Thursday, March 14, 2013

All Star Rotation and Bullpen - American League

SP 1 - Blanton,Cy (TWW)
SP 2 - Maddux,Greg (SH)
SP 3 - Hubbell,Carl (TWW)
SP 4 - Mathewson,Christy (RBB)

Mop - Yokely,Norman (MRE)
LR - Ryan,Red (WPM)
SU L - Ruffin,Bruce (TWW)
SU R - Holland,Greg (TWW)
CL L - White,Gabe (JMF)
CL R - Gagne,Eric (SH)


  1. Lou, are you going to sim out an all star game this year?

  2. Left out of the all star game without giving up an earned run all season

    Absolutely the worst snub in the history of ATB

    You know who he is