Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is Something Better Than Nothing?

Sure, if you are stranded in the desert, a thimble of water is better than no water.

Or, perhaps your customer refuses to pay a bill in full for services rendered. Partial payment is better than no payment.

Near and dear to my hear, trying to get the kids in bed by 8 to only find their first snores at 10 - hey at least they're asleep now right?

But perhaps this mantra doesn't work so well with Team Logos.

As seen to the left, the San Diego Puff unveiled their new logo today. It will be displayed on all player hats and around Sportsman's Park. Unsurprisingly, not one apparel distributor has announced plans to feature the logo on any of their clothing or sporting gear lines.

Asked for comment, team owner Brad P responded, "Lame but something."

All team logo's are featured here.


  1. I did write a really long, detailed response, but the GD website errored out when I posted. Damn you Lou and your on-going conspiracy to sabotage my teams!

  2. HA! As if that weren't planned by me too! Hey, you have won, what, 9 in a row now? Crimeny

  3. It was such a good post too. Like 4 paragraphs with a heart-felt story about the roots of baseball and it's role in the American family. Quotes from some of Puff's star players. Announcements on special promotions coming up at Sportsman's Park. One of which was Commissioner Poulas Voodoo Doll night!