Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Resim Power Alley: 12th through 9th

12th - Otherton Fish Biscuits (VS - Behind the Bag)
Owners: Brian Barnes
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 70/83
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 89/77

Avg RD: +20
Playoffs: 4
MWP: 100

Barnes' Biscuits underachieved more than any other ATB team during the regular season, falling short of their re-sim average by 13 games and their maximum re-sim win total by 19 games. They were also the most consistent re-sim team with a spread of just 12 games between the best and worst win totals.

No doubt, the regular season gamble on a 3-man rotation was an utter failure and the direct cause for their low win totals. The correction to 4-man came too late in the season to be of any impact and should serve as a warning to any future owner wishing to go down the path of running new starters out every 3rd day.

In 15 of 20 seasons, the Fishbiscuit's sported a .500 record or better, twice capping at 89. They were a wild card representative of the VS four times.

11th - Duke Street Kings (HC - It Could Be)
Owners: Jeff Burns
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 81/83
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 91/69

Avg RD: +33
Playoffs: 5 (1 Div Title)
MWP: 103

The first of our upper half teams, Duke Street was very solid winning 90 or more games 5 times, and 85 or more games 8 times. Flaws were apparent of course - the team failed to maintain a .500 season six times as well.

In re-sim 10 they won the division title by 2 games and made the playoffs 4 other times as a Wild Card. Their 103 Max Win Potential is tied with Potomac for the best we seen to date - 854 runs from Sim 5 combined with 688 Runs Against from Sim 9.

10th - Rochester Beau Brummels (VS - Behind the Bag)
Owners: Leanne Sarubi
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 85/87
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 104/68

Avg RD: +33
Playoffs: 8 (2 Div Title)
MWP: 103

What do we make of the Beau Brummels, our first female owned team in ATB history. One one hand they are five time 90+ win team, capping off at 104 wins in Sim 2. On the other, they also failed to reach .500 five times, the worst of which was in Sim 4 when they were outscored by 115 runs en route to a 68-94 season.

They finish ranked 10th in large part due to their 8 playoff births but I am not certain I wouldn't rather owning Duke Street, a similar team in terms of win potential but more consistent across the board.

Rochester is the first squad to surpass 100 wins in any of the 20 re-sims.

9th - Rusty Kuntz Travelling All Stars (VS - Behind the Bag)
Owners: Shotgun Spratling
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 75/86
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 97/77

Avg RD: +47
Playoffs: 11 (4 Div Title)
MWP: 103

The Travelling All Stars are the most disappointing team of the season when considering the magnitude of their ATB failure. They won just 75 regular season games with a -16 Run Differential and were well out of any playoff contention. During their worst re-sim, they still managed 77 wins meaning ATB XI could be considered their 21st worst season out of all of them. Bad, bad luck.

What could have been? Across the 20 re-sims Rusty Kuntz owns 4 division titles and 7 more wild card births; they won 85+ games thirteen times; only three times did their RD sink below zero.

This was a good team that had an awful regular season.

It's been a while since I have had a chance to continue the Re-sim Power Alley writeups and thought I'd list the ranked teams we've reviewed to date:
  • Truly Awful (Average of 55 or less wins): Hey Howarya (24th), Downsouth Brews (23rd)
  • Awful (60-69 wins): Wedge Tornado (22nd)
  • Bad (70-78 wins): Bucky Dents Middle Name (21st), Cincinnati Redlegs (20th), I Miss Rod Beck (19th), Warning Track Power (18th)
  • About .500 (79-83 wins): Potomac Rage (17th), Willets Point Mechanics (16th), Old Pete's Rabble (15th), Edinburgh Caber Tossers (14th), Chi-Town Black Sox (13th), Otherton Fish Biscuits (12th), Duke Street Kings (11th)

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