Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Star Races - #2 Starters

American League
Tough decision here as both Mike Mussina (Fanclub) and Juan Padron (All Stars) have been better pitchers than Johnny Podres (Red Eagles), Norman Yokely (Red Eagles), and Al Orth (Green Sox).   However, they've made fewer starts and need their bullpen more as well.  It's an All Star game and not a Cy Young award so as of now Mussina is the front runner, but this race is too close to call.

National League
Bill Bernhard (Fish Biscuits) and Silver King (Shadows) are the front-runners with Bernhard having the edge  due to 22 more innings pitched.  Juan Marichal (Fish Biscuits) is oddly 3-6, though we won't hold that against him too much, it's the 3.67 ERA doing the damage.  John Tudor is an interesting candidate that we can't dismiss.  At 9-3 he as the most wins and with he has the best ERA at 2.95.  He is unfortunately giving up the most extra base hits of the four, and his RCERA is off the mark from the other two.  A good candidate though.

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