Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Roster Grid Update

Moving this to the blog.

Day 3 in the books.  Here is the roster grid and rosters have been updated online.


  • Three teams have two starters.  Which two do you like the best?
    • Pedro Martinez and Zach Greinke (John J)
    • Greg Maddux and Christy Mathewson (Joe V)
    • Randy Johnson and P Alexander (Richard G)
  • Justin P has set a new unofficial record - earliest reliever taken.  Red Ryan was taken 75th overall last year (Rd 4), a record then,  but JP jumped even early at 70th (Rd 3).
  • Jake Arrieta joins the previously drafted Zach Greinke as two high risk/high reward players taken in crucial early rounds.
  • Overall, this continues to be the best draft in our history.  Owners have done their homework!

1 comment:

  1. Really good drafting so far. I think what will really make or break teams will be the players drafted starting next week. All 3 of those pitching duos are pretty nice. If Greinke turns out to be a top tier pitcher, teaming with Pedro could be lethal. I like Arrieta just as much as Greinke, maybe even better. Kudos to the owners who took a chance on each of them.