
- Stan Musial triples with 2-outs but Albert Pujols couldn’t come through, weakly grounding out to short.
- Tommy Holmes singles with 1-out, steals second, but Helena starter Derek Lowe buckles down and retires the side.

6th Inning (3-2 Helena)
- Steve Reed now in for BFF, but only gives up a 1-out walk to Magglio Ordonez
- Terrible, terrible inning for BFF. Derek Lee singles to start the innings, Rolen follows with another, and famous Hughie Jennings gets plunked. Bases loaded no-outs, in the middle innings of Game 7. You gotta score right? Nope. Nap Lajoie flies out to right, but Lee wont’ run on Aaron’s arm and then Sam Thompson grounds into ANOTHER inning ending double play with runners in scoring position.

7th Inning (3-2 Helena)
- Can you feel the Helena faithful praying for an insurance run? Bellevue has put runners all over the place all evening, but to little avail. Arthur Rhodes comes in for Reed and gives up a 2-out single to Freddie Lindstrom but nothing else.
- Does Bellevue have any life in them after the horrid 6th? Nope – a 2-out single by Campy is all they get.

Top of 8th inning (4-2 Helena)
- The insurance run! Pujols leads off with a single; Hank Aaron gets on thanks to a fielding error by Rhodes. Another killer double play shuts down the chance at a big inning, but Ordonez at least gets Pujols to 3rd with 2-outs. Cal Ripken comes through in the clutch with a single to right to make the score 4-2.

Bottom of the 8th (6-4 Bellevue)
- How Helena ever came back from this is beyond me. Derrek Lee singled and 1-out later, Pujols boots a ball putting runners on 1st and second. Lajoie follows with a seeing eye single up the middle, but Lee can’t score and the bases are loaded with 1-out. Joel Hoerner comes in to pitch and gives up a Sac Fly to Sam Thompson, making the score 4-3.
- With 2-outs the game is still in hand, but Oscar Charleston drills a 1-0 fastball over the right field fence. 3-runs score, 6-4 Bellevue.

Top of the 9th (8-6 Helena)
- Somehow, someway, Helena comes back. Against the BFF closer Armando Benitez no less.
- Pete Reiser walked followed by a Frank Robinson single. Earl Averill pinch hits for Freddie Lindstrom and singles to left, loading the bases.
- Stan Musial plasters a ball to deep right, a Top o’ the ninth game changing grand slam.
- Brandon Webb comes in relief and retires the side in order.

Bottom of the 9th (8-8 tie)
- They won’t go away!
- Against the feared Robb Nen, Campy reaches on a single to lead off the inning.
- Nen follows up with 2-strikeouts. Bottom of the 9th, 2-out, best pitcher on the mound with a 2-run lead.
- Lofton singles. Johnny Mize comes off the bench and triples, plating 2 and tying the game.

10th Inning (8-8 tie)
- One walk between both teams, nothing else but outs.

Top of 11th inning (10-8 Helena)
- Baker double, Musial 4 pitch walk, and a Pujols single load the bases with no outs.
- Uh oh
- Hank Aaron strikes again, this time a 2-run single to center.
- Ordonez grounds into another double play for the 1st and 2nd outs, leaving Pujols at third.
- Gil McDougald walks but Johnny Bassler grounds out to third to end the inning.

Bottom of the 11th (10-10 tie)
- Yet another comeback. At this point, it is almost expected it is so absurd
- Campy singles and 1-out later Lee homers down the right field line on 3-1 fastball.

Top of the 12th (10-10 tie)
- Reiser battles in an 8 pitch at bat but grounds out. Robinson and Baker follow suit with ground outs of their own.

Bottom of the 12th (11-10 Bellevue Win)
- Lajoie lines an opening single, but gets caught stealing!
- No matter, Sam Thompson singles. O-Charles singles. Bedrosian enters in relieve but walks the bases loaded.
- Roy Campanella comes to the plate with 3 hits in 6 at bats and delivers. A squeaker between first and second and Bellevue Wins!

Amazing stuff.
398 pitches
38 hits
29 batters
25 left on base
21 runs
18 pitchers
11 strike outs
5 double plays
3 holds
3 blown saves (!)

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