Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ballparks Finalized

Will certainly be a tail of two leagues this season. The Mossback League has an average park factor line of:

(Lefty / Righty)
104/103 - Singles
106/108 - Doubles
132/131 - Triples
87/103 - Home Runs

- Triples are heavily favored from both sides of the plate
- Singles and doubles are inflated slightly
- Lefty Homer Power is drained, while righty home run power is just a tick above average

The Greenhorn

(Lefty / Righty)
102/103 - Singles
98/ 98- Doubles
106/119 - Triples
144/141 - Home Runs

- Singles and doubles about average
- Triples increased slightly for lefties, significantly for righties.
- Home Runs are going to be flying

The Top 5Real Life Home Run hitters in the game all belong to teams in the Mossback:

73 - Bonds
70 - McGwire
64 - Sosa
61 - Maris
59 - Ruth


  1. The Rusty Kuntz Traveling All-Stars plan to lead not only the power-friendly Greenhorn division, but also the entire ATB in home runs this season.

    Before departing early for Chili's 2-for-1 happy hour and bottomless chips and salsa, Kuntz's slugger Babe Ruth told the media at yesterday's Spring Training game that if Roger Maris could combine to hit 115 home runs with weak-kneed Mickey Mantle in '61, he would be disappointed if he and Maris didn't hit 110 together.

    "If [Maris] hit 115 with raggedy ass 'Sprinkler Head,' [Maris and I] damn well better hit at least 110," Ruth said. "And if we can get any production out of the Big Hurt, we might have 150 or more out of the middle of the lineup.

    "Just don't be expecting me to rob any from the other team. I don't go climbing to catch balls...I leave that to my lady friends," Ruth said with a chuckle.