Thursday, January 14, 2016

Roster Grid Update

Trends are more difficult to spot, but noticeable today from the Roster Grid:

  • Gary G is the first to three SPs - W Johnson, A Joss, and H Brecheen
  • Joe V soon followed - G Maddux, C Mathewson, and J Tannehill
  • 7 teams have no starters, 5 have no pitchers
  • Center field remains one of the strongest positions - 13 have already been taken, and there are still quality options available.
Total drafted by position

C  5
1B 12
2B 7
3B 6
SS 5
LF 7
CF 13
RF 11
DH 3
SP 25
RP 2

League Reports have been updated with rosters through round 4.  And here are the team batting and pitching totals for the 4 rounds:

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