Monday, March 4, 2013

All Star Races - Left Field

American League
What an exciting crew this is.  Turkey Stearnes (Red Eagles) is a true basher, leading both leagues in extra base hits at 49.  He doesn't walk, so his .300+ batting average is crucial to him being of value.  Despite his pace for 200 RBI, I still have him behind Ted Williams (Wildlings) but ahead of Barry Bonds (Fanclub).

Williams is having a great season, sporting both a great OBP and very good SLG.  Bonds' SLG on the other hand is not remarkable.

National League
Over in the national league it comes down to Goose Goslin (Snowhole) vs Tip O'Neill (Pandas).  Goslin has 30 more plate appearances which gives him a slight lead in overall Runs Created, but Tip is having a better overall year and is the front runner.

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