Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Resim Power Alley: 8th through 5th

8th - Helena Handbasket (VS - It Gets by Buckner)
Owners: Joe Terry
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 88/86
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 95/75

Avg RD: +46
Playoffs: 12 (4 Div Titles)
MWP: 102

Considered a fluke during the regular season because of their -7 run differential, Helena answered the naysayers with a very good showing during the Re-Sims. Our World Series runner-up finishes just inside the Top 10 after nine 85+ win seasons, six of which ended up being 90+.

During the ATB season, their offense underwhelmed by a considerable margin - 61 runs or 8% - leading to their negative RD.

In Sim 6, they finished in a 3-way tie for the division lead, matching both White Meadow Lake and I MIss Rod Beck with 86 wins. Thanks to their stellar +61 RD, they bested Rod Beck in the tie breaker for a Wild Card Birth, but lost out to White Meadow who had the best RD in the league at 182.

7th - Planet 10 (HC - It Might Be)
Owners: Ivar Anderson
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 88/88
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 107/88

Avg RD: +73
Playoffs: 9 (1 Div Title)
MWP: 115

One way Power Alley differentiates the 24 teams is by Max Win Potential, and Planet 10 is our first to have an elite MWP record. Their 13 win lead over Helena in wins also serves as a clear delineating factor between the two squads.

Planet 10 exactly matched their regular season win total of 88 games, but often played in the shadows of other during the re-sims. Eight times they won 90 or more games, and it took an incredible sim 14 win total of 107 to secure their one and only division lead.

A fun but meaningless stat - below are the average win totals of the division winners during the re-sims:

104 - HC, It Might Be
98 - HC, It Could Be
95 - VS, Behind the Bag
93 - VS, It Gets by Buckner

It took a lot to win in "It Might Be".

6th - John McDonald Fanclub (VS- Behind the Bag)
Owners: Jason Bernardon
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 109/88
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 104/77

Avg RD: +71
Playoffs: 9 (5 Div Title)
MWP: 111

In the last post we saw that Rusty Kuntz lost the most value with their poor regular season showing compared to the re-sim records, and now we see that no other team gained as much John McDonald. Victorious 109 times, second best in the regular season, Fanclub never once approached that same win total in the 20 re-sims. In Fact, they averaged "just" 88 wins and bested 100 twice.

Having compiled at least a +100 RD seven times, they are still a very good team though, and much more often then not were in the thick of a playoff race at the end of each season.

Only three times did they finish below .500.

5th - DC Chips (VS- Behind the Bag)
Owners: Steve Chippendale
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 88/90
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 100/80
Avg RD: +94
Playoffs: 13 (9 Div Title)
MWP: 119

The DC Chips are the first team to average 90 wins per season and therefore the first team to be tagged with the "great' moniker. They reached that win plateau 12 times and had a positive RD over 140 five times. Though winning 100 games only in Sim 18, they were routinely the best team in "Behind the Bag" and challenged for the best record in all of Vin Scully.

Their Max Win Potential is among the very best in the entire league. In sim 14 they scored 828 runs and in sim 18 yielded just 545 for an RD of +283.

Ranking DC completes our first division. The behind the bag playoff picture is as follows:

It's been a while since I have had a chance to continue the Re-sim Power Alley write-ups and thought I'd list the ranked teams we've reviewed to date:
  • Truly Awful (Average of 55 or less wins): Hey Howarya (24th), Downsouth Brews (23rd)
  • Awful (60-69 wins): Wedge Tornado (22nd)
  • Bad (70-78 wins): Bucky Dents Middle Name (21st), Cincinnati Redlegs (20th), I Miss Rod Beck (19th), Warning Track Power (18th)
  • About .500 (79-83 wins): Potomac Rage (17th), Willets Point Mechanics (16th), Old Pete's Rabble (15th), Edinburgh Caber Tossers (14th), Chi-Town Black Sox (13th), Otherton Fish Biscuits (12th), Duke Street Kings (11th)
  • Good (84-89 Wins): Rochester Beau Brummels (10th), Rusty Kuntz Travelling All Stars (9th), Helena Handbasket (8th), Planet 10 (7th), John McDonald Fanclub (6th)
  • Great (90-95 Wins) - DC Chips (5th), ???
  • Elite (96+ Wins) - ???

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