Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Resim Power Alley: 4th through 1st

4th - Windy City Potato Pocketers (HC- It Might Be)
Owners: Lou Poulas
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 95/111
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 105/81
Avg RD: +137
Playoffs: 17 (6 Div Title)
MWP: 119

The "best" regular season team turns out to be of Top-5 quality only. Windy City had one of the best first halves in ATB history and when play ended on July 16, were on pace for a 120 win season. The second half was by no means poor, but the team fell off their pace to finish at 111. In truth, they were more like a 95 win team than anything approaching 100 wins let alone 110.

An average of 95 wins is still great of course. In 18 of the 20 seasons the team won at least 88 times and five times finished with 100 or more wins. They are our first team with a 200+ RD and never once finished with an RD below 39.

3rd - White Meadow Lake Black Stones (VS- It Gets By Buckner)
Owners: Mike Smitko
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 97/91
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 101/76
Avg RD: +115
Playoffs: 18 (15 Div Title)
MWP: 111

Head to Head is our 3rd place team truly better than our 4th? Likely not (Less wins, RD, MWP, etc) but they won an incredible 15 of 20 division titles, which goes a long way towards the ultimate goal of any fantasy league - winning the World Championship.

This team over performed in the regular season, winning 6 more games than can be expected. Their pitching staff was a little worse than the regular season showed (7% fewer runs given up) and a little better with the stick (8% more runs scored).

Only once in their 5 seasons without a division title did they fall short by more than 5 games, and in the other 4 they were within a combined 4 games of a tie.

Here's the title view of the division, now complete:

2nd - Bellevue Freakin Franchise (HC- It Could Be)
Owners: Brad Peterson
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 106/98
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 113/88
Avg RD: +166
Playoffs: 20 (19 Div Title)
MWP: 120

Well, this is what a season is all about:
  • Winning the world series
  • Averaging 98 re-sim wins
  • Sporting the best MWP in the league at 120
  • Winning the most single season re-sim wins at 113
Belleveue completely and totally dominated the Haray Carray "It could Be" Division, making the playoffs in all 20- re-sims and winning the division 19 times. In their one loss they even had a better team than Duke Street, losing by 2 games, but besting their rivals 127 to 73 in RD.

Congrats Brad - job well done.

1st - La Chapelle-aux-Saints Neanderthals (HC- It Might Be)
Owners: Justin Petronzi
Actual W/Avg Re-Sim W: 96/103
Re-Sim Max / Min Wins: 110/94
Avg RD: +210
Playoffs: 20 (13 Div Title)
MWP: 119

And yet, there is a better team out there than Bellevue. The Neanderthal success in the re-sims is off the charts. The team averaged 103 wins; 85% of the teams in the league didn't win that many in their single best re-sim season. They actually won 110 or more games an incredible 15 times and at least 105 seven times.

We could go on for quite some time, but will leave with a two mesmerizing bullets. The team:
  • Never once had an RD below 145 (!)
  • Had an RD over 200 on eleven occasions, 4 more times than the rest of the league combined (!)

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