Monday, March 18, 2013

All Star Game

This season the All Star "Game" consisted of 3-game set played over the course of 3 ficticious days.  The league is awarded home field advantage for the World Series.

Game 1:
NL 4, AL 0
  • Pedro 3-hits the AL
  • Barnes, Griffey, Caverretta, Goslin each have RBI's
Game 2:
NL 3, AL 9
  • Maddux gives up 2 runs in 6 innings, Ruffing closes out game with 3 strong
  • Ruth homers; Dunlap, Stearnes, and Cobb each drive in 2.  Cobb gets 4 hits.  Charleston doubles twice in the loss
Game 3:
NL 5, AL 4
  • NL wins it in bottom of 9th.  AL SS Dobie Moore was PH hit for in the 9th and the AL manager went with first basemen Dan Brouthers to replace him on defense instead of back up middle infielder Buddy Meyer.  Brouthers error in bottom of 9th allows winning run to score (facepalm).
  • Haren strong over 7; McGraw, Sutter, Kuo almost blow it
  • Gehrig homers drives in 2; Vaughan, Charleston, and Gibson have 2 hits a piece.  Bonds and Dunlap homer in the loss.
Series MVP is Oscar Charleston.  The star center fielder batted .444 / .615 / .778 with 3 doubles and 3 runs scored.

The full suite of reports for the three games is available here.

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