Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Special Events

In Sim 1D, Cannonbal Titcomb turned in what likely could be the best pitching performance of the whole season. New to ATB, Titcomb was drafted in the middle of the 16th round and chances are the Potomac Rage won't be forgetting him anytime soon. Tossing 2 hit ball over 9 innings, Titcomb struck out 13 batters en route to his first win - a complete game shutout. His Bill James Game Score clocks in at 94, a Top 3 mark over the past three ATB seasons.

He rung up the top of the Rage lineup nine times, including the great Lou Gehrig twice. Planet 10 won the game 2-0.

His 85+ Game Score is considered one of the "Great Feats" of ATB XII. During each sim I update the log of Great Feats and compile them here or linked to the right. Below is a high level summary of the feats to date - more detail can be found in the report itself.

5+ Hits
5 - Sam Jethroe, Mechanics
5 - Joe Mauer, Oathbinders
5 - Roger Conner, Beau Brummels

6+ RBI
6 - Barry Bonds, Black Diamonds

3+ Doubles
3 - Sam Jethroe, Mechancis
3 - Stan Musial, Oathbinders
3 - Lou Gehrig, Rage
3 - Nap Lajoie, Gargle Blasters

85+ Game Score
94 - Cannonball Titcomb, Planet 10
86 - Joe Wood, All Stars

12+ Strikeouts
14 - Pedro Martinez, Fanclub
13 - Walter Johnson, Beau Brummels
12 - Rube Waddell, Oathbinders

Longest Hit Streak
12 - Ed Delahanty, Handbasket
12 - Tris Speaker, Steamers


  1. Not that I ever expected this kind of result, but I must confess he did "target out" very well on my spreadsheet this draft (at least for a mid round pick). Admittedly, I drafted him for his name, figuring that a guy with a moniker like that would put up at least one memorable appearance, either good or bad. Go forth and dominate, Cannonball, your manager supports you fully.

  2. You should retire him right NOW. Can only get worse!