Monday, March 4, 2013

All Star Races - Catcher

American League
A week ago Bill Dickey (Ball Four) was batting .250 / .290 / .385 and would have no business being part of the discussion.  After a monster Sim 4, Dickey is neck and neck with Joe Mauer (Red Eagles).  I think Mauer still has a slight advantage, but his race is too close to call.

National League
Not sure what NL managers place in the water to grow such awesome catchers.  Josh Gibson (Blackbirds) is having the best year, but King Kelly (Beaters), Deacon White (Chips), and Darren Daulton (Shadows) are each better then best from the AL.  Even Mike Napoli (Bears) is having a great season, albeit in just 134 plate appearances so far.


  1. Mike Piazza is a competitor in the AL, .286/.330/.418/6/18/25

  2. A competitor, but clearly 3rd, I missed him too