Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Break up the Brews Crew!

At the risk of injuring anyone's pride, lets take a look at the teams with a .550 winning percentage and see which of them aren't like the others (great Sesame Street skit! Or was that Electric Company?)
  • .762 - DC Chips: Owner Steve C has a title and one of the best all time career winning percentages in ATB history ("just two seasons though)
  • .696 - Sonoran Black Diamonds: Owner Justin P has most career victories ever
  • .650 - Downsouth Brews: Owner Allen has one season under his belt, and managed his ATB XI Brews to the worst record in the history of ATB
  • .591 - San Diego Puff: Owner Brad P recently piloted his LIMA team to a title and ranks 5th all time in ATB Power Points
  • .591 - John McDonald Fanclub: Owner Jason B holds the best all time best winning percentage ever. ("just two seasons")
  • .583 - Dumai's Wells Oathbinders: Owner Lou P holds most World Series Titles ever.
So forgive me for scratching my head at seeing the 13-7 Brews on this list. It's no fluke though.

The Brews Run Differential is +40, the third best mark in the league. Their offense leads the league in RC/27, Runs Per Game, and Home Runs while securing second in Slugging Percentage and OPS. Their pitching is well above average: 2.98 Team ERA with a team 3.37 RCERA to back it up.

How have they done it?
  • First basemen Jimmie Foxx is having an outstanding year, tied for second in league Home Runs and batting .262 / .379 / .575.
  • Hanley Ramirez has emerged as a possible star shortstop batting .343 / .391 / .455
  • Willie Mays is tied with Foxx for the second best home run mark in the league
  • Catcher Roy Campanella has started the season on fire, batting .364 / .391 / .652
While the Brews staff as a whole has been excellent, two in particular standout. Starter Steve Carlton has put up the best numbers in his ATB career - 27 IP, 21 H, 16 K, 1.01 ERA but was recently sidelined with an injury, and is expected to miss 3+ weeks.

The real story is reliever Fred Beene. Brand new to ATB, Beene is a 25th round selection turned goldmine. In 24 innings the reliever has given up 10 hits and 1 run for an ERA of just 0.38.

While these numbers may not stay in this lofty stratosphere, the core of the Brews is solid and there is no reason this team can't compete for the division title all season long.

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