Sunday, February 12, 2012

Team Defense

We've all recognized how much more competitive and challenging the draft has been this year.  Between the 79 resims, the 1800s reset, and the focus an defense, great value picks have been hard to come by.  The last reason is where I want to focus today.  I've added defensive ratings to the roster grid to see how much teams are actually prioritizing overall defense, or whether or it simply appears that way.

The findings are quite interesting.  While this has most certainly has been a defensive minded draft, not all owners have taken to theory.  Below is my rough analysis of which teams have attempted to put a premium on the defender and which have ignored them.

(5 Points for Great defenders, 3 for a very good one, 1 for a good one.  Plus 1.5 points for Ex armed catcher and 1 point for Vg catcher)

There is quite a bit of subjectivity here.  For example, I considered a Av/50 infielder roughly the same as a Vg/110 one, or an Ex/110 is about the same as a Vg/60.

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