Monday, March 4, 2013

All Star Races - Center Field

American League
Ty Cobb (Red Lectroids) was sidelined a few days earlier this year from injury, but his 30 plus advantage in OPS makes up for lost plate appearances.  Joe DiMaggio (All Stars) is having a fine season, but just falls short of Cobb's excellence, almost entirely due to on base average.

National League
The best player in the game today plays center field for the Spanish Harlem Pinata Beaters.  Oscar Charleston has lived up to the hype and the 1st overall draft pick.  He is first in the NL in OBP, SLG, Hits, Runs, Doubles, Extra Base Hits, and Walks.  He's second in AVG and RBI and Top 10 in Home Runs, and Stolen Bases.  He does it all.

It's a shame almost, Duke Snider (Blackbirds) and especially Mickey Mantle (Handbasket) are having great seasons in their own right.

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