Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stadium Photos, LA Coliseum, and Will G's a First in ATB History

“Line drives, they are murder.” .... Willie Mays

Ballpark photos uploaded to the ballpark site.  My vote for best in the leauge is the LA Coliseum:

With a seating capacity of over 90,000, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was the largest ballpark ever to regularly host major league games.  It was also one of the strangest. Games at the Coliseum could contain 250-foot home runs to left, 440-foot flyouts to right, and fielders staggering to pick up the ball in the park’s combination of single-decked seats, bright sunlight, and white-shirted fans (some of them movie and television stars). “It was weird, weird, weird playing in the Coliseum,” said Dodgers infielder Randy Jackson, summing up the feelings of many players.  But in the four seasons the Dodgers called the Coliseum home (1958-61), the stands were often packed, and the games were seldom dull.
Full article here.  All you need to know is this... lefty HR factor was 25, righty was 172.  Will G's projected lineup...

R - Tim Salmon
R - Dick Allen
R - Joe DiMaggio
R - Frank Thomas
R - Javy Lopez
R - Kevin Mitchell
R - Nomar Garciaparra
R - Eddie Stanky

In fact, in this ATB world of incredible left handed htting, Will has just one lefty batter on the squad, plus 2 switch hitters, all of which are projected to be role players off the bench.

I have to admit, I have never seen this before in the history of ATB - a full lineup of all right handed batters.  I didn't even realize he was attempting this until writing this article.  For postery, LA Coliseum's park factors:

Vs L - 101, 60, 115 , 25
Vs R -  91, 80, 108, 172

Hat tip to you Will G, and good luck my friend!


  1. This was one of a few strategies I considered, but having never played in a 24-team league before, I was kind of nervous about trying it.

    Of course, it turns out my strategy may be based on outdated fielding data, but oh well...

  2. Just a reminder defensive ratings have not changed - that was voted down by majority ownership. you may or may not have been referring to this, but others were confused, so might as well state it again.