Friday, May 21, 2010

Standings Summary - Week 2

Winning 10 of 12 in Week 2, the Downsouth Brews elevated themselves to the division lead. The Brews have been outstanding recently and show little sign of slowing down. Also making a move in Week 2 was John McDonald Fanclub. With a 9-6 week they're in a three way tie for second place with the Lusitania Death Speakers and Dumai's Wells Oathbinders. The strength of Fanclub is in its pitching staff. They lead the league by a large margin in ERA (2.58), WHIP (1.03), and RCERA (2.45).

Over in the Greenhorn, the DC Chips and Sonoran Black Diamonds are battling for division supremacy. In a virtual tie for first place, the two teams own the top two records in ATB. No need to rehash Bonds great start so we'll move on to DC. In week 2 the Chips were led by the great Tip O'Neill (.389 / .411 / .537) and Frank Killen (18 IP, 1.47 ERA). Big Mac Special Sauce closed to within 3 games behind a combined 11 home runs off the bats Mark McGwire and Willie Stargell.

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