Monday, January 18, 2016

1953 Season Disk

I purchased the 1953 season disk today, hoping to eek out a Vg defensive rating for Al Rosen.  Alas, it didn't work, and $15 was spent without much payoff.  However, I did get a few error points in my favor.

There are also a few impacts to other 1953 players.  For the most part these are all positive.  One is slightly negative, but negligible that I am not going to prevent the update.  If any were significant, I would have kept the better rating as it would not have been fair to the owner to draft X and receive Y instead.

Here are the impacts

  • Roy Campanella
    • Sac Bunt - Av to Pr
  • Eddie Mathews
    • Sac Bunt - Pr to Av
    • Running - Av to Vg
  • Al Rosen
    • Sac Bunt - Fr to Pr
    • Fielding - Av/100 to Av/77
  • Red Schoendeinst
    • Fielding - Vg/71 to Ex/71
  • Alvin Dark
    • Sac Bunt - Av to Ex
    • Bunt Hit - Pr to Vg
    • Running - Av to Vg
  • Harvey Kuenn
    • Sac Bunt - Pr to Av
    • Running - Av to Vg
  • Hank Thompson
    • Sac Bunt - Pr to Av
    • Fielding - Av/86 to Fr/86
  • Gene Woodling
    • Fielding - Av/17 to Vg/17
The season disk ratings updated here.

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