Thursday, May 13, 2010

Single Game Stolen Base Record Set?

Brad P, Owner and Operator of the San Diego Puffs, noticed a remarkable box score earlier this week. In a 9-1 victory of the Sons of Pitches, the Puffs stole 9 bases as Frank Baker and Derrek Lee led the squad with 3 each. Ty Cobb, George Sisler, and Jimmy Williams each added a swipe to give the Puffs an unofficial single game record.

Its unofficial only because we don't have the data to check each previous season. I went through the box scores since ATB IX and six teams have stole 7 in a game, but none more. Asked for comment, Brad responded, "Nice! I am going to up all of my baserunners to stealing = 1...might was well set some records while I play out this 81-81 season."

Modesty will win you little love Brad. His team is now 8-6, owning the third best record in Mossback.

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